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Addressing institutional challenges in sustainable development goals implementation: Lessons from the Republic of Korea


Boric acid-crosslinked poly(vinyl alcohol): biodegradable, biocompatible, robust, and high-barrier paper coating

Choe, Shinhyeong; You, Seulki; Park, Kitae; Kim, Youngju; Park, Jehee; Cho, Yongjun; Seo, Jongchul; et al, GREEN CHEMISTRY, ACCEPT

반도체 FAB 내 Machine과 Vehicle의 상태를 고려한 투입량 관리 및 강화 학습을 사용한 고도화 알고리즘 개발

연소의; 장영재, 한국경영과학회 2021년 춘계 공동학술대회, 한국경영과학회, 2024-12-04

Equity implications of net-zero emissions: A multi-model analysis of energy expenditures across income classes under economy-wide deep decarbonization policies

Bistline, John; Onda, Chikara; Browning, Morgan; Emmerling, Johannes; Iyer, Gokul; Mahajan, Megan; McFarland, Jim; et al, ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE, v.5, 2024-12

A Deep Learning Paradigm for Medical Imaging Data

Chen, Jinyang; Park, Cheolwoo, Expert Systems with Applications, v.255, 2024-12

Perception graph for representing visuospatial behavior in virtual environments: A case study for Daejeon City

Lee, Gi-bbeum; Kim, Garyoung; Lee, Juhyun; hong, Yoonjae; Lee, Ji-Hyun, Advanced Engineering Informatics, v.62, 2024-10

초고속 표적 광역 방어 체계의 국내외 기술 개발 동향

장재일; 정철구; 이창훈, 제어.로봇.시스템학회논문지, v.29, no.3, pp.20 - 29, 2024-09

Cyclic stability in NiTi and NiTiCu thin films: Role of precipitates in low- and high-cycle regimes

Ryu, Hyemin; Lee, Zhuo Feng; Kim, Ji-Young; Choi, Sunkun; Sim, Gi-Dong, Scripta Materialia, v.250, pp.116189, 2024-09

Location and double interlacing of zeros of certain combination of the Eisenstein series for~$\Gamma_0^+(2)$

Im, Bo-Hae; Choi, SoYoung, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, v.537, no.2, 2024-09

Impacts of New Town developments on carbon sinks: Implications from the Case of Seoul Metropolitan Area, Korea

Han, Albert Tonghoon; 김희수; Remigio, Jonah; Oh, Chansol, Land Use Policy, v.143, pp.107215, 2024-08

Design and operational concept of a cryogenic active intake device for atmosphere-breathing electric propulsion

Moon, Geonwoong; Yi, Minwoo; Jun, Eunji, Aerospace Science and Technology, v.151, 2024-08

Polarity control of siloxane composite films for triboelectric nanogenerator based self-powered body temperature monitoring

Kang, Seung-Mo; Shin, Jung Ho; Kim, Jeong Hyeon; Kang, Hyun Seok; Jung, Chang Kyu; Lee, Han Eol; Bae, Byeong-Soo, Nano Energy, v.127, 2024-08

Parallelized Spatiotemporal Slot Binding for Videos

Singh, Gautam; Wang, Yue; Yang, Jiawei; Ivanovic, Boris; Ahn, Sungjin; Pavone, Marco; Che, Tong, The Forty-first International Conference on Machine Learning, The International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2024-07-25

PlanDQ: Hierarchical Plan Orchestration via D-Conductor and Q-Performer

Chen, Chang; Baek, Junyeob; Deng, Fei; Kawaguchi, Kenji; Gulcehre, Caglar; Ahn, Sungjin, The Forty-first International Conference on Machine Learning, The International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2024-07-24

Prediction of sloshing pressure using image-based deep learning

Kim, Ki Jong; Kim, Daegyoum, OCEAN ENGINEERING, 2024-07

Postmortem 7Li NMR analysis for assessing the reversibility of lithium metal electrodes in lithium metal batteries

Baek, Jaewon; Kim, Sunha; Kim, Hee-Tak; Han, Oc Hee, Journal of Energy Chemistry, v.94, pp.430 - 440, 2024-07

A comprehensive multi-fidelity surrogate framework based on Gaussian process for datasets with heterogeneous responses

Lee, Juyoung; Lee, Min Gyu; Lee, Bong Jae; Lee, Ikjin, Knowledge-Based Systems, v.295, 2024-07

Model order reduction based on low-rank approximation for parameterized eigenvalue problems in structural dynamics

Lee, Gil-Yong; Park, Kangjae; Lim, Dae-Guen; Park, Yong-Hwa, JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION, v.582, 2024-07

When High Subjective Social Status Becomes a Burden: A Japan-US Comparison of Biological Health Markers

Park, Jiyoung; Kitayama, Shinobu; Miyamoto, Yuri, PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY BULLETIN, v.50, no.7, pp.1089 - 1112, 2024-07

Effect of epichlorohydrin treatment on the coating process and performance of high-barrier paper packaging

Park, Kitae; Choe, Shinhyeong; Sadeghi, Kambiz; Panda, Pradeep Kumar; Myung, Jaewook; Kim, Dowan; Seo, Jongchul, FOOD CHEMISTRY, v.445, 2024-07

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