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Segev, Aviv (세게브)
부교수, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering(산업및시스템공학과)
Research Area
Context Recognition and Ontology, Knowledge Mapping, Web service
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    Innovative products and services for sustainable societal development: Current reality, future potential and challenges

    Kantola, J.; Liu, Y.; Peura, P.; et al, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, v.162, pp.S1 - S10, 2017-09

    Cannibalism in medical topic networks

    Chae, Suhyun; Segev, Avivresearcher; Lee, Uichinresearcher, KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS, v.108, pp.168 - 178, 2016-09

    Invisible Brain: Knowledge in Research Works and Neuron Activity

    Segev, Avivresearcher; Curtis, Dorothy; Jung, Sukhwan; et al, PLOS ONE, v.11, no.7, 2016-07

    Understanding Mass Interactions in Online Sports Viewing: Chatting Motives and Usage Patterns

    Ko, Minsam; Choi, Seungwoo; Lee, Joonwon; et al, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTER-HUMAN INTERACTION, v.23, no.1, 2016-02

    Analysis of Technology Trends Based on Diverse Data Sources

    Segev, Avivresearcher; Jung, Sukhwan; Choi, Seungwoo, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SERVICES COMPUTING, v.8, no.6, pp.903 - 915, 2015-11

    Unified Collaborative and Content-Based Web Service Recommendation

    Yao, Lina; Sheng, Quan Z; Ngu, Anee. H. H.; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SERVICES COMPUTING, v.8, no.3, pp.453 - 466, 2015-05

    Call for papers for a Special Volume of the Journal of Cleaner Production on "Innovative Products and Services for Sustainable Societal Development"

    Kantola, Jussi; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Yingfeng; et al, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, v.93, pp.1 - 4, 2015-04

    Analyzing future communities in growing citation networks

    Jung, Sukhwan; Segev, Avivresearcher, KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS, v.69, pp.34 - 44, 2014-10

    Novel and selective detection of Tabun mimics

    Jang, Yoon Jeong; Tsay, Olga G.; Murale, Dhiraj P.; et al, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.50, no.56, pp.7531 - 7534, 2014-07

    Humanitarian Assistance Ontology for Emergency Disaster Response

    Jihan, Satria Hutomo; Segev, Avivresearcher, IEEE INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, v.29, no.3, pp.6 - 13, 2014-05

    Analyzing multilingual knowledge innovation in patents

    Segev, Avivresearcher; Kantola, Jussi; Jung, Chihoon; et al, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.40, no.17, pp.7010 - 7023, 2013-12

    A novel, selective, and extremely responsive thienyl-based dual fluorogenic probe for tandem superoxide and Hg2+ chemosensing

    Singh, Atul P.; Murale, Dhiraj P.; Ha, Yong-Hwang; et al, DALTON TRANSACTIONS, v.42, no.10, pp.3285 - 3290, 2013-03

    Identification of trends from patents using self-organizing maps

    Segev, Avivresearcher; Kantola, Jussiresearcher, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.39, no.18, pp.13235 - 13242, 2012-12

    Knowledge maps for e-learning

    Lee, Jae Hwa; Segev, Avivresearcher, COMPUTERS EDUCATION, v.59, no.2, pp.353 - 364, 2012-09

    Bootstrapping Ontologies for Web Services

    Segev, Avivresearcher; Sheng, Quan Z., IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SERVICES COMPUTING, v.5, no.1, pp.33 - 44, 2012-01

    Integrating computer vision with web-based knowledge for medical diagnostic assistance

    Segev, Avivresearcher, EXPERT SYSTEMS, v.27, no.4, pp.247 - 258, 2010-09

    Techniques on Developing Context-Aware Web Services

    Sheng, Quan Z.; Yu, Jian; Segev, Avivresearcher; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF WEB INFORMATION SYSTEMS, v.3, no.6, pp.185 - 202, 2010-05

    Context-Based Matching and Ranking of Web Services for Composition

    Segev, Avivresearcher; Toch, Eran, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SERVICES COMPUTING, v.2, no.3, pp.210 - 222, 2009-08

    Enhancing portability with multilingual ontology-based knowledge management

    Segev, Avivresearcher; Gal, Avigdor, DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS, v.45, no.3, pp.567 - 584, 2008-06

    Context recognition using internet as a knowledge base

    Segev, Avivresearcher; Leshno, Moshe; Zviran, Moshe, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS, v.29, no.3, pp.305 - 327, 2007-12

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