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Lee, Dongman (이동만) C-1728-2011 0000-0001-5923-6227

School of Computing(전산학부)
Research Area
Distributed Systems and Computer Networks, Computer Networks, Parallel Computing

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Towards interactive networking: Runtime message inference approach for incompatible protocol updates in IoT environments

Son, Heesuk; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, FUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS-THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ESCIENCE, v.96, pp.563 - 578, 2019-07


UrbanSocialRadar: A place-aware social matching model for estimating serendipitous interaction willingness in Korean cultural context

Kim, Taehun; Lee, Dongmanresearcher; Hyun, Soon-Jooresearcher; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER STUDIES, v.125, pp.81 - 103, 2019-05


An Efficient Local Repair-Based Multi-Constrained Routing for Congestion Control in Wireless Mesh Networks

Shin, Byoungheon; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS AND MOBILE COMPUTING, v.2018, 2018-11


Multi-criteria matrix localization and integration for personalized collaborative filtering in IoT environments

Ko, Han-Gyu; Ko, In-Youngresearcher; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, v.77, no.4, pp.4697 - 4730, 2018-02


Randomizing TCP payload size for TCP fairness in data center networks

Lee, Soojeon; Lee, Dongmanresearcher; Lee, Myungjin; et al, COMPUTER NETWORKS, v.129, pp.79 - 92, 2017-12


A Multi-Dimensional Smart Community Discovery Scheme for IoT-Enriched Smart Homes

Kim, Taehun; Lim, Junsung; Son, Heesuk; et al, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET TECHNOLOGY, v.18, no.1, 2017-12


Efficient and Consistent Path Loss Model for Mobile Network Simulation

Han, Seon-Yeong; Abu-Ghazaleh, Nael B.; Lee, Dongmanresearcher, IEEE-ACM TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING, v.24, no.3, pp.1774 - 1786, 2016-06


차세대 인터넷 환경에서의IoT 기반 즉시적 서비스 제공 프레임워크

이동만researcher; 신병헌, Telecommunications Review, v.25, no.2, pp.230 - 244, 2015-04


A Weighted QFD-Based Usability Evaluation Method for Elderly in Smart Cars

Choi, In Kyung; Kim, Won-Sup; Lee, Dongmanresearcher; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION, v.31, no.10, pp.703 - 716, 2015


Notes on Cloud computing principles

Sandholm, T.; Lee, Dong-Manresearcher, Journal of Cloud Computing, v.3, no.1, pp.1 - 10, 2014-12


SpinRadar: a spontaneous service provision middleware for place-aware social interactions

Kim, Byoungoh; Kim, Taehun; Lee, DongManresearcher; et al, PERSONAL AND UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING, v.18, no.2, pp.413 - 426, 2014-02


Price-based congestion control and local channel-link assignment for multi-radio wireless mesh networks

Yoon, Wonyong; Lee, Dongmanresearcher; Shin, Byoungheon; et al, COMPUTERS & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, v.40, no.2, pp.651 - 662, 2014-02


An Adaptive Hello Messaging Scheme for Neighbor Discovery in On-Demand MANET Routing Protocols

Han, Seon-Yeong; Lee, Dong-Manresearcher, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.17, no.5, pp.1040 - 1043, 2013-05


Personal Genie: 스마트 IoT를 구성하는 이질적인 객체간의 자발적 상호작용을 위한 상황인지 미들웨어 시스템

한승욱; 손희석; 김병오; et al, 정보과학회논문지 : 시스템 및 이론, v.39, no.4, pp.270 - 276, 2012-08


Resuscitating privacy-preserving mobile payment with customer in complete control

Konidala, Divyan Munirathnam; Dwijaksara, Made Harta; Kim, Kwangjoresearcher; et al, PERSONAL AND UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING, v.16, no.6, pp.643 - 654, 2012-08


A Multi-User Ad-Hoc Resource Manager for Public Urban Areas

Gonzalo Huerta-Canepa; Lee, DongManresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADAPTIVE, RESILIENT AND AUTONOMIC SYSTEMS, v.1, no.4, pp.26 - 45, 2010-10


Fame-Based Probabilistic Routing for Delay-Tolerant Networks

Shin, K; Lee, DongManresearcher, IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, v.E93B, pp.1451 - 1458, 2010-06


Mathematical basis for the chaining of lossy interface adapters

Chung, Y; Lee, DongManresearcher, IET SOFTWARE, v.4, no.1, pp.43 - 54, 2010-02


Performance Impact of Large File Transfer on Web Proxy Caching: A Case Study in a High Bandwidth Campus Network Environment

Kim, Hyun-Chul; Lee, Dong-Manresearcher; Chon, Kil-Nam; et al, JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKS, v.12, no.1, pp.52 - 66, 2010-02


DNS Resolution with Renewal Using Piggyback

Jang, Beakcheol; Lee, DongManresearcher; Chon, Kil Nam; et al, JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKS, v.11, no.4, pp.416 - 427, 2009-08

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