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Kang, Jeung Ku (강정구) C-1610-2011

Graduate school of EEWS(EEWS대학원)
Research Area
Hydrogen Technology, Surface Engineering , Surface Chemistry

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Isotherms of individual pores by gas adsorption crystallography

Cho, Hae Sung; Yang, Jingjing; Gong, Xuan; et al, NATURE CHEMISTRY, v.11, no.6, pp.562 - 570, 2019-06


Ultrafine Metallic Nickel Domains and Reduced Molybdenum States Improve Oxygen Evolution Reaction of NiFeMo Electrocatalysts

Moon, Byeong Cheul; Choi, Won Ho; Kim, Keon-Han; et al, SMALL, v.15, no.19, 2019-05


Plasma-mediated fabrication of ultrathin NiAl nanosheets having rich oxygen vacancies and doped nitrogen sites and their utilization for high activity and robust stability in photoelectrochemical water oxidation

Kim, Keon-Han; Choi, Jae Won; Lee, Heebin; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.6, no.46, pp.23283 - 23288, 2018-12


Synthesis of Pseudocapacitive Porous Metal Oxide Nanoclusters Anchored on Graphene for Aqueous Energy Storage Devices with High Energy Density and Long Cycling Stability along with Ultrafast Charging Capability

Choi, Jae Won; Ock, Il Woo; Kim, Keon-Han; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.28, no.42, pp.1803695-1 - 1803695-9, 2018-10


Synthesis of Pseudocapacitive Polymer Chain Anode and Subnanoscale Metal Oxide Cathode for Aqueous Hybrid Capacitors Enabling High Energy and Power Densities along with Long Cycle Life

Ock, Il Woo; Choi, Jae Won; Jeong, Hyung Mo; et al, ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.8, no.10, pp.1702895-1 - 1702895-7, 2018-04


Directing the Distribution of Potassium Cations in Zeolite-LTL through Crown Ether Addition

Cho, Hae Sung; Hill, Adam R.; Cho, Minhyung; et al, CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN, v.17, no.9, pp.4516 - 4521, 2017-09


Size-controlled CdSe quantum dots to boost light harvesting capability and stability of perovskite photovoltaic cells

Lintangpradipto, Muhammad Naufal; Tsevtkov, Nikolai; Moon, Byeong Cheul; et al, NANOSCALE, v.9, no.28, pp.10075 - 10083, 2017-07


Quadruple metal-based layered structure as the photocatalyst for conversion of carbon dioxide into a value added carbon monoxide with high selectivity and efficiency

Kim, Keon-Han; Kim, Sang Jun; Moon, Byeong Cheul; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.5, no.18, pp.8274 - 8279, 2017-05


Synergistic interaction of Re complex and amine functionalized multiple ligands in metal-organic frameworks for conversion of carbon dioxide

Ryu, Un Jin; Kim, Sang Jun; Lim, Hyung Kyu; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, 2017-04


Synthesis of Nitrogen-Rich Nanotubes with Internal Compartments having Open Mesoporous Channels and Utilization to Hybrid Full-Cell Capacitors Enabling High Energy and Power Densities over Robust Cycle Life

Won, Jong Ho; Jeong, Hyungmo; Kang, Jeung Kuresearcher, ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.7, no.1, 2017-01


Network of Heterogeneous Catalyst Arrays on the Nitrogen-Doped Graphene for Synergistic Solar Energy Harvesting of Hydrogen from Water

Shin, Sang Rim; Park, Jung Hyo; Kim, Keon-Han; et al, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.28, no.21, pp.7725 - 7730, 2016-11


Energy States of a Core-Shell Metal Oxide Photocatalyst Enabling Visible Light Absorption and Utilization in Solar-to-Fuel Conversion of Carbon Dioxide

Lee, Dong Ki; Choi, Ji Il; Lee, Gyu Heon; et al, ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.6, no.14, 2016-07


Ultrafast Discharge/Charge Rate and Robust Cycle Life for High-Performance Energy Storage Using Ultrafine Nanocrystals on the Binder-Free Porous Graphene Foam

Lee, Gyu Heon; Lee, Jung Woo; Choi, Ji Il; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.26, no.28, pp.5139 - 5148, 2016-07


Encapsulation of redox polysulphides via chemical interaction with nitrogen atoms in the organic linkers of metal-organic framework nanocrystals

Park, Jung Hyo; Choi, Kyung Min; Lee, Dong Ki; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.6, 2016-05


Carbon nanobuds based on carbon nanotube caps: a first-principles study

Choi, Ji Il; Kim, Hyo Seok; Kim, Han Seul; et al, NANOSCALE, v.8, no.4, pp.2343 - 2349, 2016-01


Tailoring open metal sites for selective capture of CO2 in isostructural metalloporphyrin porous organic networks

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Extra adsorption and adsorbate superlattice formation in metal-organic frameworks

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Photocatalytic CO2 reduction using visible light by metal-monocatecholato species in a metal-organic framework

Lee, Yeob; Kim, Sangjun; Fei, Honghan; et al, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.51, no.92, pp.16549 - 16552, 2015-09


In-situ observation for growth of hierarchical metal-organic frameworks and their self-sequestering mechanism for gas storage

Park, Jung Hyo; Choi, Kyung Min; Jeon, Hyung Joon; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.5, 2015-07


Nanocrystalline MOFs Embedded in the Crystals of Other MOFs and Their Multifunctional Performance for Molecular Encapsulation and Energy-Carrier Storage

Choi, Kyung Min; Park, Jung Hyo; Kang, Jeung Kuresearcher, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.27, no.14, pp.5088 - 5093, 2015-07

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