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Kong, Hong-Jin (공홍진) C-1880-2011

Department of Physics(물리학과)
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High resolution three-dimensional flash LIDAR system using a polarization modulating Pockels cell and a micro-polarizer CCD camera

Jo, Sungeun; Bang, Hyochoongresearcher; Kong, Hong Jinresearcher; Kim, Jaewan; Kim, Jomsool; Choi, SoungwoongOPTICAL SOC AMEROPTICS EXPRESS, v.24, no.26, pp.A1580 - A1585, 2016-09


High range precision laser radar system using a Pockels cell and a quadrant photodiode

Kim, Jae-Wan; Jeon, Byoung Goo; Kong, Hong Jinresearcher; Jo, Sungeun; Bang, HyochoongresearcherSPRINGERAPPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS, v.122, no.5, 2016-05


Coherent beam combination using self-phase locked stimulated Brillouin scattering phase conjugate mirrors with a rotating wedge for high power laser generation

Lee, Hwihyeong; Cha, Seongwoo; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Ahn, Hee Kyung; Park, Sangwoo; Churn, Kilsung; Oh, JungsukOPTICAL SOC AMEROPTICS EXPRESS, v.24, no.8, pp.8641 - 8646, 2016-04


Precise autofocus method employing normalized fluorescence image size in a two-photon polymerization nanofabrication system

Kong, Hong Jinresearcher; Jung, Byung Je; Jeon, Byoung Goo; Cho, Yong HoonresearcherOPTICAL SOC AMERAPPLIED OPTICS, v.54, no.24, pp.7323 - 7329, 2015-08


Cascaded multi-dithering theory for coherent beam combining of multiplexed beam elements

Ahn, Hee Kyung; Kong, Hong-JinresearcherOPTICAL SOC AMEROPTICS EXPRESS, v.23, no.9, pp.12407 - 12413, 2015-05 View PDF (1048kb)


Conceptual design of the Kumgang laser: a high-power coherent beam combination laser using SC-SBS-PCMs towards a Dream laser

Park, Sangwoo; Lee, Bong Ju; Cha, Seongwoo; Choi, Soungwoong; Lee, Hwihyeong; Ahn, Hee Kyung; Kim, Jom Sool; Kong, Hong Jinresearcher; Oh, JungsukCAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESSHIGH POWER LASER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, v.3, 2015-01


PZT-modulated coherent four-beam combination system with high-control bandwidth by using modified multi-dithering theory

Ahn, Hee Kyung; Park, Sangwoo; Kong, Hong-JinresearcherSPRINGERAPPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS, v.118, no.1, pp.7 - 10, 2015-01


Aberration analysis of a concentric imaging spectrometer with a convex grating

Kith, Seo Hyun; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Chang, SooELSEVIER SCIENCE BVOPTICS COMMUNICATIONS, v.333, pp.6 - 10, 2014-12


Current status of the development of the Kumgang laser

Lee, Hwihyeong; Kim, Jom Sool; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Cha, Seongwoo; Ahn, Heekyung; Choi, Soungwoong; Park, Sangwoo; Oh, Jungsuk; Lee, Bong JuOPTICAL SOC AMEROPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS, v.4, no.12, pp.2551 - 2558, 2014-12 View PDF (2011kb)


Feature issue introduction: optical ceramics

Taira, Takunori; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Sanghera, JasOPTICAL SOC AMEROPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS, v.4, no.10, pp.2221 - 2224, 2014-10 View PDF (868kb)


Design and construction of an Offner spectrometer based on geometrical analysis of ring fields

Lee, Jong Ung; Lee, Jai Hoon; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Lee, Jun Ho; Kim, Seo HyunAMER INST PHYSICSREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.85, no.8, pp.083108 - 083108-7, 2014-08


Multi-image display system based on image magnifier by lens array

Lee, Jong Ung; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Choi, JinSPIE-SOC PHOTO-OPTICAL INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERSOPTICAL ENGINEERING, v.53, no.8, 2014-08


Optical design of a refractive beam shaper that transforms a Gaussian beam profile into a diverging uniform line beam profile

Lee, Jong Ung; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Choi, JinSPIE-SOC PHOTO-OPTICAL INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERSOPTICAL ENGINEERING, v.53, no.5, 2014-05


Initial design method based on an iterative calculation of aberration and its application to an objective lens for imaging spectrometer

Choi, Jin; Lee, Jong Ung; Kong, Hong-JinresearcherOPTICAL SOC AMERAPPLIED OPTICS, v.53, no.10, pp.1983 - 1989, 2014-04


The effect of temporal separation of two Geiger mode avalanche photodiodes and variation of time bin widths on detection probabilities in LADAR system using two Geiger mode avalanche photodiodes

Jo, Sung Eun; Kim, Tae Hoon; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Oh, Min SeokELSEVIER SCIENCE BVCURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS, v.13, no.9, pp.1975 - 1980, 2013-11


Fabrication of 15 nm curvature radius polymer tip probe on an optical fiber via two-photon polymerization and O-2-plasma ashing

Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher; Jeon, Byoung Goo; Jung, Byung Je; Park, Chung-Hyun; Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Kim, Min Kwan; Lee, Kwang-SupELSEVIER SCIENCE BVCURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS, v.13, no.9, pp.2064 - 2069, 2013-11


0.4 J/10 ns/10 kHz-4 kW coherent beam combined laser using stimulated Brillouin scattering phase conjugation mirrors for industrial applications

Kim, Jomsool; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Park, Sangwoo; Cha, SeongwooWILEY-VCH VerlagPHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI (C) Current Topics in Solid State Physics, v.10, no.6, pp.962 - 966, 2013-06


Improvement of range precision in laser detection and ranging system by using two Geiger mode avalanche photodiodes

Kim, Tae Hoon; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Jeon, Byoung-Goo; Heo, Ayoung; Park, Dong-Joresearcher; Oh, Min-Seok; Jo, SungeunAMER INST PHYSICSREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.84, no.6, 2013-06 View PDF (1425kb)


Coherent beam combination laser system using SBS-PCM for high repetition rate solid-state lasers

Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Park, Sangwoo; Kalal, Milan; Cha, SeongwooELSEVIER SCIENCE BVOPTICAL MATERIALS, v.35, no.4, pp.807 - 811, 2013-02


Fabrication of sharp-needled conical polymer tip on the cross-section of optical fiber via two-photon polymerization for tuning-fork-based atomic force microscopy

Jung, Byung Je; Kong, Hong Jinresearcher; Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher; Park, Chung-Hyun; Lee, Kwang-Sup; Lee, Kyu-SeungELSEVIER SCIENCE BVOPTICS COMMUNICATIONS, v.286, pp.197 - 203, 2013-01

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