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Jung, Woo Chul (정우철) B-8725-2013

Department of Materials Science & Engineering(신소재공학과)
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Oxygen diffusion and surface exchange in the mixed conducting oxides SrTi1-yFeyO3-delta

Metlenko, Veronika; Jung, Woo Chulresearcher; Bishop, Sean R.; Tuller, Harry L.; De Souza, Roger A.ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYPHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.18, no.42, pp.29495 - 29505, 2016-11


Vacancy-Induced Electronic Structure Variation of Acceptors and Correlation with Proton Conduction in Perovskite Oxides

Kim, Hye-Sung; Jang, Ahreum; Choi, Si-Young; Jung, WooChulresearcher; Chung, Sung-YoonresearcherWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.55, no.43, pp.13499 - 13503, 2016-10


Electrochemically modified, robust solid oxide fuel cell anode for direct-hydrocarbon utilization

Choi, Yoonseok; Brown, Evan C.; Haile, Sossina M.; Jung, Woo ChulresearcherElsevier BVNANO ENERGY, v.23, pp.161 - 171, 2016-05


Analysis of the grain boundary conductivity of singly and doubly doped CeO2 thin films at elevated temperature

Kwak, No Woo; Jung, WoochulresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDACTA MATERIALIA, v.108, pp.271 - 278, 2016-04


Sintering-resistant Pt@CeO2 nanoparticles for high-temperature oxidation catalysis

Lee, Siwon; Seo, Jongsu; Jung, Woo ChulresearcherROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYNANOSCALE, v.8, no.19, pp.10219 - 10228, 2016-04


Ductile mode machining of the micro pattern made on YSZ using ultra-precision shaping with a diamond tool

Choi, Hwan-Jin; Jeon, Eun-chae; Je, Tae-Jin; Kim, Jeong-Hwan; Choi, Dae-Hee; Shin, Bo Sung; Jung, Woo Chulresearcher; Lee, Yun-HeeKOREAN PHYSICAL SOCJOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.67, no.11, pp.1961 - 1965, 2015-12


Investigation of nanoporous platinum thin films fabricated by reactive sputtering: Application as micro-SOFC electrode

Jung, Woo Chulresearcher; Kim, Jae Jin; Tuller, Harry LELSEVIER SCIENCE BVJOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.275, pp.860 - 865, 2015-02


High Electrochemical Activity of Bi2O3-based Composite SOFC Cathodes

Jung, Woo Chulresearcher; Chang, Yun-Jie; Fung, Kuan-Zong; Haile, Sossina M.Korean Ceramic SocietyJOURNAL OF THE KOREAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, v.51, no.4, pp.278 - 282, 2014-07


Robust nanostructures with exceptionally high electrochemical reaction activity for high temperature fuel cell electrodes

Jung, Woo Chulresearcher; Gu, Kevin L.; Choi, Yoonseok; Haile, Sossina M.ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, v.7, no.5, pp.1685 - 1692, 2014-05


Ionic and Electronic Conductivity of Nanostructured, Samaria-Doped Ceria

Souza, E. C. C.; Chueh, W. C.; Jung, W.researcher; Muccillo, E. N. S.; Haile, SMELECTROCHEMICAL SOC INCJOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.159, no.5, pp.127 - 135, 2012-02 View PDF (258kb)


A New Model Describing Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode Kinetics: Model Thin Film SrTi1-xFexO3-d Mixed Conducting Oxides-a Case Study

Jung, WooChulresearcher; Tuller, Harry L.WILEY PERIODICALSADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.1, no.6, pp.1184 - 1191, 2011-11


Acoustic wave-based NO(2) sensor: Ink-jet printed active layer

Jung, Woo Chulresearcher; Sahner, K.; Leung, A.; Tuller, H. L.ELSEVIER SCIENCE SASENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v.141, no.2, pp.485 - 490, 2009-09


Impedance study of SrTi1-xFexO3-delta (x=0.05 to 0.80) mixed ionic-electronic conducting model cathode

Jung, Woo Chulresearcher; Tuller, Harry L.ELSEVIER SCIENCE BVSOLID STATE IONICS, v.180, pp.843 - 847, 2009-06


Micro-ionics: next generation power sources

Tuller, Harry L.; Litzelman, Scott J.; Jung, WooChulresearcherROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYPHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.11, no.17, pp.3023 - 3034, 2009-03


Enhanced ionic conductivity and phase meta-stability of nano-sized thin film yttria-doped zirconia (YDZ)

Jung, Woo Chulresearcher; Hertz, Joshua L.; Tuller, Harry L.PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDACTA MATERIALIA, v.57, no.5, pp.1399 - 1404, 2009-03


Nanowire Conductive Polymer Gas Sensor Patterned Using Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Lithography

Jung, Yeon Sikresearcher; Jung, WooChulresearcher; Tuller, Harry L.; Ross, C. A.AMER CHEMICAL SOCNANO LETTERS, v.8, no.11, pp.3776 - 3780, 2008-11


Opportunities and Challenges in Materials Development for Thin Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Litzelman, S. J.; Hertz, J. L.; Jung, W.researcher; Tuller, H. L.WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHFUEL CELLS, v.8, no.5, pp.294 - 302, 2008-10


Investigation of cathode behavior of model thin-film SrTi(1-x)Fe(x)O(3-delta) (x=0.35 and 0.5) mixed ionic-electronic conducting electrodes

Jung, WooChulresearcher; Tuller, Harry L.ELECTROCHEMICAL SOC INCJOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.155, no.11, pp.1194 - 1201, 2008-09

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