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Han, Jin-Hee (한진희) C-2069-2011

Department of Biological Sciences(생명과학과)
Collaboration Network Collaboration Network
Research Area
Mechanism of emotional memory consolidation, Memory engram dynamics, Neural circuit mechanism of emotion

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BAF53b, a Neuron-Specific Nucleosome Remodeling Factor, Is Induced after Learning and Facilitates Long-Term Memory Consolidation

Yoo, Miran; Choi, Kwang Yeon; Kim, Jieun; Kim, Mujun; Shim, Jaehoon; Choi, Jun-Hyeok; Cho, Hye Yeon; Oh, Jung-Pyo; Kim, Hyung Su; Kaang, Bong-Kiun; Han, Jin-HeeresearcherSOC NEUROSCIENCEJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, v.37, no.13, pp.3686 - 3697, 2017-03


ApCPEB4, a non-prion domain containing homolog of ApCPEB, is involved in the initiation of long-term facilitation

Lee, Seung-Heeresearcher; Shim, Jaehoon; Cheong, Ye-Hwang; Choi, Sun-Lim; Jun, Yong-Woo; Lee, Sue-Hyunresearcher; Chae, Yeon-Su; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Lee, Yong-Seok; Lee, Jin-A; Lim, Chae-Seok; Si, Kausik; Kassabov, Stefan; Antonov, Igor; Kandel, Eric R.; Kaang, Bong-Kiun; Jang, Deok-JinBIOMED CENTRAL LTDMOLECULAR BRAIN, v.9, 2016-10 View PDF (1859kb)


Which neurons will be the engram - Activated neurons and/or more excitable neurons?

Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Kim, Ji Il; Cho, Hye Yeon; Kang, Bong KiunKorean Society for Neurodegenerative DiseaseExperimental Neurobiology, v.25, no.2, pp.55 - 63, 2016-04


Selective Control of Fear Expression by Optogenetic Manipulation of Infralimbic Cortex after Extinction

Kim, Hyung-Su; Cho, Hye Yeon; Augustine, George J; Han, Jin-HeeresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY, v.41, no.5, pp.1261 - 1273, 2016-04


Toward understanding the role of the neuron-specific BAF chromatin remodeling complex in memory formation

Choi, Kwang-Yeon; Yoo, Miran; Han, Jin-HeeresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPEXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.47, 2015-04 View PDF (925kb)


Optogenetic activation of presynaptic inputs in lateral amygdala forms associative fear memory

Kwon, Jeong-Tae; Nakajima, Ryuichi; Kim, Hyung-Su; Jeong, Yire; Augustine, George J.; Han, Jin-HeeresearcherCOLD SPRING HARBOR LAB PRESSLEARNING MEMORY, v.21, no.11, pp.627 - 633, 2014-11


Memory recall and modifications by activating neurons with elevated CREB

Kim, Jieun; Kwon, Jeongtae; Kim, Hyung Su; Josselyn, Sheena A.; Han, Jin-HeeresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE NEUROSCIENCE, v.17, no.1, pp.65 - 72, 2014-01 View PDF (1485kb)


CREB regulates spine density of lateral amygdala neurons: implications for memory allocation

Sargin, Derya; Mercaldo, Valentina; Yiu, Adelaide P.; Higgs, Gemma; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Frankland, Paul W.; Josselyn, Sheena A.FRONTIERS RESEARCH FOUNDATIONFRONTIERS IN BEHAVIORAL NEUROSCIENCE, v.7, 2013-12 View PDF (2035kb)


CREB and neuronal selection for memory trace

Kim, Jieun; Kwon, Jeongtae; Kim, Hyung-Su; Han, Jin-HeeresearcherFRONTIERS RESEARCH FOUNDATIONFRONTIERS IN NEURAL CIRCUITS, v.7, no.44, 2013-03 View PDF (1062kb)


Brain region-specific activity patterns after recent or remote memory retrieval of auditory conditioned fear

Kwon, Jeong-Tae; Jhang, Jinho; Kim, Hyung-Su; Lee, Sujin; Han, Jin-HeeresearcherCOLD SPRING HARBOR LAB PRESSLEARNING MEMORY, v.19, no.10, pp.487 - 494, 2012-10 View PDF (737kb)


MEF2 negatively regulates learning-induced structural plasticity and memory formation

Cole, Christina J.; Mercaldo, Valentina; Restivo, Leonardo; Yiu, Adelaide P.; Sekeres, Melanie J.; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Vetere, Gisella; Pekar, Tetyana; Ross, P. Joel; Neve, Rachael L.; Frankland, Paul W.; Josselyn, Sheena A.NATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE NEUROSCIENCE, v.15, no.9, pp.1255 - 121, 2012-09


A Computational Model of the Temperature-dependent Changes in Firing Patterns in Aplysia Neurons

Hyun, Nam Gyu; Hyun, Kwang-Ho; Hyun, Kwang-Beom; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Lee, Kyungmin; Kaang, Bong-KiunKOREAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY PHARMACOLOGYKOREAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY PHARMACOLOGY, v.15, no.6, pp.371 - 382, 2011-12


Selective Erasure of a Fear Memory

Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Kushner, Steven A.; Yiu, Adelaide P.; Hsiang, Hwa-Lin (Liz); Buch, Thorsten; Waisman, Ari; Bontempi, Bruno; Neve, Rachael L.; Frankland, Paul W.; Josselyn, Sheena A.AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCESCIENCE, v.323, no.5920, pp.1492 - 1496, 2009-03


Increasing CREB in the auditory thalamus enhances memory and generalization of auditory conditioned fear

Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Yiu, Adelaide P.; Cole, Christina J.; Hsiang, Hwa-Lin; Neve, Rachael L.; Josselyn, Sheena A.COLD SPRING HARBOR LAB PRESSLEARNING MEMORY, v.15, no.6, pp.443 - 453, 2008-06


Nuclear translocation of CAM-associated protein activates transcription for long-term facilitation in Aplysia

Lee, Seung-Heeresearcher; Lim, Chae-Seok; Park, Hyungju; Lee, Jin-A; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Kim, Hyoung; Cheang, Ye-Hwang; Lee, Sue-Hyunresearcher; Lee, Yong-Seok; Ko, Hyoung-Gon; Jang, Dong-Hyuk; Kim, Hyongkyu; Miniaci, Maria C.; Bartsch, Dusan; Kim, Eunjoonresearcher; Bailey, Craig H.; Kandel, Eric R.; Kaang, Bong-KiunCell PressCELL, v.129, no.4, pp.801 - 812, 2007-05


Neuronal competition and selection during memory formation

Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Kushner, Steven A.; Yiu, Adelaide P.; Cole, Christy J.; Matynia, Anna; Brown, Robert A.; Neve, Rachael L.; Guzowski, John F.; Silva, Alcino J.; Josselyn, Sheena A.AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCESCIENCE, v.316, no.5823, pp.457 - 460, 2007-04


Regulation of ApC/EBP mRNA by the Aplysia AU-rich element-binding protein, ApELAV, and its effects on 5-hydroxytryptamine-induced long-term facilitation

Yim, Se-Jeong; Lee, Yong-Seok; Lee, Jin-A; Chang, Deok-Jin; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Kim, Hyoung; Park, Hyungju; Jun, Heejung; Kim, V. Narry; Kaang, Bong-KiunWiley-BlackwellJOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY, v.98, no.2, pp.420 - 429, 2006-07


A nucleolar protein ApLLP induces ApC/EBP expression required for long-term synaptic facilitation in Aplysia neurons

Kim, Hyoung; Lee, Sue-Hyunresearcher; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Lee, Jin-A; Chang, Deok-Jin; Lee, Yong-Seok; Kaang, Bong-Kiun; Cheang, Ye-HwangCell PressNEURON, v.49, no.5, pp.707 - 718, 2006-03


Cofilin expression induces cofilin-actin rod formation and disrupts synaptic structure and function in Aplysia synapses

Jang, Dong-Hyuk; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Lee, Seung-Heeresearcher; Lee, Yong-Seok; Park, Hyungju; Lee, Sue-Hyunresearcher; Kim, Hyoung; Kaang, Bong-KiunNatl Acad SciencesPROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.102, no.44, pp.16072 - 16077, 2005-11


Suppression of long-term facilitation by Rab3-effector protein interaction

Han, Jin-Heeresearcher; Lee, Changhoon; Cheang, Yehwang; Kaang, Bong-KiunELSEVIER SCIENCE BVMOLECULAR BRAIN RESEARCH, v.139, no.1, pp.13 - 22, 2005-09

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