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Choi, Ho-Jin (최호진) C-1768-2011

School of Computing(전산학부)
Collaboration Network Collaboration Network
Research Area
Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Biomedical Informatics

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TSN을 이용한 도로 감시 카메라 영상의 강우량 인식 방법

Zhun, Li; 현종환; 최호진researcher한국대기환경학회한국대기환경학회지, v.34, no.5, pp.735 - 747, 2018-10


Medical examination data prediction with missing information imputation based on recurrent neural networks

Kim, Hangyu; Jang, Gil-Jin; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher; Lim, Myungeun; Choi, JaehunINDERSCIENCE ENTERPRISES LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DATA MINING AND BIOINFORMATICS, v.19, no.3, pp.202 - 220, 2017-12


ExoTime: Temporal Information Extraction from Korean Texts Using Knowledge Base

정영섭; 임채균; 최호진researcher한국컴퓨터정보학회한국컴퓨터정보학회논문지, v.22, no.12, pp.35 - 48, 2017-12


Single channel blind source separation based on probabilistic matrix factorisation

Kim, Hangyu; Jang, Gil-Jin; Park, Jeong-Sik; Oh, Yung-Hwanresearcher; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherINST ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY-IETELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.53, no.21, pp.1430 - 1431, 2017-10


Modeling long-term human activeness using recurrent neural networks for biometric data

Kim, Zae Myung; Oh, Hyungrai; Kim, Hangyu; Lim, Chae-Gyun; Oh, Kyo-Joong; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherBIOMED CENTRAL LTDBMC MEDICAL INFORMATICS AND DECISION MAKING, v.17, 2017-05 View PDF (2837kb)


Investigating the Impact of Possession-Way of a Smartphone on Action Recognition

Kim, Zae Myung; Jeong, Young-Seob; Oh, Hyung-Rai; Oh, Kyo-Joong; Lim, Chae-Gyun; Iraqi, Youssef; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherMDPI AGSENSORS, v.16, no.6, 2016-06 View PDF (618kb)


MTP: discovering high quality partitions in real world graphs

Lim, Yongsub; Lee, Won-Jo; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher; Kang, UresearcherSPRINGERWORLD WIDE WEB-INTERNET AND WEB INFORMATION SYSTEMS, v.20, pp.491 - 514, 2016-05


Weighted averaging fusion for multi-view skeletal data and its application in action recognition

Azis, Nur Aziza; Jeong, Young-Seob; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher; Iraqi, YoussefINST ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY-IETIET COMPUTER VISION, v.10, no.2, pp.134 - 142, 2016-03


Classifying Travel-related Intents in Textual Data

Kim, Zae Myung; Jeong, Young-Seob; Hyeon, Jonghwan; Oh, Hyngrai; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherInternational Institute of EngineersInternational Journal of Computing, Communication and Instrumentation Engineering, v.3, no.1, pp.96 - 101, 2016-01


APEM: Automatic paraphrase evaluation using morphological analysis for the Korean language

Moon, Sungwon; Gweon, Gahgeneresearcher; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher; Heo, JeongGlobal IT Research InstituteICACT Transactions on Advanced Communications Technology , v.4, no.5, pp.680 - 684, 2015-09


On Exploiting Trustors in Trust-Based Recommendation

Hwang, Won-Seok; Li, Shaoyu; Kim, Sang-Wook; Choi, Ho JinresearcherNATL ILAN UNIV, JITJOURNAL OF INTERNET TECHNOLOGY, v.16, no.4, pp.755 - 765, 2015-07


Overlapped latent Dirichlet allocation for efficient image segmentation

Jeong, Young-Seob; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherSPRINGERSOFT COMPUTING, v.19, no.4, pp.829 - 838, 2015-04


Codon-based encoding for DNA sequence analysis

Jeong, Byeong-Soo; Bari, A. T. M. Golam; Reaz, Mst. Rokeya; Jeon, Seokhee; Lim, Chae-Gyun; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEMETHODS, v.67, no.3, pp.373 - 379, 2014-06


A randomized algorithm for natural object colorization

Jin, Souyoung; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher; Tai, Yu-WingresearcherWILEY-BLACKWELLCOMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, v.33, no.2, pp.205 - 214, 2014-05


Link-Based Similarity Measures Using Reachability Vectors

Yoon, Seok-Ho; Kim, Ji-Soo; Ha, Jiwoon; Kim, Sang-Wook; Ryu, Minsoo; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherHINDAWI PUBLISHING CORPORATIONSCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL, v.2014, 2014-02 View PDF (2032kb)


Topic Masks for Image Segmentation

Jeong, Young-Seob; Lim, Chae-Gyun; Jeong, Byeong-Soo; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherKSII-KOR SOC INTERNET INFORMATIONKSII TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS, v.7, no.12, pp.3274 - 3292, 2013-12


논문 검색 엔진을 위한 랭킹 방법

김상욱; 황원석; 채수민; 최호진researcher한국정보과학회정보과학회논문지 : 데이타베이스, v.40, no.5, pp.345 - 357, 2013-10


Effective Encoding for DNA Sequence Visualization Based on Nucleotide's Ring Structure

Bari, A. T. M. Golam; Reaz, Rokeya; Islam, A. K. M. Tauhidul; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher; Jeong, Byeong-SooLIBERTAS ACADEVOLUTIONARY BIOINFORMATICS, v.9, pp.251 - 261, 2013-07 View PDF (1935kb)


Essential Body-Joint and Atomic Action Detection for Human Activity Recognition using Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm

Jin, Sou-Young; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherSpringerLecture Notes in Computer Science, v.7729, pp.148 - 159, 2013-06


정보 보호 기능을 갖는 최대 빈발 패턴 탐색 기법

정병수; 최호진researcher한국정보과학회정보과학회논문지 : 데이타베이스, v.40, no.1, pp.1 - 10, 2013-02

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