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Park, Byungho (박병호) C-1699-2011

School of Management Engineering(경영공학부)
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Do I want to pay to download movies: Factors affecting acceptance of legal movie download services

Ryu, Sunghan; Park, ByunghoresearcherEMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LTDJOURNAL OF INFORMATION COMMUNICATION & ETHICS IN SOCIETY, v.16, no.1, pp.45 - 60, 2018-03


모바일 개인방송 시청 요인 분석: HMSAM 모델을 중심으로

임재완; 박병호한국경영정보학회Information Systems Review, v.18, no.4, pp.89 - 106, 2016-12


Economic Analysis of Charitable Donations

Kang, Moon Youngresearcher; Park, Byunghoresearcher; Lee, Sanghak; Kim, Jaehwan; Allenby, GregFaculty of Management University of WarsawJournal of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour in Emerging Markets, v.2, no.4, pp.40 - 57, 2016-09


Conceptualizing Audio Message Complexity as Available Processing Resources

Lang, Annie; Gao, Ya; Potter, Robert F.; Lee, Seungjo; Park, Byunghoresearcher; Bailey, Rachel L.SAGE PUBLICATIONS INCCOMMUNICATION RESEARCH, v.42, no.6, pp.759 - 778, 2015-08


The effect of repetition in Internet banner ads and the moderating role of animation

Lee, Joo-Won; Ahn, Jae-Hyeonresearcher; Park, ByunghoresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDCOMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, v.46, pp.202 - 209, 2015-05


Testing the moderating role of need for cognition in smartphone adoption

Cho, Hichang; Park, ByunghoresearcherTAYLOR & FRANCIS LTDBEHAVIOUR & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, v.33, no.7, pp.704 - 715, 2014-07


공익광고 효과에 미치는 상호작용 영향:광고주 인지도, 광고 소구 및 수용자 관여도와 인지욕구 중심으로

박준영; 강동우; 강현진; 권혜연; 박병호researcher; 조현한국IT서비스학회한국IT서비스학회지, v.12, no.4, pp.235 - 253, 2013-12


When available resources become negative resources - The effects of cognitive overload on memory sensitivity and criterion bias

Fox, Julia R.; Park, Byunghoresearcher; Lang, AnnieSAGE PUBLICATIONS INCCOMMUNICATION RESEARCH, v.34, no.3, pp.277 - 296, 2007-06


Cognition and emotion in TV message processing: How valence, arousing content, structural complexity, and information density affect the availability of cognitive resources

Lang, Annie; Park, Byunghoresearcher; Sanders-jackson, Ashley N.; Wilson, Brian D.; Wang, ZhengLAWRENCE ERLBAUM ASSOC INC-TAYLOR FRANCISMEDIA PSYCHOLOGY, v.10, no.3, pp.317 - 338, 2007


The "I" of embedded reporting: An analysis of CNN coverage of the "Shock and Awe" campaign

Fox, JR; Park, ByunghoresearcherRoutledge JournalsJOURNAL OF BROADCASTING & ELECTRONIC MEDIA, v.50, no.1, pp.36 - 51, 2006


Parsing the resource pie: Using STRTs to measure attention to mediated messages

Lang, Annie; Bradley, Samuel D.; Park, Byunghoresearcher; Shin, Mija; Chung, YongkukLAWRENCE ERLBAUM ASSOC INC-TAYLOR FRANCISMEDIA PSYCHOLOGY, v.8, no.4, pp.369 - 394, 2006


PC-bang Brought a "big-bang": The Unique Aspect of the Korean Internet Industry

Park, Byunghoresearcher; Gillespie T.InformsINTERFACES, v.3, no.8, 2003

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