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Han, Yong-Mahn (한용만) C-1652-2011

Department of Biological Sciences(생명과학과)
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Induced pluripotent stem cells, , IPS cells

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Optogenetic control of endogenous Ca2+ channels in vivo

Jeong, Yun-Mi; Kim, Na Yeon; Kim, Daesooresearcher; Kim, Jungeun; Kim, Sungsoo; Kim, Cheol-Hee; Cho, Taesup; Park, Hyerim; Baek, Jinhee; Kim, Jihoon; Shin, Hee Sup; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher; Lee, Sangkyu; Shin, Anna; Chae, Sujin; Kyung, Taeyoon; Kim, Dongkyu; Woo, Doyeon; Heo, Won DoresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.33, no.10, pp.1092 - 1096, 2015-10


Impaired osteogenesis in Menkes disease-derived induced pluripotent stem cells

Choi, Jin-Ho; Kim, Dongkyu; Yoo, Han-Wook; Choi, Jieun; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher; Han, Kyu-Min; Lee, Beom HeeBIOMED CENTRAL LTDSTEM CELL RESEARCH & THERAPY, v.6, 2015-09 View PDF (2955kb)


Differences in the Epigenetic Regulation of Cytochrome P450 Genes between Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Hepatocytes and Primary Hepatocytes

Choi, Young-Jun; Im, Ilkyun; Song, Chang-Woo; Kim, Ji Woo; Yoon, Seokjoo; Kim, Hyemin; Park, Han-Jin; Chun, Hang-Suk; Han, Yong-MahnresearcherPUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCEPLOS ONE, v.10, no.7, 2015-07 View PDF (4379kb)


DUSP4 Regulates Neuronal Differentiation and Calcium Homeostasis by Modulating ERK1/2 Phosphorylation

Kim, Sun Young; Bae, Kwang-Hee; Lee, Sang Chul; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher; Han, Baek-Soo; Kim, Won-Kon; Oh, Mihee; Oh, Kyoung-JinMARY ANN LIEBERT, INCSTEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT, v.24, no.6, pp.686 - 700, 2015-03


SET7/9 Methylation of the Pluripotency Factor LIN28A Is a Nucleolar Localization Mechanism that Blocks let-7 Biogenesis in Human ESCs

Kim, Seung-Kyoon; Kim, Sang Cheol; Bak, Geunu; Kim, Tae-Kyung; Lee, Hosuk; Choi, Yoonjung; Lee, Younghoonresearcher; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher; Han, Kyu Min; Park, Sang-Wook; Choi, Jung Kyoonresearcher; Lee, DaeyoupresearcherCELL PRESSCELL STEM CELL, v.15, no.6, pp.735 - 749, 2014-12


Generation of Bladder Urothelium from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells under Chemically Defined Serum- and Feeder-Free System

Kim, Hyeon Hoe; Kang, Minyong; Han, Yong MahnresearcherMDPI AGINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, v.15, no.5, pp.7139 - 7157, 2014-05


The AMPK-PPARGC1A pathway is required for antimicrobial host defense through activation of autophagy

Kim, Jwa-Jin; Park, Ji-Hoon; Lee, Myung-Shik; Jin, Hyo Sun; Kim, Jin-Man; Shong, Minho; Lee, Hye-Mi; Kim, Soung Jung; Kweon, GR; Yang, Chul-Su; Lee, Sang-Hee; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher; Jo, Eun-KyeongLANDES BIOSCIENCEAUTOPHAGY, v.10, no.5, pp.785 - 802, 2014-05


Dual Modulation of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore and Redox Signaling Synergistically Promotes Cardiomyocyte Differentiation From Pluripotent Stem Cells

Park, Jin-Sung; Kim, Injuneresearcher; Han, Jin; Cho, Sung Woo; Song, Sukhyun; Youm, Jae Boum; Heo, Hye Jin; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher; Koh, Gou Youngresearcher; Park, Sang-Wook; Yamashita, Jun K.WILEY-BLACKWELLJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, v.3, no.2, 2014-04


Variable allelic expression of imprinted genes in human pluripotent stem cells during differentiation into specialized cell types in vitro

Ko, Ji-Yun; Ngoc-Tung Tran; Lee, Dong Ryul; Park, Jong-Lyul; Kim, Hyemin; Cho, Yee Sook; Park, Sang-Wook; Im, Ilkyun; Lee, Sang-Hun; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher; Kim, Jihoon; Do, Hyo-Sang; Kim, Yong SungACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEBIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, v.446, no.2, pp.493 - 498, 2014-04


Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells into Nephron Progenitor Cells in a Serum and Feeder Free System

Han, Yong Mahnresearcher; Kang, MinyongPUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCEPLOS ONE, v.9, no.4, 2014-04


Comparative receptor tyrosine kinase profiling identifies a novel role for AXL in human stem cell pluripotency

Son, Mi-Young; Han, Yong Mahnresearcher; Cho, Yee Sook; Seol, BinnaOXFORD UNIV PRESSHUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS, v.23, no.7, pp.1802 - 1816, 2014-04


Autophagy Regulates Homeostasis of Pluripotency-Associated Proteins in hESCs

Kim, Dong Kyu; Kim, Jungho; Lee, Joonsun; Han, Yong Mahnresearcher; Cho, Yun-Hee; Lee, Sang Hee; Han, Kyu Min; Choi, Kyeng-WonWILEY-BLACKWELLSTEM CELLS, v.32, no.2, pp.424 - 435, 2014-02


The reprogramming factor nuclear receptor subfamily 5, group A, member 2 cannot replace octamer-binding transcription factor 4 function in the self-renewal of embryonic stem cells

Lee, Jaeyoung; Kim, Jungho; Lim, Bobae; Oh, Hye-rim; Oh, Junseo; Choi, Kyeng-Won; Han, Yong-MahnresearcherWILEY-BLACKWELLFEBS JOURNAL, v.281, no.4, pp.1029 - 1045, 2014-02


Modeling of Menkes disease via human induced pluripotent stem cells

Kim, Hyemin; Lee, Beom Hee; Kim, Dong Kyu; Choi, Jin-Ho; Han, Yong Mahnresearcher; Suh, Ji Hoon; Helfman, David Mresearcher; Yoo, Han-WookACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEBIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, v.444, no.3, pp.311 - 318, 2014-01


Transcriptional profiles of imprinted genes in human embryonic stem cells during in vitro differentiation

Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher; Ko, Ji-Yun; Do, Hyo Sang; Lee, Sang-Hun; Kim, Dong Kyu; Park, Sang-WookKorean Society for Stem Cell ResearchInternational Journal of Stem Cells, v.7, no.2, pp.108 - 117, 2014


Unveiling the Critical Role of REX1 in the Regulation of Human Stem Cell Pluripotency

Son, Mi-Young; Han, Yong Mahnresearcher; Choi, Hoonsung; Sook Cho, YeeWILEY-BLACKWELLSTEM CELLS, v.31, no.11, pp.2374 - 2387, 2013-11


Transcription Elongation Factor Tcea3 Regulates the Pluripotent Differentiation Potential of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Via the Lefty1-Nodal-Smad2 Pathway

Park, Kyung-Soon; Ahn, Hee-Jin; Ko, Sanghyeok; Ko, Jong-Hyun; Han, Yong Mahnresearcher; Kim, Jin Young; Lanza, Robert; Kim, Dohoon; Noh, Yoo-Sun; Tesar, Paul J.; Cha, Young; Kim, Chun-Hyung; Kim, Kyeoung-Hwa; Chang, Mi-Yoon; Kim, Jonghwan; Song, Jihwan; Lee, Kyung-Ah; Kim, Kwang-SooWILEY-BLACKWELLSTEM CELLS, v.31, no.2, pp.282 - 292, 2013-02


Human synovial cells as a source of mesenchymal stem cells and pluripotent stem cells

Chang, J-S; Kim, M-J; Han, Yong Mahnresearcher; Cho, Y. S.WILEY-BLACKWELLFEBS JOURNAL, v.279, pp.189 - 189, 2012-09


Isolation and nuclear transfer of germ-line stem-like cells from adult pig testes

Shin, ST; Kim, MS; Das, ZC; Jung, YH; Han, Yong Mahnresearcher; Gupta, MK; Lee, HTWILEY-BLACKWELLREPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS, v.47, pp.592 - 592, 2012-08


Variations in the epigenetic regulation of lineage-specific genes among human pluripotent stem cell lines

Kim, Dongkyu; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher; Kim, Hyemin; Jang, Mi-JinACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEBIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, v.424, no.2, pp.331 - 337, 2012-07

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