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Shin, Jennifer Hyunjong (신현정) C-1647-2011

Department of Mechanical Engineering(기계공학과)
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Mechanical Engineering, Microfluidics, Bioengineering

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Recent advances in biological uses of traction force microscopy

Cho, Youngbin; Park, Eun Young; Ko, Eunmin; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Park, Jin-SungKOREAN SOC PRECISION ENGINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING, v.17, no.10, pp.1401 - 1412, 2016-10


Focal Adhesion Assembly Induces Phenotypic Changes and Dedifferentiation in Chondrocytes

Choi, Byung Hyune; Choung, Jin Seung; Shin, Hyunjun; Noh, Minsoo; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Lee, Mi Nam; Kim, SangheeWILEY-BLACKWELLJOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY, v.231, no.8, pp.1822 - 1831, 2016-08


Cellular Contraction and Polarization Drive Collective Cellular Motion

Utuje, Kazage J. C.; Butler, James P.; Notbohm, Jacob; Park, Yongdoo; Gweon, Bomi; Fredberg, Jeffrey J.; Banerjee, Shiladitya; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Jang, Hwanseok; Marchetti, M. CristinaCELL PRESSBIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, v.110, no.12, pp.2729 - 2738, 2016-06


Role of atmospheric pressure plasma (APP) in wound healing: APP-induced antifibrotic process in human dermal fibroblasts

Kim, Kijung; Choe, Wonhoresearcher; Choung, Jinseung; Shin, Jennifer H.researcher; Lee, Mi Nam; Kim, Mina; Hyun, Jin Won; Gweon, Bomi; Ko, Ung HyunWILEY-BLACKWELLEXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGY, v.25, no.2, pp.159 - 161, 2016-02


Non-thermal dielectric-barrier discharge plasma damages human keratinocytes by inducing oxidative stress

Piao, Mei Jing; Han, Xia; Jo, Jin Oh; Shin, Jennifer H.researcher; Yoo, Suk Jae; Kim, Ki Cheon; Hewage, Susara Ruwan Kumara Madduma; Kang, Kyoung Ah; Mok, Young Sun; Park, Yeunsoo; Hyun, Jin WonSPANDIDOS PUBL LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.37, no.1, pp.29 - 38, 2016-01


조직공학용 전기방사 나노섬유 지지체 제조방법

고웅현; 박석희; 신현정researcher대한기계학회기계저널, v.55, no.11, pp.34 - 39, 2015-11


Human endothelial colony forming cells from adult peripheral blood have enhanced sprouting angiogenic potential through up-regulating VEGFR2 signaling

Song, Sukhyun; Yu, Cheol Woong; Seo, Ha-Rim; Hong, Soon Jun; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Lim, Do-Sun; Joo, Hyung Joon; Choi, Seung-Cheol; Park, Jae HyoungELSEVIER IRELAND LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY, v.197, pp.33 - 43, 2015-10


Special Issue on Mechanobiology and Diseases

신현정researcher; Jo, Hanjoong대한의용생체공학회Biomedical Engineering Letters (BMEL), v.5, no.3, pp.159 - 161, 2015-09


Matrix stiffness induces epithelial mesenchymal transition phenotypes of human epidermal keratinocytes on collagen coated two dimensional cell culture

Shin, D.W.; Cho, Y.; Koh, U.; Noh, M.; Gweon, B.; Kim, M.; Shin, Jennifer HyunjongresearcherSpringer VerlagBiomedical Engineering Letters, v.5, no.3, pp.194 - 202, 2015-09


피부 재생능력 촉진을 위한 물리적 복합자극의 활용 연구

홍정우; 신현정researcher; 김철웅; 신현준; 고웅현한국정밀공학회한국정밀공학회지, v.32, no.8, pp.755 - 760, 2015-08


Acoustothermal heating of polydimethylsiloxane microfluidic system

Jung, Jin Ho; Lee, Kang Soo; Destgeer, Ghulam; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher; Park, Jinsoo; Choung, Jin Seung; Ha, Byung Hang; Shin, Jennifer HyunjongresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.5, 2015-07 View PDF (927kb)


Isorhamnetin Protects Human Keratinocytes against Ultraviolet B-Induced Cell Damage

Hewage, Susara Ruwan Kumara Madduma; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Hyun, Jin Won; Han, Xia; Yoo, Eun Sook; Park, Yeunsoo; Piao, Mei Jing; Koh, Young Sang; Yoo, Suk Jae; Kim, Ki Cheon; Kang, Hee Kyoung; Chae, SKOREAN SOC APPLIED PHARMACOLOGYBIOMOLECULES & THERAPEUTICS, v.23, no.4, pp.357 - 366, 2015-07


세포군집의 확장에 관여하는 물리적 힘의 가시화

Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; 조영빈; 권보미; 고웅현한국가시화정보학회한국가시화정보학회지, v.13, no.1, pp.43 - 48, 2015-04


Photo-protective effect of americanin B against ultraviolet B-induced damage in cultured human keratinocytes

Piao, Mei Jing; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Kim, Ki Cheon; Yoo, Suk Jae; Zheng, Jian; Cha, Ji Won; Yao, Cheng Wen; Hyun, Jin WonELSEVIER SCIENCE BVENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY, v.38, no.3, pp.891 - 900, 2014-11


Hierarchical multilayer assembly of an ordered nanofibrous scaffold via thermal fusion bonding

Ko, Ung Hyun; Park, Suk-Hee; Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Suh, KY; Kim, Mina; Shin, Jennifer HyunjongresearcherIOP PUBLISHING LTDBIOFABRICATION, v.6, no.2, pp.024107 - 024117, 2014-06


Regulation of pigmentation by substrate elasticity in normal human melanocytes and melanotic MNT1 human melanoma cells

Choi, Hyunjung; Lee, Tae Ryong; Kim, Mina; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Ahn, Song Ih; Cho, Eun-GyungWILEY-BLACKWELLEXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGY, v.23, no.3, pp.172 - 177, 2014-03


Suppression of angiogenesis by atmospheric pressure plasma in human aortic endothelial cells

Gweon, Bomi; Shim, E; Kim, Ki Jung; Choe, Wonhoresearcher; Kim, Mina; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Kim, Hyeonyu; Kim, SunjaAMER INST PHYSICSAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.104, no.13, pp.133701-1 - 133701-5, 2014-03


기계공학의 의공학교육

신현정researcher대한기계학회기계저널, v.53, no.12, pp.49 - 53, 2013-12


A novel microfluidic co-culture system for investigation of bacterial cancer targeting

Hong, Jung-Woo; Song, Suk-Hyun; Shin, Jennifer HyunjongresearcherROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYLAB ON A CHIP, v.13, no.15, pp.3033 - 3040, 2013-08


Heparan Sulfate Regrowth Profiles Under Laminar Shear Flow Following Enzymatic Degradation

Garcia-Cardena, Guillermo; Dewey, C. Forbes, Jr.; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Giantsos-Adams, Kristina M.; Sakai, Jiro; Koo, Andrew Jia-An; Song, Suk-Hyun; Sankaran, JagadishSPRINGERCELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOENGINEERING, v.6, no.2, pp.160 - 174, 2013-06

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