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Lee, Woojin (이우진) C-1646-2011

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering(건설및환경공학과)
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Synergistic effect of nano-sized mackinawite with cyano-cobalamin in cement slurries for reductive dechlorination of tetrachloroethylene

Sihn, Young Ho; Lee, Woojinresearcher; Bae, Sungjun; Kyung, Daeseung; Alazba, Abdulrahman Ali; Amin, Muhammad Tahir; Kim, SangwooELSEVIER SCIENCE BVJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, v.311, pp.1 - 10, 2016-07


Highly reactive and selective Sn-Pd bimetallic catalyst supported by nanocrystalline ZSM-5 for aqueous nitrate reduction

Lee, Woojinresearcher; Kumar, Macharla Arun; Hamid, ShanawarELSEVIER SCIENCE BVAPPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL, v.187, pp.37 - 46, 2016-06


Laser spectroscopic characterization and quantification of uranium(VI) under fluorescence quenching by Fe(II)

Lee, Woojinresearcher; Sihn, Youngho; Yun, Jong-IlresearcherSPRINGERJOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY, v.308, no.2, pp.413 - 423, 2016-05


Effect of promoter and noble metals and suspension pH on catalytic nitrate reduction by bimetallic nanoscale Fe-0 catalysts

Hamid, Shanawar; Lee, Woojinresearcher; Bae, Sung Jun; Sihn, Young Ho; Jung, JunyoungTAYLOR & FRANCIS LTDENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY, v.37, no.9, pp.1077 - 1087, 2016-05


Reduction of nitrate in groundwater by hematite supported bimetallic catalyst

Lee, Woojinresearcher; Hamid, ShanawarTECHNO-PRESSADVANCES IN ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH, v.5, no.1, pp.51 - 59, 2016


Nitrate reduction by iron supported bimetallic catalyst in low and high nitrogen regimes

Hamid, Shanawar; Lee, WoojinresearcherTechno PressADVANCES IN ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH, v.4, no.4, pp.263 - 271, 2015-12


생물환원 철광물촉매에 의한 지하수 내 RDX 환원: 군사격장 현장적용 실증결과

공효영; 경대승; 이우진researcher; 이종열; 배범한; 이광표한국지하수토양환경학회지하수토양환경, v.20, no.6, pp.62 - 72, 2015-11


Flavin mononucleotide mediated microbial fuel cell in the presence of Shewanella putrefaciens CN32 and iron-bearing mineral

Moon, ChungMan; Lee, Yoonhwa; Lee, Woojinresearcher; Bae, SungjunKOREAN SOC BIOTECHNOLOGY & BIOENGINEERINGBIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING, v.20, no.5, pp.894 - 900, 2015-09


Catalytic Nitrate Removal in Continuous Bimetallic Cu-Pd/Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron System

Alazba, Abdulrahman Ali; Hamid, Shanawar; Bae, Sungjun; Amin, Muhammad Tahir; Lee, WoojinresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCINDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, v.54, no.24, pp.6247 - 6257, 2015-06


Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Dechlorination Mechanism of Carbon Tetrachloride on a Vivianite Ferrous Phosphate Surface

Kim, Hyung-Junresearcher; Bae, Sungjun; Lee, Woo-Jinresearcher; Goddard, William A.; Jeon, Keonghee; Lee, NaraAMER CHEMICAL SOCJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY A, v.119, no.22, pp.5714 - 5722, 2015-06


Adsorption/desorption of uranium on iron-bearing soil mineral surface

Lee, Woojinresearcher; Ha, Seongjin; Kyung, DaeseungElsevier BVADVANCES IN ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH, v.4, no.2, pp.135 - 142, 2015-06


Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from a hybrid wastewater treatment plant

Kyung, Daeseung; Chang, Jin; Kim, Minsun; Lee, Woo-JinresearcherELSEVIER SCI LTDJOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, v.95, pp.117 - 123, 2015-05


Numerical study of CO2 hydrate dissolution rates in the ocean: Effect of pressure, temperature, and salinity

Lee, Woojinresearcher; Kyung, Daeseung; Ji, SukwonTechno PressADVANCES IN ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH, v.4, no.1, pp.17 - 24, 2015-04


Reductive Transformation of Tetrachloroethene Catalyzed by Sulfide-Cobalamin in Nano-Mackinawite Suspension

Kyung, Daeseung; Choi, Kyunghoon; Lee, Woo-Jinresearcher; Amir, AmnorzahiraAMER CHEMICAL SOCINDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, v.54, no.5, pp.1439 - 1446, 2015-02


CO2 Hydrate Nucleation Kinetics Enhanced by an Organo-Mineral Complex Formed at the Montmorillonite Water Interface

Kyung, Daeseung; Lee, Woo-Jinresearcher; Kim, Hyung-Junresearcher; Lim, Hyung KyuAMER CHEMICAL SOCENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.49, no.2, pp.1197 - 1205, 2015-01


Enhanced reductive dechlorination of tetrachloroethene by nanosized mackinawite with cyanocobalamin in a highly alkaline condition

Kim, Sangwoo; Park, Taehyung; Lee, Woo-JinresearcherACADEMIC PRESS LTD- ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDJOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, v.151, pp.378 - 385, 2015-01


Life cycle assessment (LCA) of roof-waterproofing systems for reinforced concrete building

Kyung, Daeseung; Lee, Woo-Jinresearcher; Ji, SukwonTechno-PressADVANCES IN ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH, v.3, no.4, pp.367 - 377, 2014-12


Nitrite Reduction Mechanism on a Pd Surface

Bae, Sungjun; Lee, Woo-Jinresearcher; Shin, Hyeyoung; Kim, Hyung-Junresearcher; Jung, SungyoonAMER CHEMICAL SOCENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.48, no.21, pp.12768 - 12774, 2014-11


Degradation of off-gas toluene in continuous pyrite Fenton system

Bae, Sung-Jun; Choi, Kyung Hoon; Lee, Woo-JinresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, v.280, pp.31 - 37, 2014-09


Development of Pd-Cu/Hematite Catalyst for Selective Nitrate Reduction

Bae, Sung-Jun; Jung, Sungyoon; Lee, WoojinresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.48, no.16, pp.9651 - 9658, 2014-08

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