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Jeong, Jaeseung (정재승) C-1620-2011

Department of Bio and Brain Engineering(바이오및뇌공학과)
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Mediating Effect of Internet Addiction on the Association between Resilience and Depression among Korean University Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Mak, Kwok Kei; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Lee, Hye-Kyung; Lee, KounseokKOREAN NEUROPSYCHIATRIC ASSOCPSYCHIATRY INVESTIGATION, v.15, no.10, pp.962 - 969, 2018-10


Character drawing style in cartoons on empathy induction: an eye-tracking and EEG study

Lee, Yong Il; Choi, Yeojeong; Jeong, JaeseungresearcherPEERJ INCPEERJ, v.5, 2017-11 View PDF (3769kb)


Mice in social conflict show rule-observance behavior enhancing long-term benefit

Choe, Il-Hwan; Byun, Junweon; Kim, Ko Keun; Park, Sol; Kim, Isaac; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Shin, Hee-SupNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.8, 2017-11 View PDF (2080kb)


Nucleus accumbens shell moderates preference bias during voluntary choice behavior

Jang, Hye-Ran; Jung, Kanghoon; Jeong, Jaehoon; Park, Sang Ki; Kralik, Jerald D.; Jeong, JaeseungresearcherOXFORD UNIV PRESSSOCIAL COGNITIVE AND AFFECTIVE NEUROSCIENCE, v.12, no.9, pp.1428 - 1436, 2017-09


Heightened aversion to risk and loss in depressed patients with a suicide attempt history

Baek, Kwangyeol; Kwon, Jaehyung; Chae, Jeong-Ho; Chung, Yong An; Kralik, Jerald D.; Min, Jung-Ah; Huh, HyuJung; Choi, Kyung Mook; Jang, Kuk-In; Lee, Na-Bin; Kim, Sunyoung; Peterson, Bradley S.; Jeong, JaeseungresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, 2017-09 View PDF (2794kb)


Neural dynamics of two players when using nonverbal cues to gauge intentions to cooperate during the Prisoner's Dilemma Game

Jahng, Jaehwan; Kralik, Jerald D.; Hwang, Dong-Uk; Jeong, JaeseungresearcherACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCENEUROIMAGE, v.157, pp.263 - 274, 2017-08


Arousal Rules: An Empirical Investigation into the Aesthetic Experience of Cross-Modal Perception with Emotional Visual Music

Lee, Irene Eunyoung; Latchoumane, Charles-Francois V.; Jeong, JaeseungresearcherFRONTIERS MEDIA SAFrontiers in Psychology, v.8, 2017-04 View PDF (4025kb)


Enhanced Thalamic Functional Connectivity with No fMRI Responses to Affected Forelimb Stimulation in Stroke-Recovered Rats

Shim, Woo-Hyun; Suh, Ji-Yeon; Kim, Jeong K.; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Kim, Young R.FRONTIERS MEDIA SAFRONTIERS IN NEURAL CIRCUITS, v.10, 2017-01 View PDF (1483kb)


Vulnerability-Based Critical Neurons, Synapses, and Pathways in the Caenorhabditis elegans Connectome

Kim, Seongkyun; Kim, Hyoungkyu; Kralik, Jerald D.; Jeong, JaeseungresearcherPUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCEPLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY, v.12, no.8, 2016-08 View PDF (0kb)


Layer-specific interhemispheric functional connectivity in the somatosensory cortex of rats: resting state electrophysiology and fMRI studies

Baek, Kwangyeol; Shim, Woo-Hyun; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Radhakrishnan, Harsha; Rosen, Bruce R.; Boas, David; Franceschini, Maria; Biswal, Bharat B.; Kim, Young R.SPRINGER HEIDELBERGBRAIN STRUCTURE & FUNCTION, v.221, no.5, pp.2801 - 2815, 2016-06


Variability in empathic fear response among 11 inbred strains of mice

Keum, Sehoon; Park, Jungjoon; Kim, Arie; Park, Junoh; Kim, Ko Keun; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Shin, Hee SupWILEY-BLACKWELLGENES BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR, v.15, no.2, pp.231 - 242, 2016-02


Wavelet Energy and Wavelet Coherence as EEG Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease-Related Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

Jeong, Dong-Hwa; Kim, Young Do; Song, In Uk; Chung, Yong An; Jeong, JaeseungresearcherMDPI AGENTROPY, v.18, no.1, 2016-01 View PDF (1315kb)


Impact of childhood trauma and cognitive emotion regulation strategies on risk-aversive and loss-aversive patterns of decision-making in patients with depression

Huh, Hyu Jung; Baek, Kwangyeol; Kwon, Jaehyung; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Chae, Jeong-HoROUTLEDGE JOURNALSCOGNITIVE NEUROPSYCHIATRY, v.21, no.6, pp.447 - 461, 2016


양극성장애 환자와 대조군에서 뇌파 코히런스의 성별 차이

유현주; 이유상; 안은숙; 정동화; 김성균; 정재승researcher; 곽용태; 이승연대한생물정신의학회생물정신의학, v.22, no.4, pp.205 - 215, 2015-11


The value of brain perfusion SPECT for differentiation between mildly symptomatic idiopathic Parkinson's disease and the Parkinson variant of multiple system atrophy

Song, In-Uk; Yoo, Ikdong; Chung, Yong-An; Jeong, JaeseungresearcherLIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINSNUCLEAR MEDICINE COMMUNICATIONS, v.36, no.10, pp.1049 - 1054, 2015-10


Decoding covert motivations of free riding and cooperation from multi-feature pattern analysis of EEG signals

Chung, Dongil; Yun, Kyongsik; Jeong, JaeseungresearcherOXFORD UNIV PRESSSOCIAL COGNITIVE AND AFFECTIVE NEUROSCIENCE, v.10, no.9, pp.1210 - 1218, 2015-09


The mediating role of Internet addiction in depression, social anxiety, and psychosocial well-being among adolescents in six Asian countries: a structural equation modelling approach

Lai, Chingman; Mak, Kwokkei; Watanabe, Hiroko; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Kim, Daekyoung; Bahar, Norharlina; Ramos, Malena E.; Chen, Suehuei; Cheng, CeciliaW B SAUNDERS CO LTDPUBLIC HEALTH, v.129, no.9, pp.1224 - 1236, 2015-09


Non-monotonic reorganization of brain networks with Alzheimer's disease progression

Kim, Hyoungkyu; Yoo, Kwangsun; Na, Duk L.; Seo, Sang Won; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Jeong, YongresearcherFRONTIERS RESEARCH FOUNDATIONFRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE, v.7, 2015-06 View PDF (1571kb)


The Effect of Bad News and CEO Apology of Corporate on User Responses in Social Media

Kim, Hoh; Park, Jaram; Cha, Meeyoungresearcher; Jeong, Jae-SeungresearcherPUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCEPLOS ONE, v.10, no.5, pp.e0126358, 2015-05 View PDF (973kb)


Reappraising Abstract Paintings after Exposure to Background Information

Park, Seong-Min; Yun, Kyongsik; Jeong, Jae-SeungresearcherPUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCEPLOS ONE, v.10, no.5, pp.e0124159, 2015-05 View PDF (755kb)

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