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3중 나선 구조로 본 기업가적 활동의 결정 요인

김영환; 김원준; 양태용researcher한국기업경영학회2009 한국기업경영학회 추계학술대회, 2009-11-21


A novel monoclonal antibody against DOG1 is a sensitive and specific marker for gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Espinosa, Inigo; Lee, Cheng-Han; Kim, Mi Kyungresearcher; Rouse, Bich-Tien; Subramanian, Subbaya; Montgomery, Kelli; Varma, Sushama; Corless, Christopher L.; Heinrich, Michael C.; Smith, Kevin S.; Wang, Zhong; Rubin, B; Nielsen, Torsten O.; Seitz, Robert S.; Ross, Douglas T.; West, Robert B.; Cleary, Michael L.; van de Rijn, MattLIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS WILKINSAMERICAN JOURNAL OF SURGICAL PATHOLOGY, v.32, no.2, pp.210 - 218, 2008-02


A performance appraisal and promotion ranking system based on fuzzy logic: An implementation case in military organizations

Moon, C; Lee, Joosung Jresearcher; Lim, SELSEVIER SCIENCE BVAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING, v.10, no.2, pp.512 - 519, 2010-03


A research typology of big data technology = 빅데이터 문헌 분석과 분류에 관한 연구link

Lee, Seung-Hoon; 이승훈Zo, Hang-Jungresearcher; 조항정한국과학기술원, 2014


A study of open innovation strategy of german automotive supplier:continental AG = 독일 자동차 부품회사의 개방형 혁신 전략 연구: 콘티넨탈AGlink

Choi, Jae-Hyuk; 최재혁Ohm, Jay-Young; 엄재용한국과학기술원, 2013


A Study on Defining Entrepreneurship by Way of Evolutionary Genetic Aspects and Analysis Method of Key Factors to Venture Survival

Lee, Jungwoo; Yang, TaeyongresearcherInternational Council for Small BusinessThe 56th ICSB World Conference, 2011-06-15


A study on economic impact by import of shale gas in korea: using an input-output analysis = 셰일가스 도입에 따른 국내 경제 파급효과 분석: 투입산출법을 이용하여link

Yoon, Won Jung; 윤원중Koo, Bon Jaeresearcher ; 구본제researcher 한국과학기술원, 2015


A Study on Impeding Factors of Venture Firms in Daedeok Valley

전의주; 양태용researcher한국기술혁신학회기술혁신학회지, v.7, no.2, pp.305 - 324, 2004-08


A study on new channel development and trust in government: Usage of social media and smart devices in public sector = 공공분야 신규 채널 도입과 정부신뢰에 관한 연구 : 소셜미디어와 스마트 디바이스를 중심으로link

Kim, Suk-Kyoung; 김숙경Rho, Jae-Jeungresearcher; 노재정한국과학기술원, 2014


A study on the antecedents of continuance intention in mobile social network sites : focusing on the baby boomers and older adults = 모바일 SNS의 지속적인 사용 의도에 영향을 미치는 요인 연구 : 베이비부머와 고령자를 대상으로link

Jung, Hyun-Joo; 정현주Lee, Eue-Hunresearcher; 이의훈한국과학기술원, 2014


A study on the context/contents-related value to affect the intention to use Mobile Healthcare Application: Focused on 40-year-old and over in Korea = 모바일 헬스케어 애플리케이션의 사용 의도에 영향을 미치는 context-content 가치 연구: 베이비부머와 고령자를 대상으로link

Jo, Sang-Hyun; 조상현Lee, Eue-Hunresearcher; 이의훈한국과학기술원, 2014


A study on the determinants of the service switching intention on the social network site users = SNS 사용자의 서비스 전환 의도 영향 요인 연구link

Bae, Gyu-Jin; 배규진Lee, Eue-Hunresearcher; 이의훈한국과학기술원, 2014


(A) study on the evolutionary patterns and dynamics of firm networks in innovation ecosystem using social network analysis = 사회 연결망 분석을 이용한 혁신 생태계 내 기업 네트워크의 진화적 패턴과 역학관계에 관한 연구link

Lee, Sanghoon; 이상훈Kim, Wonjoonresearcher ; 김원준researcher 한국과학기술원, 2016


Abnormal behavior of beta after the Asian financial crisis: Focusing on the relationship with financial ratios in the Korean stock market = 아시아 금융위기 이후 한국 주식시장에서 나타나는 Beta의 이상현상에 관한 연구: 재무비율과의 관계를 중심으로link

Yun, Seong-Hun; 윤성훈Nam, Chan-Kiresearcher; 남찬기한국과학기술원, 2014


Adequate regime for emerging multiplex genomic-proteomic diagnostics

mikyung kimresearcherFunctional proteomics center joint symposium 2008, 2008-11-05


Adoption of smart TVs: a Bayesian network approach

Bae, Youngim; Chang, HyunjoonEMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LIMITEDINDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT & DATA SYSTEMS, v.112, no.5-6, pp.891 - 910, 2012


Advancing technology management education focused on industry demand

Lee, Joosung JresearcherInderscience PublishersINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY , POLICY AND MANAGEMENT, v.9, no.2, pp.107 - 125, 2009-05


Alcoholic pellagra encephalo pathy conbined with wernicke's disease.

김미경researcher v.6, no.1, pp.0 - 0, 1991-05


Altered Expression of Nephrin in Acquired Human Glomerular Disease.

Kim, Mi-KyungresearcherAmer Soc NephrologyJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY, v.11, no.10, pp.545 - 545, 2000-10


An innovation network analysis of science clusters in South Korea and Taiwan

Yun, Sunyoung; Lee, Joosung JresearcherROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTDASIAN JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION, v.21, no.2, pp.277 - 289, 2013-12

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