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Covalent organic polymer functionalization of activated carbon surfaces through acyl chloride for environmental clean-up

Mines, Paul D; Thirion, Damien; Uthuppu, Basil; Hwang, Yuhoon; Jakobsen, Mogens H.; Andersen, Henrik R.; Yavuz, Cafer T.researcherELSEVIER SCIENCE SACHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.309, pp.766 - 771, 2017-02


Improved solid-state conversion and piezoelectric properties of 90Na(1/2)Bi(1/2)TiO(3)-5BaTiO(3)-5K(1/2)Na(1/2)NbO(3) single crystals

Park, Ji-Hoon; Chung, Sung-Yoonresearcher; Ko, Seok Young; Wong, Sung-Sik; Kim, Ill-Won; Kang, Suk-Joong LresearcherELSEVIER SCI LTDJOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, v.37, no.1, pp.407 - 411, 2017-01


Electronic structure calculations for energy storage applications

Jung, Yousungresearcher한국과학기술정보연구원2nd Workshop on Supercomputing for Computational Bio/Nano/Materials Science, 2016-12-20


Nitrogenrich carbon nanostructures with internal compartments having mesoporous open channels for electrochemical energy stroage applications

Jung, Hyeong Mo; Kang, Jeung KuresearcherMaterial Research Society2016 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, 2016-12-01


Postsynthesis Modulation of the Catalytic Interface inside a Hollow Nanoreactor: Exploitation of the Bidirectional Behavior of Mixed-Valent Mn3O4 Phase in the Galvanic Replacement Reaction

Lee, Dong-Gyu; Kim, Soo Min; Kim, Sun Mi; Lee, Si Woo; Park, Jeong Youngresearcher; An, Kwangjin; Lee, In SuAMER CHEMICAL SOCCHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.28, no.24, pp.9049 - 9055, 2016-12


Behavior and characteristics of amorphous calcium carbonate and calcite using CaCO3 film synthesis

Lee, Seung-Woo; Kim, Yong-Jae; Lee, Yun-Hee; Guim, Hwanuk; Han, Seug MinresearcherELSEVIER SCI LTDMATERIALS & DESIGN, v.112, pp.367 - 373, 2016-12


High throughput combinatorial analysis of mechanical and electrochemical properties of Li[NixCoyMnz ]O2 cathode

Kim, DongHyuk; Shim, Hyung Cheoul; Han, Seung Min J.researcher; Hyun, Seungmin; Yun, Tae GwangelsevierExtreme Mechanics Letters, v.9, pp.439 - 448, 2016-12


Bending Fatigue Behavior of Ag Nanowire Based Flexible Transparent Electrode

Han, Seung Min JaneresearcherMaterials Research Society2016 MRS Fall meeting, 2016-11-30


Atomic-Scale Imaging of Quadruple-Junction Equilibria in LiFePO4

Chung, Sung Yoonresearcher2016 미국 MRS 학회2016 MRS Fall Meeting, 2016-11-30


Effect of Acceptor-Vacancy Clustering on Proton Conduction in Perovskite Oxides

Chung, Sung Yoonresearcher; Kim, Hye Sung; Jang, Ah Reum; Choi, Siyeong; Jung, Woo Chulresearcher2016 미국 MRS 학회2016 MRS Fall Meeting, 2016-11-29


Robust and Patternable Paper-based Electronics Utilizing Dry Transfer of Silver Nanowires

Seo, Ji Won; Ahn, Jaeho; Lee, Jung YongresearcherMaterial Research Society2016 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, 2016-11-29


High aspect ratio nanopatterned transparent electrode via capillarity assisted Ag nanoparticle assembly

Kang, Juhoon; Park, Chang Goo; Lee, Su Han; Cho, Changsoon; Choi, Dae Geun; Lee, Jung YongresearcherMaterials Research Society2016 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, 2016-11-27


A resonance-shifting metal-dielectric platforms for efficient colloidal quantum dots solar cells

Baek, Se Woong; Song, Jeonghun; Choi, Woong; Song, Hyunjoonresearcher; Jung, Sohui; Lee, Jung YongresearcherMaterial Research Society2016 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, 2016-11-27


Observation of Donor-to-Acceptor Conversion of Dy at Grain Boundaries in Calcium Copper Titanate

Chung, Sung Yoonresearcher; Jo, Giyoung; Kang, Suk Joong Lresearcher한국세라믹학회한국세라믹학회 2016년도 추계학술대회, 2016-11-25


Practices and Outcomes of Korean Leading Universities on Convergence Research and Education

Jung, Yousungresearcher차세대융합기술연구원2016 International Symposium on Convergence Technologies, 2016-11-25


Chemical Ordering in Li-Mn-Ni Spinel Oxides through Formation of Frenkel Defects

Chung, Sung Yoonresearcher; Ryoo, Hyewon; Bae, Hyeongbin; Kim, Yeongmin; Kim, Jingyu; Lee, Sangsu한국세라믹학회한국세라믹학회 2016년도 추계학술대회, 2016-11-25


Role of Vacancy-Acceptor Clustering in Proton-Conducting Perovskite Oxides

Chung, Sung Yoonresearcher; Kim, Hye Sung; Jang, Ah Reum; Jung, Woo Chulresearcher; Choi, Siyeong한국세라믹학회한국세라믹학회 2016년도 추계학술대회, 2016-11-25


Space-Charge-Driven Solute Segregation near the Surface and Grain Boundary in Calcium Copper Titanate

Chung, Sung Yoonresearcher; Lee, Donggyu; Jung, Huiseok; Choi, Siyeong한국세라믹학회한국세라믹학회 2016년도 추계학술대회, 2016-11-25


Efficient dry reforming of methane with CO2 over magnesium oxide supported nickel and molybdenum catalysts

Song, Young Dong; Ercan, Ozdemir; Bandar, Fadhel; Yavuz, Cafer TresearcherChemindix2016the 10th Intl. conference and exhibition on Chemistry in Industry, 2016-11-23


In Situ High Resolution TEM Observation of Hemispherical Sn Nanoparticles in the Surface of SnO2 Nanotubes in Liquid Electrolyte during Lithiation

Cheong, Jun Young; Chang, Joon Ha; 김성주; Kim, Chanhoon; Seo, Hyeon Kook; Shin, Jae Won; Lee, Jung-Yongresearcher; Kim, Il-DooresearcherThe Korean Ceramic SocietyThe Korean Ceramic Society Fall Meeting, 2016-11-23

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