Composite wrist blocks for double arm type robots for handling large LCD glass panels

Recently, robot structures handling liquid crystal display (LCD) glass panels are increased in size as the size of LCD is increased. In order to handle large LCD panels, the robot structures should have high stiffness to reduce the deflection of robot end effector under the weights of LCD. The LCD manufacturing industries have a trend to employ double arm type robots rather than single arm type robots to increase productivity. Currently. two aluminum wrist blocks that havv different configurations not to interfere with each other are mounted on the robot arms. The aluminum wrist block becomes one of the largest deflection sources as the size of the robot structures increases. Since the size of the wrist block can not be increased indefinitely to increase the stiffness due to the limitation of driving motor power. the best way to increase the stiffness of the wrist block is to employ carbon fiber epoxy composite material for structural material of the wrist block because the carbon fiber epoxy composite material has much higher specific stiffness and damping than aluminum. In this work, the two wrist blocks for the double arm type robot for handling large LCD glass panels were designed and manufactured using foam core sandwich structure. Finite element analysis was used along with an optimization routine to design the composite wrist blocks. Box type sandwich structures were employed to reduce shear effect arising from the low modulus of polyurethane foam core, The weight reduction of the composite wrist blocks was more than 50%, compared to those of comparable aluminum wrist blocks and found that the composite wrist blocks had much improved performances compared to those of the aluminium wrist blocks from the static and dynamic tests. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.
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COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, v.57, no.1-4, pp.345 - 355

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