Usability of Digital TV in a Multi-channel Situation

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This paper reports design results from a study into the usability problems of a multi-channel digital TV focusing on EPG and interaction device. We conducted task analysis on using digital TV in a multi-channel situation and made a research on television viewing experience of SkyPerfecTV subscribers in Japan. Upon the research, several design requirements were derived, e.g., (1) Personalized environment for viewing digital TV, (2) Unobtrusive EPG, (3) Integrated support tools for channel navigation and program search, (4) Reduction of information overload, (5) Speedy and accurate control. Based on these results, we suggested new interaction style personal TV and designed user interfaces such as channel bar and program palette. From the results of implementation based on virtual broadcasting station, we verified that suggested user interfaces were easier to use than those of traditional digital set-top boxes. (author abst.)
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