D.C. 마그네트론 반응성 스퍼터링법에 의한 Sn-doped In2O3 박막의 밀도와 전기적 특성과의 관계 Relationship between Film Density and Electrical Properties on D.C. Magnetron Reactive Sputtered Sn-doped In2O3 Films

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Tin-doped In2O3 (ITO) films were fabricated using a d.c. magnetron reactive sputteirng of a In-10 wt% Sn alloy target in an Ar and O2 gas mixture. To understand the behavior of the carrier mobility in ITO films with O2 partial pressure, the resistivity, carrier concentration and mobility, film density, and intrinsic stress in the films were measured with O2 partial pressure. It was found experimentally that the carrier mobility increased rapidly as the film density increased. In the ITO film with the density close to theoretical one, the mean free path was the same as the columnar diameter. This indicated that the mobility in ITO films was strongly influenced by the crystall size. However, in the case where the film density was smaller than a theoretical density, the mean free paths were also smaller the columnar diameter. It was analyzed that the electron scattering at pores and holes within the crystalline was the major obstacle for electron conduction in ITO films. The measurement of intrinsic stress in ITO films also made it clear that the density of ITO films was controlled by the bombardment of oxygen neutrals on the growing film.
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한국세라믹학회지, v.37, no.7, pp.686 - 692

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