Crystal structure and magnetic characterization of a building block for quasi one-dimensional heterobimetallic polymeric complexes bridged by 2,2'-bibenzimidazolate ligands

We have synthesized [Cu-63(bbim)(2)]((Bu4N)-Bu-n)(2)(1)by 2,2'-bibenzimidazolate ligands (bbim) with multi-proton donor property as a building block of models for quasi one-dimensional heterobimetallic polymeric complexes with d pi-p pi interaction. The study of the: molecular and electronic structures of 1 and the non-deprotonated form of 1, in terms of crystal structure analysis and magnetic characterization by single-crystal ESR spectroscopy, has been carried out. The angular dependence of the Cu(II) hyperfine ESR spectra of 1 showed that the parallel orientation (B-0 parallel to c axis) gave both the maximum copper hyperfine splitting (84x10(4) cm(-1)) and the maximum anisotropic g value (g(parallel to)=2.218). The substantially isotropic behavior of the g value (g(perpendicular to)=2.05) was obtained in the perpendicular orientation. The findings show that the copper(II) ion is bound at the site of a tetragonally distorted tetrahedral field, being in accord with the molecular structure of the donor sire with the distorted tetrahedral symmetry as obtained by the X-ray crystal analysis. The results from the ESR measurements of 1 indicate that the ground-state electronic configuration for the copper(II) ion is /(z(2))(<(z)over bar (2)>)...(yz)(<(yz)over bar>)(xy)/ in terms of d-orbitals. Superhyperfine structures due to the nitrogen atoms of bbim(2-) dianion were detected in the gl region of the ESR spectrum of[Cu-63(bbim)(2)]((Bu4N)-Bu-n)(2) in a frozen glass.
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SYNTHETIC METALS, v.85, no.1-3, pp.1741 - 1742

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