Usability Issues in Information Systems for Mobile Devices

Increasing in popularity around the world, the versatile mobile phone continuously finds new application domains. Initially a voice communication device, it has evolved into a multi-purpose information appliance. Usages of mobile phones have recently expanded to business information systems such as stock trading systems, banking systems, and M-commerce systems including the general services such as Short Message Service (SMS), personal information management, and mobile-internet browsing. Despite their technical innovation, many of mobile information systems are still difficult to use. Such poor usability comes not only from the complexity of the task, but also from the restrictions of the mobile device such as small screen size, limited means of input, and dynamic use context. Screen size limitation is caused not only by technology deficiency, but also by the user’s need for a small size device for mobility. A small size screen could cause a page split which could be implemented in a single page in an ordinary desktop screen, so the user should navigate between pages to accomplish a task which could have been done without navigation. As explained above, the limited size of the screen will certainly alter the user’s behavior compared with a large screen environment, and usability problems like disorientation and cognitive overload may arise. This research focuses on the effect of small screen size on the mobile information system usability. Although there has been research on the small screen, most is focused on space enlargement or readability and comprehension problems; therefore, those results do not give sufficient information to influence the design of less complex and more interactive mobile information systems. This paper discusses the key user interface issues of the small screen and proposes a design approach to overcome the page split problem.
International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering
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33rd International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering

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