Hardware and software requirements for a picture archiving and communication systems diagnostic workstations

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Electronic systems (picture archiving and communications systems [PACS]) for image and multimedia data distribution, archiving, and transmission, represent the future of radiology. The workstation is the point of contact between a PACS and the radiologist or referring physician. Therefore, the acceptance of PACS is highly dependent on workstation functionality and performance. This paper, based on our experience in evaluating commercial workstations and on a review of recent literature, describes hardware and software requirements for diagnostic workstations that could be used for making primary diagnoses in a radiology department. Requirements for PACS workstations for use in referring clinics are also briefly described. These workstations must be able to handle the large volume of images to be viewed efficiently, add new functionality to improve the productivity of physicians, technologists, and other health care providers, and provide enough flexibility to allow the electronic systems to grow as medical imaging technology evolves. © 1992 W.B. Saunders Company.
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JOURNAL OF DIGITAL IMAGING, v.5, no.2, pp.107 - 117

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