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Two-Round Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction for Evaluation of the Functional Activities of Anti-PD-1 and Immunomodulators

Kwon, Minsuk; Choi, Young Joon; Sa, Moa; Park, Su-Hyungresearcher; Shin, Eui-CheolresearcherKOREA ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTSIMMUNE NETWORK, v.18, no.6, 2018-12


Generation of a highly efficient and tissue-specific tryptophan hydroxylase 1 knockout mouse model

Kim, Hyeongseok; Kim, Yeong Gi; Choi, Wonsuk; Moon, Joon Ho; Hwang, Inseon; Kim, Kyu Ho; Yadav, Vijay K.; Karsenty, Gerard; Jeong, Ji-Seon; Kim, HailresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.8, 2018-12


Roles of mitochondria in neuronal development

Son, Geurim; Han, Jinjuresearcher생화학분자생물학회BMB Reports, v.51, no.11, pp.549 - 556, 2018-11


Association Between Expression Level of PD1 by Tumor-Infiltrating CD8D T Cells and Features of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Kim, Hyung-Don; Song, Gi-Won; Park, Seong Yeol; Jung, Min Kyung; Kim, Min Hwan; Kang, Hyo Jeong; Yoo, Changhoon; Yi, Kijong; Kim, Kyung Hwan; Eo, Sukyeong; Moon, Deok-Bog; Hong, Seung-Mo; Ju, Young Seokresearcher; Shin, Eui-Cheolresearcher; Hwang, Shin; Park, Su-HyungresearcherW. B. Saunders Co., Ltd.Gastroenterology, v.155, no.6, pp.1936 - 1950, 2018-12


The origin-of-cell harboring cancer-driving mutations in human glioblastoma

Lee, Joo Ho; Lee, Jeong HoresearcherKOREAN SOCIETY BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGYBMB REPORTS, v.51, no.10, pp.481 - 483, 2018-12


Serotonin signals through a gut-liver axis to regulate hepatic steatosis

Choi, Wonsuk; Namkung, Jun; Hwang, Inseon; Kim, Hyeongseok; Lim, Ajin; Park, Hye Jung; Lee, Hye Won; Han, Kwang-Hyub; Park, Seongyeol; Jeong, Ji-Seon; Bang, Geul; Kim, Young Hwan; Yadav, Vijay K.; Karsenty, Gerard; Ju, Young Seokresearcher; Choi, Chan; Suh, Jae Myoungresearcher; Park, Jun Yong; Park, Sangkyu; Kim, HailresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.9, 2018-11


Predicting Suicidal Ideation in College Students with Mental Health Screening Questionnaires

Shim, Geumsook; Jeong, BumseokresearcherKOREAN NEUROPSYCHIATRIC ASSOCPSYCHIATRY INVESTIGATION, v.15, no.11, pp.1037 - +, 2018-11


Coiled-coil structure-dependent interactions between polyQ proteins and Foxo lead to dendrite pathology and behavioral defects

Kwon, Min Jee; Han, Myeong Hoon; Bagley, Joshua A.; Hyeon, Do Young; Ko, Byung Su; Lee, Yun Mi; Cha, In Jun; Kim, Seung Yeol; Kim, Dong Young; Kim, Ho Minresearcher; Hwang, Daehee; Lee, Sung Bae; Jan, Yuh NungNATL ACAD SCIENCESPROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.115, no.45, pp.E10748 - E10757, 2018-11


Herpes Zoster DNA Vaccines with IL-7 and IL-33 Molecular Adjuvants Elicit Protective T Cell Immunity

Kim, A. Reum; Park, Junsik; Kim, Jong Hoon; Kwak, Jeongeun; Cho, Youngran; Lee, Hyojin; Jeong, Moonsup; Park, Su-Hyungresearcher; Shin, Eui-CheolresearcherKOREA ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTSIMMUNE NETWORK, v.18, no.5, 2018-10


Angiopoietin-2 exacerbates cardiac hypoxia and inflammation after myocardial infarction

Lee, Seung-Jun; Lee, Choong-kun; Kang, Seok; Park, Intae; Kim, Yoo Hyung; Kim, Seo Ki; Hong, Seon Pyo; Bae, Hosung; He, Yulong; Kubota, Yoshiaki; Koh, Gou YoungresearcherAMER SOC CLINICAL INVESTIGATION INCJOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION, v.128, no.11, pp.5018 - 5033, 2018-11


BRAF somatic mutation contributes to intrinsic epileptogenicity in pediatric brain tumors

Koh, Hyun Yong; Kim, Se Hoon; Jang, Jaeson; Kim, Hyungguk; Han, Sungwook; Lim, Jae Seok; Son, Geurim; Choi, Junjeong; Park, Byung Ouk; Heo, Won Doresearcher; Han, Jinjuresearcher; Lee, Hyunjoo Jennyresearcher; Lee, Daeyoupresearcher; Kang, Hoon-Chul; Shong, Minho; Paik, Se-Bumresearcher; Kim, Dong Seok; Lee, Jeong HoresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE MEDICINE, v.24, no.11, pp.1662 - 1668, 2018-11


TGF-beta/SMAD4 mediated UCP2 downregulation contributes to Aspergillus protease-induced inflammation in primary bronchial epithelial cells

Kim, Yunhee; Lee, Seung-HyoresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVREDOX BIOLOGY, v.18, pp.104 - 113, 2018-09


Brain Somatic Mutations in Epileptic Disorders

Koh, Hyun Yong; Lee, Jeong HoresearcherKOREAN SOC MOLECULAR & CELLULAR BIOLOGYMOLECULES AND CELLS, v.41, no.10, pp.881 - 888, 2018-10


HMGB1: LPS Delivery Vehicle for Caspase-11-Mediated Pyroptosis

Kim, Ho Minresearcher; Kim, You-MeresearcherCELL PRESSIMMUNITY, v.49, no.4, pp.582 - 584, 2018-10


Is Chronic Exposure to Low-Dose Organochlorine Pesticides a New Risk Factor of T-cell Immunosenescence?

Ryu, Dong-Hee; Yu, Hee Tae; Kim, Se-A; Lee, Yu-Mi; Hong, Seon-Hui; Yoon, Young-Ran; Kim, Dae-Jung; Kim, Hyeon-Chang; Moon, Hyo-Bang; Shin, Eui-Cheolresearcher; Lee, Duk-HeeAMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCHCANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY BIOMARKERS & PREVENTION, v.27, no.10, pp.1159 - 1167, 2018-10


Two-photon microscopy of Paneth cells in the small intestine of live mice

Jang, Won Hyuk; Park, Areum; Wang, Taejun; Kim, Chan Johng; Chang, Hoonchul; Yang, Bo-Gie; Kim, Myoung Joon; Myung, Seung-Jae; Im, Sin-Hyeog; Jang, Myoung Ho; Kim, You-Meresearcher; Kim, Ki HeanNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.8, 2018-09


VEGF-Grab Enhances the Efficacy of Radiation Therapy by Blocking VEGF-A and Treatment-Induced PIGF

Park, Intae; Yang, Hannah; Park, Jin-Sung; Koh, Gou Youngresearcher; Choi, Eun KyungELSEVIER SCIENCE INCINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY BIOLOGY PHYSICS, v.102, no.3, pp.609 - 618, 2018-11


Optimization of Large-Scale Expansion and Cryopreservation of Human Natural Killer Cells for Anti-Tumor Therapy

Min, Bokyung; Choi, Hana; Her, Jung Hyun; Jung, Mi Young; Kim, Hyo-Jin; Jung, Mi-Young; Lee, Eun-Kyoung; Cho, Sung Yoo; Hwang, Yu Kyeong; Shin, Eui-CheolresearcherKOREA ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTSIMMUNE NETWORK, v.18, no.4, 2018-08


Inverse agonist of ERR gamma reduces cannabinoid receptor type 1-mediated induction of fibrinogen synthesis in mice with a high-fat diet-intoxicated liver

Zhang, Yaochen; Kim, Don-Kyu; Jung, Yoon Seok; Kim, Yong-Hoon; Lee, Yong Soo; Kim, Jina; Jeong, Won-ILresearcher; Lee, In-Kyu; Cho, Sung Jin; Dooley, Steven; Lee, Chul-Ho; Choi, Hueng-SikSPRINGER HEIDELBERGARCHIVES OF TOXICOLOGY, v.92, no.9, pp.2885 - 2896, 2018-09


Natural History, Clinical Manifestations, and Pathogenesis of Hepatitis A


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