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Organ specific angiogenesis and vascular remodeling

Koh, Gou YoungresearcherVerein fur wissenschaftliche Fachtagungen in der Bilmedizin17th International Vascular Biology Meeting, 2012-06-04


Molecular targeting of tumor vasculatures

Koh, Gou-YoungresearcherCell symposiaHallmarks of Cancer: Asia, 2014-11-10


Ectopic serotonin production in β-cell specific transgenic mice

Kim, Hyeongseok; Kim, Hailresearcher; Kim, Hyunki; Kim, Kyu Ho; Takeshi Miyatsuka; Hirotaka Watada; Michael SKeystone Symposia2015 Keystone Symposia : Diabetes and metablic dysfuntion, 2015-01-29


The role of SoxF in developmental and tumor angiogenesis

Kim, In-JuneresearcherKAIST-IBSKAIST-IBS Vascular Biology Conference, 2017-05-17


SoxF Transcription Factors Associated with Vascular Diseases Glioblastoma, Intracranial aneurysm

Kim, In-Juneresearcher서울대학교서울대학교 SNUH Stroke Seminar, 2017-04-10


SoxF-mediated vascular network formation

Kim, In-Juneresearcher건양대학교건양대학교 명곡의과학연구소 제215차 세미나, 2017-04-18


Toll-like Receptor 4 and NADPH Oxidase 2 in Macrophages Aggravates Hepatic Steatosis and Insulin Resistance in Mice

Kim, So Yeon; Jeong, Won-IlresearcherGordon Research ConferenceGordon Research Conference, 2017-03-27


Exosome and Toll-Like Receptor 3 in Liver Fibrosis

Jeong, Won-IlresearcherGordon Research ConferenceGordon Research Conference, 2017-03-28


mGluR5-Mediated Endocannabinoid Production of Hepatic Stellate Cells Causes Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Choi, Won Mook; Jeong, Won-IlresearcherGordon Research ConferenceGordon Research Conference, 2017-03-28


Molecualr targeting of tumor vasculature

Koh, Gou YoungresearcherAmerican Association for Cancer Research, Japanese Cancer AssociationNinth AACR-Japanese Cancer Association Joint Conference:BREAKTHROUGHS IN BASIC AND TRANSLATIONAL CANCER RESEARCH, 2013-02-24


Effects of Conjugated linoleic Acid Isomer, t10c12, c9t11-CLA and Mixed Form on Rat Hepatic Stellate Cells and Hepatic Fibrosis

Yun, Hae Sun; Ryu, Si Yun; Jeong, Won-ilresearcher; Do, Sun Hee; Kim, Tae Hwan; Jeong, Kyu ShikKorean Society of Veterinary Pathology2004 Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Veterinary Pathology, 2004


Role of angiogenesis during adipogenesis

Koh, Gou YoungresearcherNorth American Vascular Biology Organization/ Developmental Vascular Biology Workshop II, 2006-02-04


Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis

Koh, Gou Youngresearcher2008 분자영상연수강좌, 2008-05-24


Delayed induction not impaired recruitment of HCV-specific CD8 T cells is resonsible for the late onset of acute hepatitis

Shin Eui-Cheolresearcher; Nascimbeni, M; Mihalik, K; Feinstone, SM; Rice, CM; Rehermann, B16th International Meeting on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses, 2009


Revisiting role of lymphatic function and lymphangiogenesis for study of cardiovascular diseases

Koh, Gou Youngresearcher대한심장학회대한심장학회 기초과학연구회 창립기념 심포지엄과 총회, 2008-07-02


이공계 대학에서 바라본 MRC의 미래

Koh, Gou Youngresearcher기초의과학 연구센터 심포지엄, 2007-04-27


From Therapeutic Angiogenesis to Inflammatory Lymphangiogenesis

Koh, Gou Youngresearcher2006 인하대병원 임상의학연구소 추계 심포지움, 2006-10-27


Cystadenocarcinoma in the Ovary of Thoroughbred Mare

Jeong, Won-ilresearcher; Son, Young-Sook; Lee, Choung-Seop; Hong, Il-Hwa; Kim, Young-Kyun; Kwon, Oh-Deok; Jeong, Kyu-ShikKorean Society of Veterinary Pathology2003 Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Veterinary Pathology, 2003-10


Distant Metastatic Osteosarcoma in the Regional Lymph Node

Lee, Gi Ppeum; Jeong, Won-ilresearcher; Noh, Dong Hyung; Do, Sun Hee; Kwon, Oh Deok; Ryu, Si Yun; Jeong, Kyu ShikKorean Society of Veterinary Pathology2003 Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Veterinary Pathology, 2003


Canine Renal Failure Associated with Nephrolithiasis

Jeong, Won-ilresearcher2004 Spring Meeting of the Korean Society of Veterinary Clinics, 2004

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