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A single port surgical robot system with novel elbow joint mechanism for high force transmission

Hwang, Minho; Yang, Un Je; Kong, DukYoo; Chung, Duck Gyoon; Lim, June-gi; Lee, Dong-Ho; Kim, Daniel H; Shin, Dongsuk; Jang, Taeho; Kim, Jeong-Whun; Kwon, Dong-SooresearcherWILEY-BLACKWELLINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL ROBOTICS AND COMPUTER ASSISTED SURGERY, v.13, no.4, 2017-03


Finite Element formulation of a general asymmetrical yield function for pressure sensitive metals

Zhang, S.; Lou, Y.; Yoon, Jeong WhanresearcherProcedia EngineeringProcedia Engineering, v.207, pp.215 - 220, 2017-09


J2-J3 based anisotropic yield function under spatial loading

Lou, Y.; Yoon, Jeong WhanresearcherProcedia EngineeringProcedia Engineering, v.207, pp.233 - 238, 2017-09


Orthotropic ductile fracture criterion based on linear transformation

Yoon, Jeong Whanresearcher; Zhang, S.; Stoughton, T.B.Institute of PhysicsJOURNAL OF PHYSICS: CONFERENCE SERIES, v.896, no.1, 2017-09


Prediction of fracture initiation in square cup drawing of DP980 using an anisotropic ductile fracture criterion

Park, N; Huh, H; Yoon, Jeong WhanresearcherInstitute of PhysicsJOURNAL OF PHYSICS: CONFERENCE SERIES, v.896, no.1, 2017-09


Exposure of keratinocytes to non‑thermal dielectric barrier discharge plasma increases the level of 8‑oxoguanine via inhibition of its repair enzyme

Kim, Ki Cheon; Madduma Hewage Susara Ruwan Kumara; Kang, Kyoung Ah; Piao, Mei Jing; Oh, Min Chang; Ryu, Yea Seong; Jo, Jin Oh; Mok, Young Sun; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Park, Yeunsoo; Kim, Seong Bong; Yoo, Suk Jae; Hyun, Jin WonSPANDIDOS PUBL LTDMOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS, v.16, no.5, pp.6870 - 6875, 2017-11


The effect of wire drawing and aging on mechanical and electrical properties of Cu-Cr-Zr alloy

Joo, Ho Seon; Kim, Yong Nam; Hwang, Sun Kwang; Im, Yong-TaekresearcherElsevierProcedia Engineering, v.207, pp.1129 - 1134, 2017-11


Effect of heat treatment and madrel material on precision tube drawing of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy

Kim, Yong Nam; Hwang, Sun Kwang; Joo, Ho Seon; Im, Yong-TaekresearcherElsevierProcedia Engineering, v.207, pp.1517 - 1522, 2017-11


Effect of leading and trailing torch configuration on mixing and fluid behavior of laser-gas metal arc hybrid welding

Muhammad, Sohail; Miikka, Karhu; Na, Suck-Jooresearcher; Han, Sang-Woo; Veli, KujanpaaAMER INST PHYSICSJOURNAL OF LASER APPLICATIONS, v.29, no.4, 2017-11


Effective direct writing of hierarchical 3D polymer micromeshes by continuous out-of-plane longitudinal scanning

Ha, Cheol-Woo; Prabhakaran, Prem; Son, Yong; Lee, Kwang-Sup; Yang, Dong-YolresearcherSPRINGERMACROMOLECULAR RESEARCH, v.25, no.11, pp.1129 - 1134, 2017-11


Experimental investigation of thermal characteristics for a microchannel heat sink subject to an impinging jet, using a micro-thermal sensor array

Jang, Seokpil; Kim, Sung-Jinresearcher; Paik, Kyung-WookresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE SASENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL, v.105, no.2, pp.211 - 224, 2003-07


Manufacturing of medium carbon steel wires with improved spheroidization by non-circular drawing sequence

Joo, HoSeon; Hwang, Sun Kwang; Baek, Hyun Moo; Im, Yong-Taekresearcher; Son, Il Heaon; Bae, Chul MinElsevierProcedia Engineering, v.81, pp.682 - 687, 2014-12


A laboratory experiment on the surface and internal waves in two-layered fluids

Ko, Donghyeong; Cho, YeunwooresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDOCEAN ENGINEERING, v.146, pp.257 - 267, 2017-10


Semi-analytical Karhunen-Loeve representation of irregular waves based on the prolate spheroidal wave functions

Lee, Gibbeum; Cho, YeunwooresearcherACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEJOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, v.352, pp.172 - 189, 2017-10


Application of a novel microwave-assisted plasma ignition system in a direct injection gasoline engine

Hwang, Joonsik; Kim, Wooyeong; Bae, Choongsikresearcher; Choe, Wonhoresearcher; Cha, Jeonghwa; Woo, SoohyungELSEVIER SCI LTDAPPLIED ENERGY, v.205, pp.562 - 576, 2017-11


Two-dimensional gravity-capillary solitary waveson deep water: generation and transverse instability

Park, Beomchan; Cho, YeunwooresearcherCAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESSJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, v.834, pp.92 - 124, 2017-11


Investigations on air-fuel mixing and flame characteristics of biodiesel fuels for diesel engine application

Hwang, Joonsik; Bae, Choongsikresearcher; Patel, Chetankumar; Agarwal, Rashmi A.; Gupta, Tarun; Agarwal, Avinash KumarELSEVIER SCI LTDAPPLIED ENERGY, v.206, pp.1203 - 1213, 2017-11


Mechanical Stability Analysis via Neutral Mechanical Plane for High-Performance Flexible Si Nanomembrane FDSOI Device

Kim, Seung-Yoon; Bong, Jae Hoon; Kim, Cheolgyu; Hwang, Wan Sik; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher; Cho, Byung JinresearcherWILEYADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, v.4, no.21, 2017-11


Heat transfer enhancement by asymmetrically clamped flexible flags in a channel flow

Lee, Jae Bok; Park, Sung Goon; Sung, Hyung JinresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.116, pp.1003 - 1015, 2018-01


Influence of large-scale motions on the frictional drag in a turbulent boundary layer

Hwang, Jinyul; Sung, Hyung JinresearcherCAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESSJOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, v.829, pp.751 - 779, 2017-10

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