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Terahertz substance imaging by waveform shaping

Yi, Minwoo; Kim, Hyosub; Jin, Kyong Hwan; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher; Ahn, Jaewookresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.20, no.18, pp.20783 - 20789, 2012-08


Li-7 and Cs-133 spin-lattice relaxation in a nonlinear optical crystal CsLiB6O10

Ae Ran Lim; Jae Kap Jung; Ji Won Kim; Yoon, Choon Supresearcher, SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS, v.122, no.3-4, pp.207 - 211, 2002


The effect of NaCl melt-additive on the growth and morphology of LiB3O5 (LBO) crystals

Kim J.W.; Yoon, Choon Supresearcher; Gallagher H.G., JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH, v.222, no.4, pp.760 - 766, 2001


Single-pixel coherent diffraction imaging

Lee, Kang-Hee; Ahn, Jae-Wookresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.97, no.24, 2010-12


Rainbow Radiating Single-Crystal Ag Nanowire Nanoantenna

Kang, Taejoon; Choi, Wonjun; Yoon, Ilsun; Lee, Hyoban; Seo, Min-Kyoresearcher; Park, Q-Han; Kim, Bongsooresearcher, NANO LETTERS, v.12, no.5, pp.2331 - 2336, 2012-05


Ion-acoustic solitary waves in ion-beam plasma with Boltzmann electrons

Choi, C. -R.; Ryu, C. -M.; Rha, K. -C.; Min, K. -W.researcher; Lee, D. -Y., PHYSICS OF PLASMAS, v.19, no.3, 2012-03


Nonlinear phase shifts by cascaded optical rectification and linear electro-optic effect

Lee, SK; Yoon, Choon Supresearcher, OPTICAL REVIEW, v.6, no.2, pp.152 - 154, 1999


Carrier-envelope phase stabilization of femtosecond lasers by the direct locking method

Yu, Tae Jun; Nam, Chang Heeresearcher, PROGRESS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, v.36, no.4-5, pp.541 - 565, 2012-07


Highly efficient optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification based on BiB3O6 and beta-BaB2O4 crystals at low pump intensity

Yun, In Ho; Hong, Sung-Ki; Kim, Hee Jin; Lim, Changhwan; Yoon, Choon Supresearcher, OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS, v.284, no.9, pp.2341 - 2344, 2011-05


Cavity-QED based scheme for realization of photon annihilation and creation operations and their combinations

Kim, Ho-Joon; Park, Ji-Yong; Lee, Hai-Woongresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA B-OPTICAL PHYSICS, v.27, pp.464 - 475, 2010-03

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