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Low-dimensional nanomaterial saturable absorbers for ultrashort-pulsed waveguide lasers

Jiang, Xiantao; Gross, Simon; Withford, Michael J.; Zhang, Han; Yeom, Dong-Il; Rotermund, Fabianresearcher; Fuerbach, Alexander, OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS, v.8, no.10, pp.3055 - 3071, 2018-10


Quantified degeneracy, entropy, and metal-insulator transition in complex transition-metal oxides

Sim, Jae-Hoon; Ryee, Siheon; Lee, Hunpyo; Han, Myung Joonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.98, no.16, pp.165114, 2018-10


Single-Molecule Co-Immunoprecipitation Reveals Functional Inheritance of EGFRs in Extracellular Vesicles

Sung, Mi Sook; Jung, Jik Han; Jeong, Cherlhyun; Yoon, Tae-Youngresearcher; Park, Ji-Horesearcher, SMALL, v.14, no.42, 2018-10


Nanosinusoidal Surface Zinc Oxide for Optical Out-coupling of Inverted Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

Kim, Do-Hong; Woo, Kie Young; Han, Jun Hee; Lee, TaeWoo; Lee, Hoseung; Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher; Choi, Kyung Cheolresearcher, ACS PHOTONICS, v.5, no.10, pp.4061 - 4067, 2018-10


Perspective: Wavefront shaping techniques for controlling multiple light scattering in biological tissues: Toward in vivo applications

Park, Jung-Hoon; Yu, Zhipeng; Lee, Kyeo Reh; Lai, Puxiang; Park, YongKeunresearcher, APL PHOTONICS, v.3, no.10, pp.100901, 2018-10


Local magnetostriction measurement in a cobalt thin film using scanning probe microscopy

Kim, Kwang-Eun; Yang, Chan-Horesearcher, AIP ADVANCES, v.8, no.10, pp.105125, 2018-10


Three-dimensional Refractive-index Distributions of Individual Angiosperm Pollen Grains

Park, Chansuk; Lee, SangYun; Kim, Geon; Lee, SeungJun; Lee, Jaehoon; Heo, Taehyun; Park, Yoonjeong; et al, CURRENT OPTICS AND PHOTONICS, v.2, no.5, pp.460 - 467, 2018-10


High Power Coherent Beam Combining Setup Using Modified Cascaded Multi-dithering Technique

Ahn, Hee Kyung; Lee, Hwihyeong; Kong, Hong Jinresearcher, CURRENT OPTICS AND PHOTONICS, v.2, no.5, pp.431 - 435, 2018-10


Sub-80 fs mode-locked Tm,Ho-codoped disordered garnet crystal oscillator operating at 2081 nm

Pan, Zhongben; Wang, Yicheng; Zhao, Yongguang; Kowalczyk, Maciej; Sotor, Jaroslaw; Yuan, Hualei; Zhang, Yan; et al, OPTICS LETTERS, v.43, no.20, pp.5154 - 5157, 2018-10


Landau theory of multipolar orders in Pr(Y)(2)X-20 Kondo materials (Y = Ti, V, Rh, Ir; X = Al, Zn)

Lee, SungBinresearcher; Trebst, Simon; Kim, Yong Baek; Paramekanti, Arun, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.98, no.13, pp.134447, 2018-10


Reference-free polarization-sensitive quantitative phase imaging using single-point optical phase conjugation

Shin, Seungwoo; Lee, Kyeo Reh; Yaqoob, Zahid; So, Peter T. C.; Park, YongKeunresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.26, no.21, pp.26858 - 26865, 2018-10


Validity of the effective potential and the precision of Higgs field self-couplings

Jain, Bithika; Lee, Seung J.; Son, Minhoresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v.98, no.7, 2018-10


The crystal structure and phase transitions of LiBaPO4

Kim, Sung-Chul; Kim, Jaegyeom; Lee, Ha Eun; Kang, Bong Joo; Rotermund, Fabianresearcher; Kim, Seung-Joo, SOLID STATE SCIENCES, v.83, pp.76 - 81, 2018-09


78 fs SWCNT-SA mode-locked Tm:CLNGG disordered garnet crystal laser at 2017 nm

Wang, Yicheng; Zhao, Yongguang; Pan, Zhongben; Bae, Jieun; Choi, Sun Young; Rotermund, Fabianresearcher; Loiko, Pavel; et al, OPTICS LETTERS, v.43, no.17, pp.4268 - 4271, 2018-09


LO-Phonon Emission Rate of Hot Electrons from an On-Demand Single-Electron Source in a GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructure

Johnson, N.; Emary, C.; Yoo, Gwangsoo; Sim, Heung-Sunresearcher; See, P.; Fletcher, J. D.; Griffiths, J. P.; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.121, no.13, pp.137703, 2018-09


Charge density functional plus U theory of LaMnO3: Phase diagram, electronic structure, and magnetic interaction

Jang, Seung Woo; Ryee, Siheon; Yoon, Hongkee; Han, Myung Joonresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.98, no.12, pp.125126, 2018-09


Extremely polarization-sensitive surface acoustic wave Brillouin scattering in subwavelength waveguides

Han, Dae Seok; Lee, Il-Min; Park, Kyung Hyun; Kang, Myeong Sooresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.113, no.12, pp.121108, 2018-09


Heterogeneity in chromatic distance in images and characterization of massive painting data set

Lee, ByungHwee; Kim, Daniel; Sun, Seunghye; Jeong, Hawoongresearcher; Park, Juyongresearcher, PLOS ONE, v.13, no.9, pp.0204430, 2018-09


Recent Progress in Broadband Carbon Nanotube Saturable Absorbers for Ultrafast Bulk Solid-State Lasers

Rotermund, Fabianresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.73, no.6, pp.846 - 851, 2018-09


Ultrafast collective oxygen-vacancy flow in Ca-doped BiFeO3

Lim, Ji Soo; Lee, Jin Hong; Park, Heungsik; Gao, Ran; Koo, Tae Yeong; Martin, Lane W.; Ramesh, Ramamoorthy; et al, NPG ASIA MATERIALS, v.10, pp.943 - 955, 2018-09



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