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Quantitative and Isolated Measurement of Far-Field Light Scattering by a Single Nanostructure

Kim, Donghyeong; Jeong, Kwang-Yong; Kim, Jinhyung; Ee, Ho-Seok; Kang, Ju-Hyung; Park, Hong-Gyu; Seo, Min-KyoresearcherAmerican Physical SocietyPHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, v.8, no.5, pp.054024, 2017-11


Versatile Variable Temperature and Magnetic Field Scanning Probe Microscope for Advanced Material Research

Jung, Jin-Oh; Choi, Seok Hwan; Lee, Yeonghoon; Kim, Jinwoo; Son, DongHyeon; Lee, JhinhwanresearcherAMER INST PHYSICSREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.88, no.10, pp.103702, 2017-10


Reconstructions of refractive index tomograms via a discrete algebraic reconstruction technique

Lee, Moosung; Shin, Seungwoo; Park, YongkeunresearcherOPTICAL SOC AMEROPTICS EXPRESS, v.25, no.22, pp.27415 - 27430, 2017-10


Magnetoresistance in copper at high frequency and high magnetic fields

Ahn, S.; Youn, S. W.; Yoo, J.; Kim, D. L.; Jeong, J.; Ahn, M.; Kim, J.; Lee, D.; Lee, J.; Seong, T.; Semertzidis, Yannis K.researcherIOP PUBLISHING LTDJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION, v.12, 2017-10


Thermodynamic evidence for a nematic phase transition at the onset of the pseudogap in YBa2Cu3Oy

Sato, Y.; Kasahara, S.; Murayama, H.; Kasahara, Y.; Moon, Eun-Gookresearcher; Nishizaki, T.; Loew, T.; Porras, J.; Keimer, B.; Shibauchi, T.; Matsuda, Y.NATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE PHYSICS, v.13, no.11, pp.1074 - 1078, 2017-11


Anomalous Quasiparticle Reflection from the Surface of a He-3-He-4 Dilute Solution

Ikegami, Hiroki; Kim, Kitak; Sato, Daisuke; Kono, Kimitoshi; Choi, Hyoungsoonresearcher; Monarkha, Yuriy P.AMER PHYSICAL SOCPHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.119, no.19, 2017-11


Results and performances of X-ray imaging GEM cameras on FTU (1-D), KSTAR (2-D) and progresses of future experimental set up on W7-X and EAST Facilities

Cordella, F.; Choe, Wonhoresearcher; Claps, G.; Gabellieri, L.; Jang, J.; Jeon, Taemin; Lee, S. H.; Li, E.; Pacella, D.; Romano, A.; Song, InwooIOP PUBLISHING LTDJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION, v.12, 2017-10


Wavelength-stepped, actively mode-locked fiber laser based on wavelength-division-multiplexed optical delay lines

Lee, Eunjoo; Kim, Byoung YoonresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVOPTICS COMMUNICATIONS, v.405, pp.185 - 191, 2017-12


Nanogap-Rich Au Nanowire SERS Sensor for Ultrasensitive Telomerase Activity Detection: Application to Gastric and Breast Cancer Tissues Diagnosis

Eom, Gayoung; Kim, Hongki; Hwang, Ahreum; Son, Hye-Young; Choi, Yuna; Moon, Jeong; Kim, Donghyeong; Lee, Miyeon; Lim, Eun-Kyung; Jeong, Jinyoung; Huh, Yong-Min; Seo, Min-Kyoresearcher; Kang, Taejoon; Kim, BongsooresearcherWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.27, no.37, pp.1701832, 2017-10


Holographic deep learning for rapid optical screening of anthrax spores

Jo, YoungJu; Park, Sangjin; Jung, JaeHwang; Yoon, Jonghee; Joo, Hosung; Kim, Min-Hyeok; Kang, Suk-Joresearcher; Choi, Myung Chulresearcher; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher; Park, YongKeunresearcherAMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCESCIENCE ADVANCES, v.3, no.8, 2017-08


Compact advanced extreme-ultraviolet imaging spectrometer for spatiotemporally varying tungsten spectra from fusion plasmas

Song, Inwoo; Seon, C. R.; Hong, Joohwan; An, Y. H.; Barnsley, R.; Guirlet, R.; Choe, WonhoresearcherAMER INST PHYSICSREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, v.88, no.9, 2017-09


Observation of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering

Akimov, D.; Albert, J. B.; An, P.; Awe, C.; Barbeau, P. S.; Becker, B.; Belov, V.; Brown, A.; Bolozdynya, A.; Cabrera-Palmer, B.; Cervantes, M.; Collar, J. I.; Cooper, R. J.; Cooper, R. L.; Cuesta, C.; Dean, D. J.; Detwiler, J. A.; Eberhardt, A.; Efremenko, Y.; Elliott, S. R.; Erkela, E. M.; Fabris, L.; Febbraro, M.; Fields, N. E.; Fox, W.; Fu, Z.; Galindo-Uribarri, A.; Green, M. P.; Hai, M.; Heath, M. R.; Hedges, S.; Hornback, D.; Hossbach, T. W.; Iverson, E. B.; Kaufman, L. J.; Ki, S.; Klein, S. R.; Khromov, A.; Konovalov, A.; Kremer, M.; Kumpan, A.; Leadbetter, C.; Li, L.; Lu, W.; Mann, K.; Markoff, D. M.; Miller, K.; Moreno, H.; Mueller, P. E.; Newby, J.; Orrell, J. L.; Overman, C. T.; Parno, D. S.; Penttila, S.; Perumpilly, G.; Ray, H.; Raybern, J.; Reyna, D.; Rich, G. C.; Rimal, D.; Rudik, D.; Scholberg, K.; Scholz, B. J.; Sinev, G.; Snow, W. M.; Sosnovtsev, V.; Shakirov, A.; Suchyta, S.; Suh, B.; Tayloe, R.; Thornton, R. T.; Tolstukhin, I.; Vanderwerp, J.; Varner, R. L.; Virtue, C. J.; Wan, Z.; Yoo, Jongheeresearcher; Yu, C. -H.; Zawada, A.; Zettlemoyer, J.; Zderic, A. M.AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCESCIENCE, v.357, no.6356, pp.1123 - +, 2017-09


Observation of resonant and non-resonant magnetic braking in the n=1 non-axisymmetric configurations on KSTAR

Kim, Kimin; Choe, Wonhoresearcher; In, Y.; Ko, W. H.; Choi, M. J.; Bak, J. G.; Kim, H. S.; Jeon, Y. M.; Kwak, J. G.; Yoon, S. W.; Oh, Y. K.; Park, J. -K.IOP PUBLISHING LTDNUCLEAR FUSION, v.57, no.12, 2017-12


Scaling analysis of field-tuned superconductor-insulator transition in two-dimensional tantalum thin films

Park, Sungyu; Shin, Junghyun; Kim, EunseongresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, 2017-02 View PDF (1439kb)


Mechanical unzipping and rezipping of a single SNARE complex reveals hysteresis as a force-generating mechanism

Min, Duyoung; Kim, Kipom; Hyeon, Changbong; Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher; Shin, Yeon-Kyun; Yoon, Tae-YoungNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.4, pp.1705, 2013-04


Monoclinic Tm3+:MgWO4: a promising crystal for continuous-wave and passively Q-switched lasers at similar to 2 mu m

Loiko, Pavel; Serres, Josep Maria; Mateos, Xavier; Aguilo, Magdalena; Diaz, Francesc; Zhang, Lizhen; Lin, Zhoubin; Lin, Haifeng; Zhang, Ge; Yumashev, Konstantin; Petrov, Valentin; Griebner, Uwe; Wang, Yicheng; Choi, Sun Yung; Rotermund, Fabian; Chen, WeidongOPTICAL SOC AMEROPTICS LETTERS, v.42, no.6, pp.1177 - 1180, 2017-03


Universal sensitivity of speckle intensity correlations to wavefront change in light diffusers

Kim, KyungDuk; Yu, Hyeonseung; Lee, Kyeo Reh; Park, YongKeunresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, 2017-03


Repulsion between Oppositely Charged Planar Macroions

Jho, YongSeok; Brown, Frank L. H.; Kim, Mahn-Wonresearcher; Pincus, Philip A.PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCEPLOS ONE, v.8, no.8, 2013-08 View PDF (410kb)


What happens to full-f gyrokinetic transport and turbulence in a toroidal wedge simulation?

Kim, Kyuho; Chang, Choong-Seockresearcher; Seo, Janghoon; Ku, S; Choe, WonhoAMER INST PHYSICSPHYSICS OF PLASMAS, v.24, no.1, 2017-01


Poisson's ratio of BiFeO3 thin films: X-ray reciprocal space mapping under variable uniaxial strain

Hu, S; Alsubaie, A; Wang, Y; Lee, Jin Hong; Kang, Kyung Rok; Yang, CH; Seidel, JWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHPHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI A-APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE, v.214, no.1, 2017-01

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