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Update 1 of: Destruction and detection of chemical warfare agents

Jang, Yoon Jeong; Kim, Ki-Bong; Tsay, Olga G.; Atwood, David A.; Churchill, David GresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCCHEMICAL REVIEWS, v.115, no.24, pp.PR1 - PR76, 2015-12


TMPRSS4 induces invasion and proliferation of prostate cancer cells through induction of Slug and cyclin D1

Lee, Yunhee; Ko, Dongjoon; Min, Hye-Jin; Kim, Sol Bi; Ahn, Hye-Mi; Lee, Younghoonresearcher; Kim, SemiIMPACT JOURNALS LLCONCOTARGET, v.7, no.31, pp.50315 - 50332, 2016-08


(NHC)Cu-Catalyzed Mild C-H Amidation of (Hetero)arenes with Deprotectable Carbamates: Scope and Mechanistic Studies

Xie, Weilong; Yoon, Jung Hee; Chang, SukbokresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.138, no.38, pp.12605 - 12614, 2016-09


Real-time atomic force microscopy imaging of collagen fibril under ultraviolet irradiation

Youn, Young-Sang; Kim, SehunresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE INCJOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY, v.42, pp.15 - 18, 2016-10


Dehydrosulfurative C-N Cross-Coupling and Concomitant Oxidative Dehydrogenation for One-Step Synthesis of 2-Aryl(alkyl)aminopyrimidines from 3,4-Dihydropyrimidin-1H-2-thiones

Nguyen Huu Trong Phan; Kim, Hyeji; Shin, Hyunik; Lee, Hee-Seungresearcher; Sohn, Jeong-HunAMER CHEMICAL SOCORGANIC LETTERS, v.18, no.19, pp.5154 - 5157, 2016-10


Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Tandem Synthesis of Acenes Using Carboxylic Acids as Traceless Directing Groups

Kim, Kiho; Vasu, Dhananjayan; Im, Honggu; Hong, SungwooresearcherWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.55, no.30, pp.8652 - 8655, 2016-07


Structure/function correlations over binuclear non-heme iron active sites

Solomon, Edward I.; Park, KiyoungresearcherSPRINGERJOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.21, no.5-6, pp.575 - 588, 2016-09


Preference of Ruthenium-Based Metathesis Catalysts toward Z- and E-Alkenes as a Guide for Selective Reactions to Alkene Stereoisomers

Lee, Jihong; Kim, Kyung Hwan; Lee, Ok Suk; Choi, Tae-Lim; Lee, Hee-Seungresearcher; Ihee, Hyotcherlresearcher; Sohn, Jeong-HunAMER CHEMICAL SOCJOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.81, no.17, pp.7591 - 7596, 2016-09


Improvement of initial guess via grid-cutting for efficient grid-based density functional calculations

Lim, Jaechang; Choi, Sunghwan; Kang, Sungwoo; Kim, Jaewook; Hong, Kwangwoo; Kim, Woo YounresearcherWILEY-BLACKWELLINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUANTUM CHEMISTRY, v.116, no.19, pp.1397 - 1403, 2016-10


Performance of heterogeneous computing with graphics processing unit and many integrated core for hartree potential calculations on a numerical grid

Choi, Sunghwan; Kwon, Oh Kyoung; Kim, Jaewook; Kim, Woo YounresearcherWILEY-BLACKWELLJOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY, v.37, no.24, pp.2193 - 2201, 2016-09


A Facile Access to Primary Alkylamines and Anilines via Ir(III)-Catalyzed C-H Amidation Using Azidoformates

Kim, Hyunwoo; Park, Gyeongtae; Park, Juhyeon; Chang, SukbokresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS CATALYSIS, v.6, no.9, pp.5922 - 5929, 2016-09


An organic-heterojunction diode current equation including random site trap density

Kim, SeongMin; Ha, Jaewook; Kim, Jin-BaekresearcherSPRINGER HEIDELBERGEUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS, v.131, no.8, 2016-08


Failure of Density Functional Dispersion Correction in Metallic Systems and Its Possible Solution Using a Modified Many-Body Dispersion Correction

Kim, Won June; Kim, Minho; Lee, Eok-Kyunresearcher; Lebegue, Sebastien; Kim, HyungjunresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, v.7, no.16, pp.3278 - 3283, 2016-08


Iridium-catalyzed selective 1,2-hydrosilylation of N-heterocycles

Jeong, Jinseong; Park, Sehoon; Chang, SukbokresearcherROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYCHEMICAL SCIENCE, v.7, no.8, pp.5362 - 5370, 2016


Photothermal conversion upon near-infrared irradiation of fluorescent carbon nanoparticles formed from carbonized polydopamine

Kim, Sung Han; Sharker, Shazid Md.; Lee, Haeshinresearcher; In, Insik; Lee, Kang Dae; Park, Sung YoungROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYRSC ADVANCES, v.6, no.66, pp.61482 - 61491, 2016


Chemical Reaction of Benzoic Acid with Ge(100): Effect of a Phenyl Substituent

Hwang, Eunkyung; Jung, Soon Jung; Kim, Sehunresearcher; Kim, Do HwanAMER CHEMICAL SOCJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, v.120, no.27, pp.14742 - 14748, 2016-07


The unusual hydridicity of a cobalt bound Si-H moiety

Kim, Jin; Kim, Yujeong; Sinha, Indranil; Park, Koeun; Kim, Sun Hee; Lee, YunhoresearcherROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.52, no.60, pp.9367 - 9370, 2016


Tuned Chemical Bonding Ability of Au at Grain Boundaries for Enhanced Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

Kim, Kang-Sahn; Kim, Won June; Lim, Hyung Kyu; Lee, Eok-Kyunresearcher; Kim, HyungjunresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS CATALYSIS, v.6, no.7, pp.4443 - 4448, 2016-07


Bench-top fabrication and electrochemical applications of a micro-gap electrode using a microbead spacer

Park, Seungjin; Park, Jun Hui; Hwang, Seongpil; Kwak, Ju-HyounresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE INCELECTROCHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS, v.68, pp.76 - 80, 2016-07


ACS Catalysis and the Scope of Papers Sought in Three Catalysis Subdisciplines: Biocatalysis and Enzymology, Molecular Catalysis for Organic Synthesis, and Heterogeneous Photocatalysis

Chang, Sukbokresearcher; Fornasiero, Paolo; Gunnoe, T. Brent; Jones, Christopher W.; Linic, Suljo; Ooi, Takashi; Williams, Rhea M.; Zhao, HuiminAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS CATALYSIS, v.6, no.7, pp.4782 - 4785, 2016-07

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