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STIM is a Ca2+ sensor essential for Ca2+-store-depletion-triggered Ca2+ influx

Liou, J; Kim, ML; Heo, Won Doresearcher; Jones, JT; Myers, JW; Ferrell, JE; Meyer, T, CURRENT BIOLOGY, v.15, no.13, pp.1235 - 1241, 2005-07

Analysis of an extended chromosome locus 2p14-21 for replication of the 2p16.3 association with glaucoma susceptibility

Kim, Kyung-Lan; Yun, Yong-jun; Kim, Se-Won; Kim, Jong-Sung; Kim, Chang-Sik; Kang, Chang-Wonresearcher, MOLECULAR VISION, v.17, no.128, pp.1136 - 1143, 2011-04

Autophagic and tumour suppressor activity of a novel Beclin1-binding protein UVRAG

Liang, Chengyu; Feng, Pinghui; Ku, Bonsu; Dotan, Iris; Canaani, Dan; Oh, Byung-Haresearcher; Jung, Jae U., NATURE CELL BIOLOGY, v.8, no.7, pp.688 - U94, 2006-07

Kaposis sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (human herpesvirus-8) open reading frame 36 protein is a serine protein kinase

Park, J; Lee, D; Seo, T; Chung, J; Choe, Joonhoresearcher, JOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY, v.81, no.4, pp.1071 - 4, 2000-04

Polypyrimidine tract binding protein interacts with sequences involved in alternative splicing of beta-tropomyosin pre-mRNA

Mulligan, George J.; Guo, Wei; Wormsley, Steven; Helfman, David Mresearcher, JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, v.267, no.35, pp.25480 - 25487, 1992-12

Proteome analysis of antibody-expressing CHO cells in response to hyperosmotic pressure

Lee, MS; Kim, KW; Kim, YH; Lee, Gyun-Minresearcher, BIOTECHNOLOGY PROGRESS, v.19, no.6, pp.1734 - 1741, 2003-11

DJR-1.2 of Caenorhabditis elegans is induced by DAF-16 in the dauer state

Lee, Ju-Young; Kim, Cha-Yeon; Kim, Jeong-Ho; Park, Chan-Kyuresearcher, GENE, v.524, no.2, pp.373 - 376, 2013-07

Drosophila PDZ-GEF, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Rap1 GTPase, reveals a novel upstream regulatory mechanism in the mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway

Lee, Jun Hee; Cho, Kyoung Sang; Lee, Jihyun; Kim, Dohoon; Lee, Sung-Bae; Yoo, Jungsik; Cha, Guang-Ho; Chung, Jongkyeongresearcher, MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY, v.22, no.21, pp.7658 - 7666, 2002

A microbial D-hydantoinase is stabilized and overexpressed as a catalytically active dimer by truncation and insertion of the C-terminal region

Kim, GJ; Kim, Hak-Sungresearcher, JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.12, pp.242 - 248, 2002-04

The protease inhibitor, elafin, induces p53-dependent apoptosis in human melanoma cells

Yu, Kyung Sook; Lee, Yangsoon; Kim, Chung Mi; Park, Eui-Chul; Choi, Juhyun; Lim, Dae-Sikresearcher; Chung, Young-Hwa; Koh, Sang Seok, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER, v.127, no.6, pp.1308 - 1320, 2010-09

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