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Cyclomaltodextrinase, neopullulanase, and maltogenic amylase are nearly indistinguishable from each other

Lee, HS; Kim, MS; Cho, HS; Kim, JI; Kim, TJ; Choi, JH; Park, C; Oh, Byung-Haresearcher; Park, KHAMER SOC BIOCHEMISTRY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY INCJOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, v.277, pp.21891 - 21897, 2002-01


Structure-based nuclear import mechanism of histones H3 and H4 mediated by Kap123

Ann, Sojin; Yoon, Jung Min; Kim, Hanseong; Song, Ji-Joonresearcher; Choi, Uhn-sooELIFE SCIENCES PUBLICATIONS LTDELIFE, v.6, 2017-10


Black Pigment Gallstone Inspired Platinum-Chelated Bilirubin Nanoparticles for Combined Photoacoustic Imaging and Photothermal Therapy of Cancers

Lee, Dong Yun; Kim, Jinyong; Lee, Yonghyun; Lee, Soyoung; Miao, Wenjun; Kim, Hyeon Sik; Min, Jung-Joon; Jon, SangyongresearcherWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.56, no.44, pp.13684 - 13688, 2017-10


Radiolabeling and preliminary biodistribution study of Tc-99m-labeled antibody-mimetic scaffold protein repebody for initial clearance properties

Mushtaq, Sajid; Rho, Jong Kook; Kang, Jung Ae; Lee, Joong-Jae; Kim, Jung Young; Nam, You Ree; Yun, Seong-Jae; Lee, Gyeong Hee; Park, Sang Hyun; Lee, Dong-Eun; Kim, Hak-SungresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDBIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, v.27, no.22, pp.5060 - 5064, 2017-11


Targeted Nanotherapeutics Encapsulating Liver X Receptor Agonist GW3965 Enhance Antiatherogenic Effects without Adverse Effects on Hepatic Lipid Metabolism in Ldlr(-/-) Mice

Yu, Mikyung; Amengual, Jaume; Menon, Arjun; Kamaly, Nazila; Zhou, Felix; Xu, Xiaoding; Saw, Phei Er; Lee, Seung-Joo; Si, Kevin; Ortega, Carleena Angelica; Choi, Won Il; Lee, In-Hyun; Bdour, Yazan; Shi, Jinjun; Mahmoudi, Morteza; Jon, Sangyongresearcher; Fisher, Edward A.; Farokhzad, Omid C.WILEYADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS, v.6, no.20, 2017-10


A membrane-bound NAC transcription factor regulates cell division in Arabidopsis

Kim, Youn-Sung; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Park, Jung-Eun; Park, Hye-Young; Lim, Mi-Hye; Chua, Nam-Hai; Park, Chung-MoAMER SOC PLANT BIOLOGISTSPLANT CELL, v.18, no.11, pp.3132 - 3144, 2006-11


Exploring membrane-associated NAC transcription factors in Arabidopsis: implications for membrane biology in genome regulation

Kim, Sun-Young; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Kim, Youn-Sung; Seo, Pil Joon; Bae, Mikyoung; Yoon, Hye-Kyung; Park, Chung-MoOXFORD UNIV PRESSNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.35, no.1, pp.203 - 213, 2007-01


A membrane-associated NAC transcription factor regulates salt-responsive flowering via FLOWERING LOCUS T in Arabidopsis

Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Kim, Sun-Young; Park, Chung-MoSPRINGERPLANTA, v.226, no.3, pp.647 - 654, 2007-08


Structural and functional insights into Dom34, a key component of no-go mRNA decay

Lee, Hyung Ho; Kim, Youn-Sung; Kim, Kyoung Hoon; Heo, Inha; Kim, Sang Kyuresearcher; Kim, Olesya; Kim, Hye Kyung; Yoon, Ji Young; Kim, Hyoun Sook; Kim, Do Jin; Lee, Sang Jae; Yoon, Hye Jin; Kim, Soon Jong; Lee, Byung Gil; Song, Hyun Kyu; Kim, V. Narry; Park, Chung-Mo; Suh, Se WonCELL PRESSMOLECULAR CELL, v.27, no.6, pp.938 - 950, 2007-09


Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Vascular Development

Jung, Jae-Hoon; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Seo, Pil Joon; Park, Chung-MoACADEMIC PRESS LTD-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDADVANCES IN BOTANICAL RESEARCH, VOL 48, v.48, pp.1 - 68, 2008


HD-ZIP III activity is modulated by competitive inhibitors via a feedback loop in Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem development

Kim, Youn-Sung; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Lee, Minsun; Lee, Ilha; Park, Hye-Young; Seo, Pil Joon; Jung, Jae-Hoon; Kwon, Eun-Jung; Suh, Se Won; Paek, Kyung-Hee; Park, Chung-MoAMER SOC PLANT BIOLOGISTSPLANT CELL, v.20, no.4, pp.920 - 933, 2008-04


Regulation of leaf senescence by NTL9-mediated osmotic stress signaling in Arabidopsis

Yoon, Hye-Kyung; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Kim, Sun-Young; Park, Chung-MoKOREAN SOC MOLECULAR & CELLULAR BIOLOGYMOLECULES AND CELLS, v.25, no.3, pp.438 - 445, 2008-05


A membrane-bound NAC transcription factor NTL8 regulates gibberellic acid-mediated salt signaling in Arabidopsis seed germination

Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Lee, An-Kyo; Yoon, Hye-Kyung; Park, Chung-MoWILEY-BLACKWELLPLANT JOURNAL, v.55, no.1, pp.77 - 88, 2008-07


Membrane-bound transcription factors in plants

Seo, Pil Joon; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Park, Chung-MoELSEVIER SCIENCE LONDONTRENDS IN PLANT SCIENCE, v.13, no.10, pp.550 - 556, 2008-10


The MYB96 Transcription Factor Mediates Abscisic Acid Signaling during Drought Stress Response in Arabidopsis

Seo, Pil Joon; Xiang, Fengning; Qiao, Meng; Park, Ju-Young; Lee, Young Na; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Lee, Yong-Hwan; Park, Woong June; Park, Chung-MoAMER SOC PLANT BIOLOGISTSPLANT PHYSIOLOGY, v.151, no.1, pp.275 - 289, 2009-09


Salicylic acid promotes seed germination under high salinity by modulating antioxidant activity in Arabidopsis

Lee, Sangmin; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Park, Chung-MoWILEY-BLACKWELLNEW PHYTOLOGIST, v.188, no.2, pp.626 - 637, 2010


Genome-scale screening and molecular characterization of membrane-bound transcription factors in Arabidopsis and rice

Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Lee, Sangmin; Seo, Pil Joon; Kim, Soon-Kap; Kim, Jeong-Kook; Park, Chung-MoACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEGENOMICS, v.95, no.1, pp.56 - 65, 2010-01


Probing protein structural requirements for activation of membrane-bound NAC transcription factors in Arabidopsis and rice

Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Lee, Sangmin; Ryu, Jaeyong; Park, Chung-MoELSEVIER IRELAND LTDPLANT SCIENCE, v.178, no.3, pp.239 - 244, 2010-03


Activation tagging of an Arabidopsis SHI-RELATED SEQUENCE gene produces abnormal anther dehiscence and floral development

Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Lee, Sangmin; Kim, Youn-Sung; Yun, Dae-Jin; Woo, Je-Chang; Park, Chung-MoSPRINGERPLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, v.74, no.4-5, pp.337 - 351, 2010-11


An Arabidopsis senescence-associated protein SAG29 regulates cell viability under high salinity

Seo, Pil Joon; Park, Jung-Min; Kang, Seok Ki; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Park, Chung-MoSPRINGERPLANTA, v.233, no.1, pp.189 - 200, 2011-01

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