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Revealing Key Determinants of Clonal Variation in Transgene Expression in Recombinant CHO Cells Using Targeted Genome Editing

Jae Seong Lee; Park, Jin-Hyoung; Ha, Tae Kwang; Samoudi, Mojtaba; Lewis, Nathan E.; Palsson, Bernhard O.; Kildegaard, Helene Faustrup; Lee, Gyun MinresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY, v.7, no.12, pp.2867 - 2878, 2018-12


Insights into Cell-Free Conversion of CO2 to Chemicals by a Multienzyme Cascade Reaction

Singh, Raushan Kumar; Singh, Ranjitha; Sivakumar, Dakshinamurthy; Kondaveeti, Sanath; Kim, Taedoo; Li, Jinglin; Sung, Bong Hyun; Cho, Byung-Kwanresearcher; Kim, Dong Rip; Kim, Sun Changresearcher; Kalia, Vipin C.; Zhang, Yi-Heng P. Job; Zhao, Huimin; Kang, Yun Chan; Lee, Jung-KulAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS CATALYSIS, v.8, no.12, pp.11085 - 11093, 2018-12


Neural Circuits for Goal-Directed Sensorimotor Transformations

Crochet, Sylvain; Lee, Seung-Heeresearcher; Petersen, Carl C. H.ELSEVIER SCIENCE LONDONTRENDS IN NEUROSCIENCES, v.42, no.1, pp.66 - 77, 2019-01


Hippo Pathway Kinase Mst1 Is Required for Long-Lived Humoral Immunity

Yazdchi, Sahar Bagherzadeh; Witalis, Mariko; Meli, Alexandre P.; Leung, Joanne; Li, Xin; Panneton, Vincent; Chang, Jinsam; Li, Joanna; Nutt, Stephen L.; Johnson, Randy L.; Lim, Dae-Sikresearcher; Gu, Hua; King, Irah L.; Suh, Woong-KyungAMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTSJOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, v.202, no.1, pp.69 - 78, 2019-01


SiO2 microparticles with carbon nanotube-derived mesopores as an efficient support for enzyme immobilization

Kumar, Ashok; Park, Gi Dae; Patel, Sanjay K. S.; Kondaveeti, Sanath; Otari, Sachin; Anwar, Muhammad Zahid; Kalia, Vipin C.; Singh, Yogendra; Kim, Sun Changresearcher; Cho, Byung-Kwanresearcher; Sohn, Jung-Hoon; Kim, Dong Rip; Kang, Yun Chan; Lee, Jung-KulELSEVIER SCIENCE SACHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.359, pp.1252 - 1264, 2019-03


Remembering rewarding futures: A simulation-selection model of the hippocampus

Jung, Min Whanresearcher; Lee, Hyunjung; Jeong, Yeongseok; Lee, Jong Won; Lee, InahWILEYHIPPOCAMPUS, v.28, no.12, pp.913 - 930, 2018-12


Polymer thin film-induced tumor spheroids acquire cancer stem cell-like properties

Choi, Minsuk; Yu, Seung Jung; Choi, Yoonjung; Lee, Hak Rae; Lee, Eun-beol; Lee, Eunjung; Lee, Yumi; Song, Jun Hyuk; Son, Jin G.; Lee, Tae G.; Kim, Jinyong; Kang, Sukmo; Baek, Jieung; Lee, Daeyoupresearcher; Im, Sung Gapresearcher; Jon, SangyongresearcherAMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCHCANCER RESEARCH, v.78, no.24, pp.6890 - 6902, 2018-12


Crosstalk among Set1 complex subunits involved in H2B ubiquitylation-dependent H3K4 methylation

Jeon, Jongcheol; McGinty, Robert K; Muir, Tom W; Kim, Jung-Ae; Kim, JaehoonresearcherOXFORD UNIV PRESSNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.46, no.21, pp.11129 - 11143, 2018-11


The human replicative helicase, the CMG complex, as a target for anti-cancer therapy

Seo, Yeon-Sooresearcher; Kang, Y.-H.Frontiers Media S.A.Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, v.5, no.MAR, 2018-03


Possible role of ginsenoside Rb1 in skin wound healing via regulating senescent skin dermal fibroblast



Is it worth expending energy to convert biliverdin into bilirubin?

Nam, J.; Lee, Y.; Yang, Y.; Jeong, S.; Kim, W.; Yoo, J.-W.; Moon, J.-O.; Lee, C.; Chung, H.Y.; Kim, M.-S.; Jon, Sangyongresearcher; Jung, Y.ELSEVIER SCIENCE INCFREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, v.124, pp.232 - 240, 2018-08


Curcumin as a Novel Nanocarrier System for Doxorubicin Delivery to MDR Cancer Cells: In Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation

Rejinold, Sanoj N.; Yoo, Jisang; Jon, Sangyongresearcher; Kim, Yeu-ChunresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.10, no.34, pp.28458 - 28470, 2018-08


GABA neuronal deletion of Shank3 exons 14–16 in mice suppresses striatal excitatory synaptic input and induces social and locomotor abnormalities

Yoo, T.; Cho, H.; Lee, J.; Park, H.; Yoo, Y.-E.; Yang, E.; Kim, J.Y.; Kim, H.; Kim, EunjoonresearcherFRONTIERS MEDIA SAFRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE, v.12, no.341, 2018-10


Structural basis of inactivation of Ras and Rap1 small GTPases by Ras/Rap1-specific endopeptidase from the sepsis-causing pathogen Vibrio vulnificus

Jang, Song Yee; Hwang, Jungwon; Kim, Byoung Sik; Lee, Eun-Young; Oh, Byung-Haresearcher; Kim, Myung HeeAMER SOC BIOCHEMISTRY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY INCJOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, v.293, no.47, pp.18110 - 18122, 2018-11


Systematic discovery of uncharacterized transcription factors in Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655

Gao, Y.; Yurkovich, J.T.; Seo, S.W.; Kabimoldayev, I.; Dräger, A.; Chen, K.; Sastry, A.V.; Fang, X.; Mih, N.; Yang, L.; Eichner, J.; Cho, Byung-Kwanresearcher; Kim, D.; Palsson, B.O.OXFORD UNIV PRESSNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.46, no.20, pp.10682 - 10696, 2018-11


Fear paradigms: The times they are a-changin’

Kim, Jeansok J.; Jung, Min WhanresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVCURRENT OPINION IN BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, v.24, pp.38 - 43, 2018-12


Nanoparticles targeting extra domain b of fibronectin− specific to the atherosclerotic lesion types III, IV, and v−enhance plaque detection and cargo delivery

Yu, M.; Ortega, C.A.; Si, K.; Molinaro, R.; Schoen, F.J.; Leitao, R.F.C.; Xu, X.; Mahmoudi, M.; Ahn, S.; Liu, J.; Saw, P.E.; Lee, I.-H.; Brayner, M.M.B.; Lotfi, A.; Shi, J.; Libby, P.; Jon, Sangyongresearcher; Farokhzad, O.C.IVYSPRING INT PUBLTHERANOSTICS, v.8, no.21, pp.6008 - 6024, 2018-12


Improving recombinant bone morphogenetic protein-4 (BMP-4) production by autoregulatory feedback loop removal using BMP receptor-knockout CHO cell lines

Kim, Che Lin; Lee, Gyun MinresearcherACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEMETABOLIC ENGINEERING, v.52, pp.57 - 67, 2019-03


Systematic dissection of the evolutionarily conserved WetA developmental regulator across a genus of filamentous fungi

Wu, Ming Yueh; Mead, Mattew E; Lee, Mi Kyung; Ostrem Loss, Erin M; Kim, Sun Changresearcher; Rokas, Antonis; Yu, Jae HyukAMER SOC MICROBIOLOGYMBIO, v.9, no.4, 2018-07


A DNA-sensing-independent role of a nuclear RNA helicase, DHX9, in stimulation of NF-kappa B-mediated innate immunity against DNA virus infection

Ng, Yee Ching; Chung, Woo-Chang; Kang, Hye-Ri; Cho, Hye-Jeong; Park, Eun Byeol; Kang, Suk-Joresearcher; Song, Moon JungOXFORD UNIV PRESSNUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.46, no.17, pp.9011 - 9026, 2018-09

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