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Lightweight Magnesium Bipolar Plates of Direct NaBH4/H2O2 Fuel Cell for AIP Application

Kim, Jihyun; Jang, Bosun; Lee, Taesong; Kwon, Sejinresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TURBO & JET-ENGINES, v.32, no.3, pp.291 - 298, 2015-09

Limit cycle oscillation of missile control fin with structural non-linearity

Bae, JS; Lee, Inresearcher, JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION, v.269, no.3-5, pp.669 - 687, 2004-01

Line-of-sight guidance laws for formation flight

Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher; Park, CS; Ryoo, CK, JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE CONTROL AND DYNAMICS, v.28, no.4, pp.708 - 716, 2005-07

Linear and non-linear stability analysis of incompressible boundary layer over a two-dimensional hump

Park, Dong-Hun; Park, Seung-Oresearcher, COMPUTERS & FLUIDS, v.73, pp.80 - 96, 2013-03

Linear and nonlinear aeroelastic analysis of fighter-type wing with control surface

Bae, JS; Yang, SM; Lee, Inresearcher, JOURNAL OF AIRCRAFT, v.39, no.4, pp.697 - 708, 2002

Linear time-varying model predictive control of magnetically actuated satellites in elliptic orbits

Kim, Jongbum; Jung, Youeyun; Bang, Hyochoongresearcher, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, v.151, pp.791 - 804, 2018-10

Linear-to-rotary motion converter using asymmetric compliant mechanics and single-crystal PMN-PT stack actuator

Na, Tae-Won; Kang, Daehyun; Jung, Jin Young; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT MATERIAL SYSTEMS AND STRUCTURES, v.25, no.18, pp.2221 - 2227, 2014-12

Liquid Nitrogen Storing and Pressurization Test of a Type III Cryogenic Propellant Tank

Kang, Sang-Guk; Kim, Myung-Gon; Park, Sang-Wuk; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Kong, Cheol-Won, KEY ENGINEERING MATERIALS ADVANCES IN COMPOSITE MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, v.334-335, pp.397 - 400, 2007

Load relief control of launch vehicle using aerodynamic angle estimation

Oh, Gyeongtaek; Park, Jongho; Park, Jeongha; Lee, Hongju; Kim, Youdan; Shin, Sang-Joon; Ahn, Jaemyungresearcher; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART G-JOURNAL OF AEROSPACE ENGINEERING, v.232, no.8, pp.1598 - 1605, 2018-06

Load-bearing supercapacitor based on bicontinuous PEO-b-P(S-co-DVB) structural electrolyte integrated with conductive nanowire-carbon fiber electrodes

Bae, Seok-Hu; Jeon, Choongseop; Oh, Saewoong; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Seo, Myungeunresearcher; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, CARBON, v.139, pp.10 - 20, 2018-11

Load-Bearing Supercapacitor Based on Bicontinuous PEO-b-P(S-co-DVB) Structural Electrolyte Integrated with Conductive Nanowire-Carbon Fiber Electroldes

Bae, Seok-Hu; Jeon, Chung Sub; Oh, Saewoong; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Seo, Myungeunresearcher; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, CARBON, v.139, pp.10 - 20, 2018-11

Localizations and force reconstruction of low-velocity impact in a composite panel using optical fiber sensors

Park, Chan Yik; Kim, Jong Heon; Jun, Seung-Moon; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, ADVANCED COMPOSITE MATERIALS, v.21, no.5-6, pp.357 - 369, 2012

Long distance laser ultrasonic propagation imaging system for damage visualization

Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher; Shin, He-Jin; Chia, Chen Ciang; Dhital, Dipesh; Yoon, Dong-Jin; Huh, Yong-Hak, OPTICS AND LASERS IN ENGINEERING, v.49, no.12, pp.1361 - 1371, 2011-12

Long-term ionospheric anomaly monitoring for ground based augmentation systems

Jung, Sungwook; Lee, Jiyunresearcher, RADIO SCIENCE, v.47, 2012-07

Longitudinal Flight Dynamics of Bioinspired Ornithopter Considering Fluid-Structure Interaction

Lee, Jun-Seong; Kim, Joong-Kwan; Kim, Dae-Kwan; Han, Jae-Hungresearcher, JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE CONTROL AND DYNAMICS, v.34, no.3, pp.667 - 677, 2011

Loosening monitoring of bolted joints using optical fiber bending sensor for aircraft lug assembly

Shin, HJ; Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher; Park, CY, Applied Mechanics and Materials, v.225, pp.540 - 545, 2012-11

Low earth orbit space environment simulation and its effects on graphite/epoxy composites

Han, JH; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, v.72, no.2, pp.218 - 226, 2006-02

Low velocity impact localization on composite wing structure using error outlier based algorithm and FBG sensors

Shrestha, Pratik; Park, Yurim; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher, COMPOSITES PART B-ENGINEERING, v.116, pp.298 - 312, 2017-05

Low-Elevation Ionosphere Spatial Anomalies Discovered from the 20 November 2003 Storm

Zhang, Godwin; Lee, Jiyun; Datta-Barua, Seebany; Pullen, Sam; Enge, Per, 2011-03-28

Low-frequency combustion instabilities of an airblast swirl injector in a liquid-fuel combustor

Ahn, Byeonguk; Lee, Jeongjae; Jung, Seungchai; Kim, Kyu Taeresearcher, COMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.196, pp.424 - 438, 2018-10



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