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A Study on the Microscopic Lane-Changing Behavior

Yeo, Hwasooresearcher; Tak, SehyunNational Taiwan UniversityThe 30th KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, 2017-11-03


Electrodialytic separation of volatile fatty acids from acid fermentation broth of food waste

Bak,Changhyeon; Kang, Seoktaeresearcher; Yang,Seongmin; Dwiyana YOGASARI; Yun, Yeo-Myeong; Kim,JeonghunKorean Society of Environmental Engineers2017 International Environmental Engineering Conference, 2017-11-16


Mitigation of Biofouling in Osmotically-driven Membrane Process by Quorum Quenching Techniques

Choi, Seung Ju; Kang, Seoktaeresearcher; Park, Dongkye; Jang, Duk Soo; Fagkaew, PattarasiriKorean Society of Environmental Engineers2017 International Environmental Engineering Conference, 2017-11-16


Novel NaTi2(PO4)3-MWCNTcompositehollowfiberelectrodesforasymmetriccapacitivedeionization

Park, Joosung; Kang, Seoktaeresearcher; Lee,Miyoung; Kim, Heeyoung; ZHANG, HUIYIKorean Society of Environmental Engineers2017 International Environmental Engineering Conference, 2017-11-17


Three-dimensional Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic Simulation for Regular Wave Generation

Lee, Sangmin; Ko, Kwonhwan; Hong, Jung-WukresearcherKSCE-JSCEKorea-Japan (KSCE-JSCE) Joint Workshop, 2017-12-13


A Robust Estimation of 2D Human Upper-body Poses using Fully Convolutional Network

LEE, SEUNG HEE; GOO, JUNGMO; Kim, Hyungjjin; Jung, Kwang Yik; Myung, HyunresearcherKorea Robotics Society (KROS)Int'l Conf. on Robot Interlligence Technology(RiTA), 2017-12-13


A Study of Hysteresis Phenomenon under Stop-and-go Traffic at Signalized Intersection on Arterial Street

Kim, Sung Hoon; Yeo, HwasooresearcherKKCNN Symposium on Civil EngineeringThe Twenty-fifths KKCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, 2012-10-23


Study on the Structure of Safety Performance Indicators for Airline Companies

Kim, Sung Hoon; Oh, Simon; Suh, Jonghae; Yeo, Hwasooresearcher; Yu, Kyungsoothe Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies10th Conference of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 2013-09-11


물류운송 분야 실시간 위험관리체계 개발 프레임워크에 대한 연구

김성훈; 여화수researcher; 김상암한국물류과학기술학회한국물류과학기술학회 2013년 추계학술대회, 2013-10-17


A Study on Dynamic Control of Operating Hours of HOV Lanes on Highways

Kim, Sung Hoon; Yeo, HwasooresearcherKKHTCNN Symposium on Civil EngineeringThe Twenty-Sixth KKHTCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering, 2013-11-19


실시간 철도통합위험관리 시스템 프레임워크에 대한 연구

송성준; 김성훈; 여화수researcher; 김상암대한교통학회대한교통학회 제70회 학술발표회, 2014-02-22


A Study on the Framework for Real-time Railway Safety Integrated Monitoring and Control System

이동훈; 여화수researcher; 탁세현; 김상암한국도시철도학회한국도시철도학회 2015년 춘계학술대회, 2015-04-23


실시간 철도 안전 통합 감시제어 시스템 프레임워크에 대한 연구

이동훈; 김성훈; 여화수researcher한국도시철도학회2015년 한국도시철도학회 춘계학술대회, 2015-04-24


A Study on the Rear-End Collision Warning System by Considering Different Perception-Reaction Time Using Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network

LEE, DONGHOUN; Yeo, HwasooresearcherIEEE2015 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2015-06-28


A Flow-based Vulnerability Measure for the Resilience of Urban Road Network

Kim, Sung Hoon; Yeo, HwasooresearcherThe International Institute for Infrastructure Resilience and Reconstruction11th International Conference of The International Institute for Infrastructure Resilience and Reconstruction (I3R2), 2015-08-28



Tak, Sehyun; Kim, Sung Hoon; Kim, Jeongyun; Yeo, HwasooresearcherTransportation Research BoardTransportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, 2016-01-12


A Study on Development of Real-time Railway Accident Prevention and Control System Based on Event Sequence Diagram

이동훈; 여화수researcher한국도시철도학회한국도시철도학회 2016년 춘계학술대회, 2016-04-14


A Simulation-based Analysis to the Impact of Train Drivers’ Behaviors on Railway Safety: The Cases of Signal Passed At Danger (SPAD) and Signal Failure Events

Tak, Sehyun; LEE, DONGHOUN; Yeo, HwasooresearcherAsian Conference on Railway Infrastructure and TransportationThe 1st Asian Conference on Railway Infrastructure and Transportation, 2016-10-20


A Comparison Analysis of Track-Based Train Operation System and Communication-Based Train Operation System for Train Safety

Tak, Sehyun; Yeo, Hwasooresearcher; LEE, DONGHOUN; CHOI, SEONGJINThe National Academies of SciencesTRB 96th Annual Meeting, 2017-01-10


Collision Avoidance System with Unidirectional Communication for Mitigating the Adverse Effects on Following Vehicles

Tak, Sehyun; Yeo, Hwasooresearcher; LEE, DONGHOUN; CHOI, SEONGJINWessex Institute17th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment, 2017-09-06

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