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Influence of dehydrating agents on the oxidative carbonylation of methanol for dimethyl carbonate synthesis over a Cu/Y-zeolite catalyst

Lee, Dong-Ho; You, Jiin; Woo, Je-Min; Seo, Jung Yoon; Park, Young Cheol; Lee, Jong-Seop; Kim, Hyunuk; Moon, Jong-Ho; Park, Seung BinresearcherCHEMICAL INDUSTRY PRESSCHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v.26, no.5, pp.1059 - 1063, 2018-05


Scalable Water-Based Production of Highly Conductive 2D Nanosheets with Ultrahigh Volumetric Capacitance and Rate Capability

Jeon, Hyeonyeol; Jeong, Jae-Min; Kang, Heon Gyu; Kim, Hyung-Jin; Park, Jeyoung; Kim, Do Hyunresearcher; Jung, Young Mee; Hwang, Sung Yeon; Han, Young-Kyu; Choi, Bong GillWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.8, no.18, 2018-06


Multicompartment Photonic Microcylinders toward Structural Color Inks

Lee, Gun Ho; Jeon, Tae Yoon; Kim, Jong Bin; Lee, Byungjin; Lee, Chang-Soo; Lee, Su Yeon; Kim, Shin-HyunresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCCHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.30, no.11, pp.3789 - 3797, 2018-06


Nonlinear chiral rheology of phospholipid monolayers

Kim, Kyu Han; Choi, Siyoung Q.researcher; Zasadzinski, Joseph A.; Squires, Todd M.ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYSOFT MATTER, v.14, no.13, pp.2476 - 2483, 2018-04


Pore-Size-Tuned Graphene Oxide Frameworks as Ion-Selective and Protective Layers on Hydrocarbon Membranes for Vanadium Redox-Flow Batteries

Kim, Soohyun; Choi, Junghoon; Choi, Chanyong; Heo, Jiyun; Kim, Dae Woo; Lee, Jang Yong; Hong, Young Taik; Jung, Hee-Taeresearcher; Kim, Hee-TakresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCNANO LETTERS, v.18, no.6, pp.3962 - 3968, 2018-06


Enhanced Stability of Coated Carbon Electrode for Li-O-2 Batteries and Its Limitations

Bae, Youngjoon; Ko, Dong-Hyun; Lee, Sunyoung; Lim, Hee-Dae; Kim, Yun-Jung; Shim, Hyun-Soo; Park, Hyeokjun; Ko, Youngmin; Park, Sung Kwan; Kwon, Hyuk Jae; Kim, Hyunjin; Kim, Hee-Takresearcher; Min, Yo-Sep; Im, Dongmin; Kang, KisukWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.8, no.16, 2018-06


Domain Structures of Poly(3-dodecylthiophene)-Based Block Copolymers Depend on Regioregularity

Kim, Jin-Seong; Han, Junghun; Kim, Youngkwon; Park, Hyeonjung; Coote, Jonathan P.; Stein, Gila E.; Kim, Bumjoon J.researcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCMACROMOLECULES, v.51, no.11, pp.4077 - 4084, 2018-06


Metabolomics for industrial fermentation

Choi, Kyeong Rok; Kim, Won Jun; Lee, Sang YupresearcherSPRINGERBIOPROCESS AND BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING, v.41, no.7, pp.1073 - 1077, 2018-07


Current state and applications of microbial genome-scale metabolic models

Kim, Won Jun; Kim, Hyun Ukresearcher; Lee, Sang YupresearcherElsevier LtdCurrent Opinion in Systems Biology, v.2, pp.10 - 18, 2017-04


Z-scheme Photocatalytic CO2 Conversion on Three-Dimensional BiVO4/Carbon-Coated Cu2O Nanowire Arrays under Visible Light

Kim, Chansol; Cho, Kyeong Min; Al-Saggaf, Ahmed; Gereige, Issam; Jung, Hee-TaeresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS CATALYSIS, v.8, no.5, pp.4170 - 4177, 2018-05


Tuning the Ionomer Distribution in the Fuel Cell Catalyst Layer with Scaling the Ionomer Aggregate Size in Dispersion

Doo, Gisu; Lee, Ji-Hye; Yuk, Seongmin; Choi, Sungyu; Lee, Dong-Hyun; Lee, Dong-Wook; Kim, Hyun Gyu; Kwon, Sung Hyun; Lee, Seung Geol; Kim, Hee-TakresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.10, no.21, pp.17835 - 17841, 2018-05


녹색 촉매반응을 위한 코발트 옥사이드/그래핀의 계층적 다공성 3D 젤

정재민; 장석현; 김윤수; 김현빈; 김도현researcher한국화학공학회KOREAN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH(HWAHAK KONGHAK), v.56, no.3, pp.404 - 409, 2018-06


Development of batch proportional-integral-derivative controller

Kwon, Won Hyun; Ryu, Kyung Hwan; Hwang, Jung-A; Kim, Kyeong Hoon; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher; Sung, Su WhanKOREAN INSTITUTE CHEMICAL ENGINEERSKOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v.35, no.6, pp.1240 - 1246, 2018-06


Development of bicistronic expression system for the enhanced and reliable production of recombinant proteins in Leuconostoc citreum

Jang, Seunghoon; Cha, Ji Won; Han, Nam Soo; Jeong, Ki JunresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.8, 2018-06


A hydrogel-coated membrane for highly efficient separation of microalgal bio-lipid

Shin, Jihye; Kim, Hogi; Moon, Heeyeon; Kwak, Moo Jin; Oh, Seula; Yoo, Youngmin; Lee, Eunjung; Chang, Yong Keunresearcher; Im, Sung GapresearcherKOREAN INSTITUTE CHEMICAL ENGINEERSKOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v.35, no.6, pp.1319 - 1327, 2018-06


Cancer-specific pro-oxidant therapy using low-toxic polypeptide micelles encapsulating piperlongumine

Hong, Eun Ji; Lee, Daeyong; Kang, Han Chang; Kim, Yeu-Chunresearcher; Shim, Min SukELSEVIER SCIENCE INCJOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY, v.63, pp.57 - 64, 2018-07


Facile and fast microwave-assisted fabrication of activated and porous carbon cloth composites with graphene and MnO2 for flexible asymmetric supercapacitors

Jeon, Hyeonyeol; Jeong, Jae-Min; Hong, Seok Bok; Yang, MinHo; Park, Jeyoung; Kim, Do Hyunresearcher; Hwang, Sung Yeon; Choi, Bong GillPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, v.280, pp.9 - 16, 2018-08


Examining the Rudimentary Steps of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Single-Atomic Pt using Ti-based Non-oxide Supports 

Tak, YoungJoo; Yang, Sungeun; Lee, Hyunjooresearcher; Lim, DongHee; Soon, AloysiusELSEVIER SCIENCE INCJOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY, v.58, pp.208 - 215, 2018-02


Photo-reconifugrable Azopolymer Etch Mask: Photofluidization-driven Reconfiguration and Edge Rectangualization

Choi, Jaeho; Kang, Hong-Suk; Jo, wonhee; Kim, Shin-Hyunresearcher; Jung, Yeon Sikresearcher; Kim, Hee-TakresearcherWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHSMALL, v.14, no.11, 2018-03


Enhanced Stability of Coated Carbon Electrode for Li-O2 Batteries and Its Limitations

Bae, Y; Ko, DH; Lee, S; Lim, HD; Kim, YJ; Shim, HS; Park, H; Ko, Y; Park, SK; Kwon, HJ; Kim, H; Kim, Hee-Takresearcher; Min, YS; Im, D; Kang, KWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.8, no.16, 2018-06

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