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High-performance graphene-based transistors with iCVD dielectrics and its application to flexible RF circuit

Oh, Joong Gun; Pak, Kwanyong; Kim, Choong Sun; Bong, Jae Hoon; Hwang, Wan Sik; Im, Sung Gapresearcher; Cho, Byung-JinresearcherApplied Physics Division, The Korean Physical SocietyThe 10th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices, 2017-12-06


기상 증착 기반 유연 전자 소자용 유-무기 절연막

김민주; 박관용; 이태인; 임성갑researcher; 조병진researcher서강대학교제25회 한국반도체학술대회, 2018-02-06


Enhanced production of recombinant protein with Leuconostoc citreum by engineering of Shine-Dalarno sequence

장승훈; 정기준researcher한국미생물학회2017년도 한국미생물학회 국제학술대회, 2017-04-27


N-cadherin adhesive interaction affects the mechanosensitive fate commitment of human neural stem cells in a three-dimensional environment

Baek, Jieung; Cho, Younghak; David Schaffer; Sanjay Kumar; Im, Sung Gapresearcher한국생화학분자생물학회2017 KSBMB International Conference, 2017-05-18


Solid-State Structure and Crystallization in Polydisperse Block Copolymers

Li, ShengresearcherPolymer Division of Korea Institute of Chemical Engineers13th China-Korea Bilateral Symposium on Polymer Materials, 2017-08-14


Computational Identification of Hetero-Interpenetrated Porous Materials

Kim, JihanresearcherAICHE2017 AICHE Annual Meeting, 2017-10-29


Polydisperse Block Copolymers as Novel Photonic Material

Li, ShengresearcherTsinghua University and KAIST2017 Tsinghua-KAIST Workshop on Smart and Green Chemical Engineering, 2017-11-17


Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction by Atomically Dispersed Pt: Selective Production of H2O2 instead of H2O

최민기researcher한국방사광이용자협회제29차 방사광이용자연구발표회 및 협회정기총회, 2017-11-24


Flexible functional memristive circuit for battery-powered flexible electronic system

Jang, Byung Chul; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher; Choi, Junhwan; Yang, Sang Yoon; Im, Sung GapresearcherICAMD 2017ICAMD 2017, 2017-12-07


Oxide-based memristive neural network for brain-inspired computing

Park, Ji-Hun; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher; Choi, Junhwan; Jang, Byung Chul; Yang, Sang Yoon; Im, Sung GapresearcherICAMD 2017ICAMD 2017, 2017-12-07


Colloidal Photonic Crystals with Controlled Shape and Optical Property

Kim, Shin-HyunresearcherThe Polymer Society, TaipeiInternational Conference on Advanced Polymer Science and Technology, 2018-01-13


Site-specific immobilization of proteins on non-conventional substrates via solvent-free initiated chemical vapour deposition (iCVD) process

Im, Sung GapresearcherElsevierBiosensors 2016, 2016-05


Vapor-phase deposition of functional polymeric thin films and their various device applications

Im, Sung GapresearcherKIChEChina-Korea Bilateral Symposium on Polymer Materials, 2016-07


A series of vapor-phase deposited polymer films and their applications

Im, Sung GapresearcherInternational Conference on Separation Science and Technology8th International Conference on Separation Science and Technology, 2016-07


Vapor-phase deposited hydrogel films for biomedical applications

Im, Sung GapresearcherUS-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and EntrepreneurshipChemical Engineering (CHE) Symposium for the 2016 US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship (UKC-2016), 2016-08


Mono-directional Oromucosal Delivery System via Janus Patch

Im, Sung GapresearcherUS-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and EntrepreneurshipConvergence Technology (CNV) Symposium for the 2016 US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship (UKC-2016), 2016-08


Paper-based Bioactive Scaffolds for Stem Cell-mediated Bone Tissue Engineering

Im, Sung GapresearcherTissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International SocietyTissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society- Asia Pacific Meeting (TERMIS-AP 2016), 2016-09


Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition, a Versatile Tool to Generate Functional Polymer Films

Im, Sung GapresearcherInternational Union of Pure and Applied ChemistryIUPAC-PSK40, 2016-10


Fabrication of Surface Energy-Modified Membrane via Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD) for Microalgal Lipids Separation from Wet Biomass

Shin, Jihye; Kwak, Moo Jin; Yoo, Youngmin; Lee, Han Sol; Kim, Jiyeon; Yang, Ji-Won; Han, Jong-Inresearcher; Kwon, Jong-Hee; Im, Sung GapresearcherKyushu Branch, The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan; Daejeon/Chungnam Branch, Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers; The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan29th International Symposium on Chemical Engineering, 2016-12-03


Synthetic biology platform for engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum

Jeong, Ki JunresearcherSociety of Biotechnology, Japan2nd Korea-Japan Smart Biodesign Workshop: Technology exchange for green biotechnology, 2017-02-05

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