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Eonmun-ilch’i or the Translation of Modernity: Yu Kil-Chun’s Textual Style-Shifting Strategy in His Evening School Primer(1908) in Fin-de-Siècle Korea

Kim, Dong Juresearcher, AAS Annual Conference, Association for Asian Studies, 2019-03-24


Reinforced Tights 착용여부가 여성의 sit to stand 운동시 호흡순환과 대사적 변인에 미치는 영향

이한길; 김석희researcher; 박형순, 2019 제55차 춘계학술대회 및 정기총회, 대한스포츠의학회, 2019-03-24


조선후기~한말 영산강 수운과 시장

고동환researcher, 영산강 국제학술심포지엄, pp.143 - 164, 영산강유역권 행정협의회, 2011-09-22


캐릭터와 플롯을 연계한 스토리DB 구축 시스템

이현진; 전봉관researcher, The 8th Digital Storytelling Conference 2012, pp.118 - 128, 디지털스토리텔링학회, 2012-11-26


Partisan Politics and Financial Market Development

Park, Hyeon Seokresearcher, MPSA Annual Conference, Midwest Political Science Association, 2013-04-12


조선후기 서울의 상업과 도시공간

Ko, Dong-Hwanresearcher, 동아시아 수도연구와 서울학 국제학술회의, pp.115 - 136, 서울시립대 서울학연구소, 2013-05-23


Examining the association of physical education classes on the stress perception of Korean adolescents.

Oh, Jung-woo; Kwon, Hyun-Jin; Kim, Yeon-soo; Im, Jae-hyeng, 60th ACSM Annual Meeting & 4th World Congress, American College of Sports Medicine, 2013-05-30


Some Questions on Gracia Program in Comparative Philosophy

Park, Woosukresearcher, International Workshop for Comparative Philosophy and History of Philosophy, City University of Hong Kong and Korea University, 2013-06-14


Prediction of maximal oxygen uptake using metabolical variables in sub-maximal exercise.

Im, Jae Hyengresearcher; Jeon, Yoo Joung; Lee, B.K; Kim, C.H; Kim, B.W, 18th Annual Congress of the ECSS, European College of Sport Science, 2013-06-29


Assessing cardiorespiratory fitness without performing exercise testing in Korean adult men.

Jeon, Yoo Joung; Im, Jae Hyengresearcher; Lee, B.K; Kim, C.H; Kim, B.W, 18th Annual Congress of the ECSS, European College of Sport Science, 2013-06-29


Digital Dramaturgie Based on Social Media : Focused on Scripted Web Series

Shin, Jeongbeom; Jun, Bong Gwanresearcher, visions of humanity in cyberculture, cyberspace, science fiction, Visions of Humanity in Cyberculture, 2013-07-19


Assessing the Possibility of a Social e-book by Analyzing Reader Experiences

Lee, Seyeon; Kim, Jeain; Shi, Chung-Konresearcher, HCI International 2013, pp.50 - 57, HCI International, 2013-07-24


Enhancing Social Presence in Augmented Reality-Based Telecommunication System

Kim, Jeain; Ha, Taejin; Woo, Woontackresearcher; Shi, Chung-Konresearcher, HCIl 2013, v.8021, pp.359 - 367, HCI, 2013-07-24


An Integrated Study of Factors affecting Decision making in Social Network : Focusing on Emotional Context and Personal Characteristics

Chung, Chongwook; Kim, Jeonghoon; Shi, Chung-Konresearcher, HCI International 2013, HCI, 2013-07-24


Computer-Based Character Creation in the Storytelling Field; Prototyping and Testing a ‘Random Character Creator’

Im, Ho Kyoung; Kim, Yi Kyung; Jun, Bong Gwanresearcher, HCI International 2013 , v.2, pp.546 - 550, HCI International, 2013-07-24


The Determinants of Individual Trade Policy Preferences: A Survey Evidence on Korea-US FTA

Park, Hyeon Seokresearcher; Min, Tae Eun, The World Congress for Korean Politics and Society 2013, 한국정치학회, 2013-08-23


Smart Icebreaker: Serious Game Design for Forming Relationships among College Students

Moon, Jiwon; Oh, Je-Ho; Oh, Se Beom; Kim, Jea In; Doh, Young Yim; Shi, Chung-Konresearcher, The International Conference on Culture and Computing 2013, pp.299 - 302, The International Conference on Culture and Computing, 2013-09-17


이야기 공학, '소설' 이후의 서사학을 위한 시론

전봉관researcher, 통합과 소통의 국어정책 개발을 위한 전국학술대회 , pp.157 - 172, 한국어문학술단체연합회, 2013-10-11


Interactive Artwork in Enhanced Narrative Form: “Magic Monkey Flies”

Oh, Je-ho; Kim, So-young; Kim, Seung-hun; Shi, Chung-Konresearcher, RE-NEW DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL 2013, RE-NEW DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL, 2013-11-01


From Visual Abduction to Abductive Vision

Park, Woosukresearcher, International Workshop on, 카이스트, 2013-11-01

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