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Neural Network Forecasting Using Data Mining Classifiers Based on Structural Change: Application to Stock Price Index

Oh, Kyong Joo; Han, IngooThe Korean Statistical SocietyThe Korean Communications in Statistics, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2001, pp. 543-556(14), 2001 View PDF (718kb)


Derivative Prices with Uncertain Expected returns

Hyun, JungsoonKorean Securities Association2nd Proceeding of Korean Securities Association, 2007, pp.1~12(12), 2007 View PDF (152kb)


A Hybrid System of Joint Time-Frequency Filtering Methods and Neural Network Techniques for Foreign Exchange Rate Forecasting

Shin, Taeksoo; Han, IngooKorea Intelligent Information Systems SocietyJournal of Intelligent Information Systems, Vol. 5, No. 1, 1999.6, pp. 103-123(21), 1999 View PDF (473kb)


A New Dynamic Auction Mechanism in the Supply Chain: N-Bilateral Optimized Combinatorial Auction(N-BOCA)

Choi, Jin Ho; Chang, Yong Sik; Han, IngooKorea Intelligent Information Systems SocietyJournal of Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2006. 3, pp. 139-161(23), 2006-03 View PDF (3371kb)


Handling Incomplete Data Problem in Collaborative Filtering System

Noh, Hyun-ju; Kwak, Min-jung; Han, In gooKorea Intelligent Information Systems SocietyJournal of intelligent information systems, v.9 no.2, pp.51-63, 2003 View PDF (796kb)


Determination of Control Efficiency in EDI : DEA Approach

Lee, Sangjae; Han, IngooThe Korean Operations Research and Management Science SocietyJournal of The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2000. 3, pp. 1~13(13), 2000-03 View PDF (721kb)


Optimizing Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems

Min, Sung-Hwan; Han, In gooSpringer Verlag (Germany)Advances in Web Intelligence, AWIC'2005 3-rd Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference , Lodz, Poland, 6-9 June 2005, pp. 313-319(7), 2005


Hybrid genetic algorithms and case-based reasoning systems

Kim, Kyoung-jae; Ahn, Hyunchul; Han, In gooSpringer Verlag (Germany)Computational and Information Science, First International Symposium, CIS 2004, Shanghai, China, December 16-18, 2004. Proceedings, pp.922-927, 2005


Dynamic fuzzy clustering for recommender systems

Min, Sung-Hwan; Han, In gooSpringer Verlag (Germany)PAKDD 2005 9th Pacific-Asia Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam, 18-20 May 2005, pp. 480-485(6), 2005


Recommender Systems Using Support Vector Machines

Min, Sung-Hwan; Han, In gooSpringer Verlag (Germany)Web Engineering, 5th International Conference(ICWE 2005), Sydney, Australia, 27-29 July 2005, pp. 387-393(7), 2005


International R&D spillovers in OECD countries: A stochastic frontier approach

Kim, Jung-Woo; Lee, Young-Hoon; Lee, Hoe KyungresearcherINFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences)Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS 2000), pp.569 - 577, 2000-06 View PDF (74kb)


A parallel Monte Carlo simulation on cluster systems for financial derivatives pricing

Kim, J.S.; Byun, Suk JoonresearcherIEEE2005 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, IEEE CEC 2005, v.2, pp.1040 - 1044, 2005-09-02 View PDF (2684kb)


Valuing Derivatives on the Stock Index Volatility in a General Equilibrium Framework

Kim, Byung Soo; Kim, In Joon; 김동석researcherKorean Association of Futures and OptionsKorean Association of Futures and Options, pp.134 - 169, 1998-04 View PDF (995kb)


New Bounds on American Option Prices

Kim, In Joon; Chang, Geun Hyuk; Byun, Suk JoonresearcherKorean Academic SocietyKorean Academic Society of Business Administration, pp.1 - 32, 2007-05 View PDF (255kb)


A hybrid system using multiple cyclic decomposition methods and neural network techniques for point forecast decision making

Shin, Taeksoo; Han, IngooresearcherIEEEHawaii International Conference on System Sciences, pp.1 - 10, 2000-01 View PDF (406kb)


The causal relationships among EDI controls: a structural equation model

Lee, S[Lee, Sangjae]; Han, I[Han, Ingoo]researcherIEEE32th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences(HICSS), pp.1 - 15, 1999 View PDF (179kb)


Analytic Approximations for Valuing Ratchet Caps in the LIBOR Market Model

변석준researcherKorean Securities AssociationFourth Proceedings of Korean Securities Association, 2003 View PDF (656kb)


Combining Pairwise SVM Classifiers for Bond Rating

Ahn, Hyunchul; Kim, Kyoung-jae; Han, IngooresearcherThe Korea Society of Management Information SystemsKMIS international Conference, pp.586 - 590, 2005 View PDF (474kb)


An Application of DEA to Efficiency Analysis of Controls in B2B Systems

Lee, Sangjae; Han, IngooresearcherInternational Center for Electronic CommerceInternational Conference on Electronic Commerce 2000, pp.306 - 311, 2000 View PDF (569kb)


The Relationship between Security Controls and System Performance in B2B Systems

Lee, Sangjae; Han, IngooresearcherInternational Center for Electronic CommerceInternational Conference on Electronic Commerce 2000, pp.68 - 75, 2000 View PDF (959kb)

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