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Neural Network Forecasting Using Data Mining Classifiers Based on Structural Change: Application to Stock Price Index

Oh, Kyong Joo; Han, IngooThe Korean Statistical SocietyThe Korean Communications in Statistics, Vol. 8, No. 2, 2001, pp. 543-556(14), 2001 View PDF (718kb)


Derivative Prices with Uncertain Expected returns

Hyun, JungsoonKorean Securities Association2nd Proceeding of Korean Securities Association, 2007, pp.1~12(12), 2007 View PDF (152kb)


A Hybrid System of Joint Time-Frequency Filtering Methods and Neural Network Techniques for Foreign Exchange Rate Forecasting

Shin, Taeksoo; Han, IngooKorea Intelligent Information Systems SocietyJournal of Intelligent Information Systems, Vol. 5, No. 1, 1999.6, pp. 103-123(21), 1999 View PDF (473kb)


A New Dynamic Auction Mechanism in the Supply Chain: N-Bilateral Optimized Combinatorial Auction(N-BOCA)

Choi, Jin Ho; Chang, Yong Sik; Han, IngooKorea Intelligent Information Systems SocietyJournal of Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2006. 3, pp. 139-161(23), 2006-03 View PDF (3371kb)


Handling Incomplete Data Problem in Collaborative Filtering System

Noh, Hyun-ju; Kwak, Min-jung; Han, In gooKorea Intelligent Information Systems SocietyJournal of intelligent information systems, v.9 no.2, pp.51-63, 2003 View PDF (796kb)


Determination of Control Efficiency in EDI : DEA Approach

Lee, Sangjae; Han, IngooThe Korean Operations Research and Management Science SocietyJournal of The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2000. 3, pp. 1~13(13), 2000-03 View PDF (721kb)


Optimizing Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems

Min, Sung-Hwan; Han, In gooSpringer Verlag (Germany)Advances in Web Intelligence, AWIC'2005 3-rd Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference , Lodz, Poland, 6-9 June 2005, pp. 313-319(7), 2005


Hybrid genetic algorithms and case-based reasoning systems

Kim, Kyoung-jae; Ahn, Hyunchul; Han, In gooSpringer Verlag (Germany)Computational and Information Science, First International Symposium, CIS 2004, Shanghai, China, December 16-18, 2004. Proceedings, pp.922-927, 2005


Dynamic fuzzy clustering for recommender systems

Min, Sung-Hwan; Han, In gooSpringer Verlag (Germany)PAKDD 2005 9th Pacific-Asia Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam, 18-20 May 2005, pp. 480-485(6), 2005


Recommender Systems Using Support Vector Machines

Min, Sung-Hwan; Han, In gooSpringer Verlag (Germany)Web Engineering, 5th International Conference(ICWE 2005), Sydney, Australia, 27-29 July 2005, pp. 387-393(7), 2005


Private investments on the environment in Korea

Jeon, Dae Uk; Lee, Byoung Nam; Kim, Ji SooresearcherAsian Institute of TechnologyInternaltional Conference Urban Engineering in Asian Cities in the 21st Century, pp.156 - 161, 1996


자기조직화지도(SOM)를 이용한 비외감기업의 부실화 유형 분석

이수현; 이형용; 한인구researcher한국경영정보학회한국경영정보학회 학술대회, 2006


Support Vector Machine을 이용한 고객구매예측모형

안현철; 김경재; 한인구researcher한국지능정보시스템학회한국지능정보시스템학회 2004년 춘계학술대회, 2004-06 View PDF (3502kb)


데이터마이닝을 이용한 주식시장에서의 기술적 지표들의 자동생성

신택수; 한인구researcher한국경영과학회한국경영과학회 학술대회, 1999-01 View PDF (51kb)



한인구researcher한국회계정보학회한국회계학회 학술연구발표회, 1999-01


The impact of the organizational contexts on EDI implementation in korea

Lee, Sangjae; Han, IngooresearcherMIS/OA2000 MIS/OA International Conference, pp.379 - 382, 2000-06


2000년 문제에 대한 위험관리 방법론의 개발

서보밀; 한인구researcher1998년 추계학술대회, 1998


다수의 인공신경망 모형을 통합한 기업부도 예측모형에 관한 연구

신경식; 한인구researcher한국경영과학회한국경영과학회 '98 추계학술대회, 1998-01 View PDF (268kb)


통신서비스 시장에서 데이터마이닝을 이용한 이탈고객 분석

김영만; 한인구researcher한국통신학회제1회 한국통신학회 통신마케팅 학술대회, 2011-08-04


유전자 탐색기법을 활용한 기업신용평점시스템의 지식 정제방법

신택수; 한인구researcher한국경영정보학회한국경영정보학회 추계학술대회, 1999

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