Improved Structure-Acoustic Interaction Models, Part 1: Model Development

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An improved pressure-field governing equation has been developed for the modelling of external acoustic field interacting with flexible structures. The proposed interaction model is aimed to accurately capture both low and medium frequency interactions and to offers a frequency tailoring capability for a wider range of applications. The theoretical basis of the present model is the use of a combination of the retarded Kirchhoff potential and advanced potential to arrive at a stable second-order parametrerized approximate model. The present model is compared to the classical models of the first-order and second-order Doubly Asymptotic Approximations (DAA1 and DAA2) is shown to possess certain accuracy advantages. Numerical evaluations of the proposed interaction model are carried out in a companion paper, Improved Structure- Acoustic Interaction Models, Part II: Model Evaluaion.
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14th international Congress on Sound and Vibration

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