A Conceptual Framework of Technological Innovation Management

J. T. Chiang argues that studies in technological innovation management are not mature enough in terms of (1) the conceptual categories, (2) the interrelationships and (3) the taxonomy of relevant systems. We claim that we can solve these problems by adopting one of the general frameworks already discussed by the students of general organizational changes. Specifically, using the model of D. Hellriegel, J. W. Slocum, Jr. and R. W. Woodman, (1) we have five well-defined categories of concept related to technological innovation management; (2) the interrelationships among the categories should not be different from general organizational changes; and (3) the taxonomy of the relevant systems can be defined as discussed in this paper. The five categories are defined, and the major discussions related to each category are pointed out to show their relevance to the contents of each category. The application outcome seems to be satisfactory in the sense that the result provides a balanced and integrative framework of technological innovation management. The framework systematically includes all the related topics known in the literature. This framework can be used not only as a general reference for management scholars and practitioners, but also as a solid basis for developing the course syllabus in technological innovation management.
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TECHNOVATION, v.14, no.1, pp.7 - 16

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