A novel integrated differentiated service strategy and MAC protocol in optical ring networks = 원형 네트워크에서의 통합 차등서비스 전략과 MAC 프로토콜

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Next generation metropolitan area network (MAN) systems will allow many different services with various traffic properties. For those systems, existing traffic transmission schemes applied to voice service or low data service systems may not be appropriate to supply both efficient bandwidth utilization and low traffic loss. Dynamic traffic transmission schemes using an integrated differentiated service strategy and media access control (MAC) protocol are required to support many new services. This thesis studies the dynamic traffic transmission strategy to support many different services and the MAC protocol without traffic loss. First, we consider problems of existing metropolitan network solutions to support those services. We also present a dynamic traffic transmission strategy to supply these services through an integrated metropolitan area network. The proposed strategy guarantees individual quality of service (QoS) requirements by selecting three classes according to service traffics characteristics. Secondly, an integrated node architecture is proposed to process the proposed strategy and media access control protocol. It consists of four main elements: a couple of transceivers to transport service traffics, a strategy controller to guarantee the QoS requirements, a table to prevent traffic collision, and a MAC scheduler to mange transmission process. Thirdly, we develop a new MAC protocol to supply the guaranteed service. This scheme is compared with LightRing scheme which is one existing solution for metropolitan area networks. This is because that LightRing solution was designed primarily for SAN services and has longer end-to-end delay and higher loss rate of lightpath requests. Specifically, the longer delay is caused by the waiting delay for a newly arrived token, the longer lightpath-setup delay and the tuning delay for tunable transceivers. In this paper, reduction in end-to-end delays and the decreased loss rate of lightpath requests ar...
Kang, Min-Horesearcher강민호researcher
한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부,
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392659/225023 / 020044606

학위논문(석사) - 한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부, 2006, [ viii, 49 p. ]


MAC protocol; Integrated differentiated service; Triple-play service; MAC 프로토콜; 통합 차등서비스; TPS

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