A distributed framework for context-aware services in sensor networks = 센서 네트워크에서 컨택스트 어웨어 서비스를 위한 분산 프레임웍

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Recently advantages in technologies lead to wireless sensor network that is a one of the important infrastructure for context aware service. However providing context aware service in sensor network is difficult works due to heterogeneous resource limited sensor or actuator node, and an unstable row-bandwidth wireless communication. In this thesis, we propose distributed context aware service framework for wireless sensor network. Our proposing framework supports to distributed context aware service in sensor network, and covered heterogeneous sensor or actuator nodes, and automated context aware service execution in sensor network. In addition, our proposing consolidated framework includes a convenient interface which has the ability to adapt to select service providing devices (sensor or actuator nodes) and to system behaviors (control sensor or actuators) for whenever and wherever necessary services are provided to end-user easily. And our framework also supports not goes via base station but directly controlling distributed, heterogeneous sensor or actuator nodes by creating executable primitives scripts for sensor network. End-user``s service requesting are automatically converted into scripts which are interpreted in sensor or actuator nodes for node level services execution that are adaptively changed their sensing or controlling actions onto situation context. Our framework supports to sensor network do not need to higher level infrastructure such as, data processing infrastructure for context awareness or service invoking infrastructure, for providing context aware services to end-user. Sensor nodes itself can be aware context in the distributed cooperated operation and actuator nodes provide services invoking directly to user not through base station or higher level infrastructure. And, our framework supports to numerous numbers of sensor or actuator node``s connection, sensor network, to be likely as the one device that provides various user ...
Kim, Dae-Youngresearcher김대영researcher
한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부,
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392612/225023 / 020034597

학위논문(석사) - 한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부, 2006, [ vi, 45 p. ]


Contextaware; Sensor Networks; Distribute; 분산; 컨택스트 인지; 센서 네트워크

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