Reservation-based power-efficient MAC protocol for quality of service in wireless sensor networks

In Wireless Sensor Networks, MAC protocols are usually energy-efficient. There is much research in energy-efficient schedule-based sensor MAC protocols. However, sensor networks which transmit important and urgent data have to consider quality of service such as reliable transmission and stable end-to-end latency. As such, reservation-based MAC protocol is proposed in this paper. It is assumed that routing protocol is already established such as AODV or DSDV routing protocols. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are applied various applications. Wireless sensor node is very resource constrained such as limited computational capability, small memory, and limited batter power. Sensor node is mostly installed in location is difficult to access, so that it is not easy to change or recharge battery. Then, there is much research to reduce energy consumption. Since sensor node in WSNs does not always transmit and receive data, most research gets energy efficiency by means of turning its transceiver off except when transmit data. Sensor MAC [1] as known as S-MAC is representative of Wake up/Sleep schedule-based MAC protocols. In a multi-hop network, this protocol has to wait until next wake-up time in the case sensor node cannot transmit its data in one wake-up period, so that it can increase latency to reach its destination node. In order to reduce latency, several MAC protocols [2]-[3] are proposed. However, to reduce transmit latency is still difficult comparing to always wake-up MAC protocols. Also, sensor nodes in WSNs gather and transmit general periodic data such as temperature, humidity, and the velocity of wind, on the other hand, it sends urgent event like fire detection or invasions. In this case, priority can be applied to the urgent event. In this paper, Reservation-based power-efficient MAC protocol for Quality of Service in WSNs is proposed. The duration is divided into two parts as reservation period and data transmission period, this is repeated th...
Kim, Dae-Youngresearcher김대영researcher
Issue Date
393117/225023 / 020054647

학위논문(석사) - 한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부, 2009.2, [ 56 p. ]


센서네트워크; 예약 기반; 에너지 효율; MAC protocol; QoS; Power-efficient; Reservation-based; Sensor Networks

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