Performance enhancement of mobility management in future optical and mobile convergence network

The growing customer demand for bandwidth-intensive services is accelerating the need to design an efficient ``last mile`` access network in a cost-effective manner. Traditional ``Quadruple-play`` applications which refer to a bundle of services with voice, video, Internet, and wireless and premium rich-media applications such as multimedia, interactive gaming, and metaverse need to be delivered over the access network to the end users in a satisfactory and economical way. Thus, besides its enormous transport bandwidth requirement, today``s access infrastructure should bring operational efficiencies, such as mobility and untethered convenience to end users. Therefore, this dissertation proposes and investigates a novel convergence network paradigm, optical and wireless broadband access network, a combination technology of high-capacity optical access and untethered wireless access networks. This dissertation begins with the motivation and a compilation of research contributions. Then, it introduces both traditional optical broadband access networks and a novel Passive Optical Network (PON) design model, and provides a comprehensive outline of mobility protocols in research aspects, coupled with various design models, and the pros and cons of efficiency to manage the network. A convergence of PON and wireless could be an attractive solution for broadband network access, and enables the two technologies to complement each other. It also speaks for why the combination of optical and wireless technologies could provide an improved solutions for future network design. Since both optical and wireless networks - two very diverse technologies - exist in a converged manner, a trade-off is needed while designing the network. This means that neither the optical nor the wireless part should be over- or under-provisioned to develop an efficient solution. Therefore, this dissertation presents two design aspects of optical and mobile converged network in detail. Regardi...
Kang, Min-Horesearcher강민호researcher
Issue Date
393098/225023 / 020064646

학위논문(석사) - 한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부, 2009.2, [ xi, 79 p. ]


모바일 프로토콜; 수동형 광 가입자 망; 융합 네트워크; 유ㆍ무선 통합; LAN-PON; Convergence Network; PON; Optical; Mobile Protocol

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