Detection and protection of DoS/DDoS attacks in WiBro system

WiBro is in the limelight as a new world standard. WiBro can not be also free from DoS/DDoS Attacks as other systems. Even though there have been many researches for DoS/DDoS attacks in other wireless systems, WiBro system is different from them so much. Therefore, it is necessary to make investigation into vulnerabilities in WiBro system which could be used by DoS/DDoS attacks. At first, this thesis goes through the ten available DoS/DDoS attacks in WiBro system. In next, the method to detect initial ranging attack in WiBro system is considered in detail by researching the possibility, method, and expected effect of the attack because it is the most available attack. the thesis also provides a solution to protect users from the attack. In general, the manufacturer can increase the number of ranging codes to decrease the number of ranging code collision because many nodes can use the same ranging code simultaneously. However, as the number of ranging codes increases, the manufacturing cost also increases. As a result, most of manufacturers use minimum number of ranging codes. However, if somebody conducts initial rainging attack, the service providers can not provide services users safely. Providing service safely is usually much more important than manufacturing cost. By simulation, the fact that the proposed method guarantees safe service is proved. Therefore, manufacturers are better to use the method to detect and protect DoS/DDoS Attacks in WiBro System from this thesis.
Choi, Wanresearcher최완researcher
Issue Date
393088/225023 / 020064566

학위논문(석사) - 한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부, 2009.2, [ x, 53 p. ]


초기 레인징; 와이브로; 분산 서비시 거부 공격; 서비스 거부; WiBro; DDoS Attack; DoS Attack; Initial Ranging

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