Strategies for implementing electronic document management system in Kyrgyz Republic = 키르기스스탄에 있는 전자문서관리시스템 구현을위한전략

In today`s world, the amount of paper a business or government manages can be endless. With each piece of paper, someone needs to file it, space must be used to store it, and on multiple occasions, someone needs to retrieve it. When you are talking about thousands and even millions of pages of paper, this can be a very time-consuming task, and therefore a very costly task. The costs mount up quickly, in the areas of wages for employees who are responsible for filing and retrieving documents, and the areas of storage space required to house the massive amounts of paper files. It is also an on-going, never-ending task, requiring the time of countless employees. This is time that could be better used performing the tasks that they have their personal expertise in. The opportunity costs for using a paper filing system include wasted time, delayed customer response time, and wasted floor and storage space. In other words, the efficiency of a business is very much hampered by continuing to utilize a paper filing system. Kyrgyzstan is a developing country located deep in the Central Asia one of the formal USSR republics with very small and widely scattered population 110nd place by population size. Government has strong willingness to develop the ICT sector and develop e-government to enhance the range and quality of public services to citizens and businesses while making government more efficient, accountable, and transparent. EDMS system is one of the potential e-government projects, but Integration of single workflow of EDMS will be a long process. The purpose of this paper is to analyze strategies of implementation of EDMS, and understand what is important and what comes first in implementation process of this technology. Through the case studies we have to define benefits and take a look at their experience. It will help us to understand the importance of this system. In this study we will compare two countries and analyze them, we will see what other countrie...
Rho, Jae-Jeungresearcher노재정researcher
Issue Date
467536/325007  / 020094105

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 글로벌IT기술대학원프로그램, 2011.2, [ 33 p. ]


e-government; e-document; 전자 문서; 전자 정부

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