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Insights into Cell-Free Conversion of CO2 to Chemicals by a Multienzyme Cascade Reaction

Singh, Raushan Kumar; Singh, Ranjitha; Sivakumar, Dakshinamurthy; Kondaveeti, Sanath; Kim, Taedoo; Li, Jinglin; Sung, Bong Hyun; et al, ACS CATALYSIS, v.8, no.12, pp.11085 - 11093, 2018-12


Fear paradigms: The times they are a-changin’

Kim, Jeansok J.; Jung, Min Whanresearcher, CURRENT OPINION IN BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, v.24, pp.38 - 43, 2018-12


Programed Assembly of Nucleoprotein Nanoparticles Using DNA and Zinc Fingers for Targeted Protein Delivery

Ryu, Yiseul; Kang, Jung Ae; Kim, Dasom; Kim, Song-Rae; Kim, Seungmin; Park, Seong Ji; Kwon, Seung-Hae; et al, SMALL, v.14, no.52, 2018-12


Prefoldin 6 mediates longevity response from heat shock factor 1 to FOXO in C-elegans

Son, Heehwa G.; Seo, Keunhee; Seo, Mihwa; Park, Sangsoon; Ham, Seokjin; An, Seon Woo A.; Choi, Eun-Seok; et al, GENES & DEVELOPMENT, v.32, no.23-24, pp.1562 - 1575, 2018-12


NMDA Receptor Dysfunction and Sexual Dimorphism in Mouse Models of Autism

Kim, Eunjoonresearcher, KIST Autism Symposium, KIST, 2018-11-30


NMDA receptor dysfunction and sexual dimorphism in mouse models of autism

Kim, Eunjoonresearcher, The 16th Frontier Scientists Workshop, Korean Academy of Science and Technology, 2018-11-22


NMDA receptor dysfunction and sexual dimorphism in mouse models of autism

Kim, Eunjoonresearcher, Asia-Korea Conference on Science and Technology(AKC) 2018, ASIA-KOREA CONFERENCE, 2018-11-22


The hepatopathy of Ginsenoside F2 is prevented or therapeutical uses

정원일researcher; 정주연; 김선창researcher; 임완택, 2018-11-13


NMDA receptor dysfunction in mouse models of autism

Kim, Eunjoonresearcher, 대한소아청소년정신의학회 2018년 추계학술대회, 대한소아청소년의학회, 2018-11-02


TAQ DNA 중합효소에 특이적으로 결합하는 폴리펩타이드 및 그 용도

김학성researcher; 황다은, 2018-11-02


Genome-scale analysis of syngas fermenting acetogenic bacteria reveals the translational regulation for its autotrophic growth

Song, Yoseb; Shin, Jongoh; Jin, Sangrak; Lee, Jung-Kul; Kim, Dong Rip; Kim, Sun Changresearcher; Cho, Suhyung; et al, BMC GENOMICS, v.19, 2018-11


Enhancement of dendritic persistent Na+ currents by mGluR5 leads to an advancement of spike timing with an increase in temporal precision

Yu, Weonjin; Sohn, Jong-Wooresearcher; Kwon, Jaehan; Lee, Suk-Ho; Kim, Sooyun; Ho, Won-Kyung, MOLECULAR BRAIN, v.11, no.1, pp.67, 2018-11


Root-expressed phytochromes B1 and B2, but not PhyA and Cry2, regulate shoot growth in nature

Oh, Youngjoo; Fragoso, Variluska; Guzzonato, Francesco; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Park, Chung-Mo; Baldwin, Ian T., PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT, v.41, no.11, pp.2577 - 2588, 2018-11


BRAF somatic mutation contributes to intrinsic epileptogenicity in pediatric brain tumors

Koh, Hyun Yong; Kim, Se Hoon; Jang, Jaeson; Kim, Hyungguk; Han, Sungwook; Lim, Jae Seok; Son, Geurim; et al, NATURE MEDICINE, v.24, no.11, pp.1662 - 1668, 2018-11


Dynamic Transcriptome, DNA Methylome, and DNA Hydroxymethylome Networks During T-Cell Lineage Commitment

Yoon, Byoung Ha; Kim, Mirang; Kim, Min-hyeok; Kim, Hee-Jin; Kim, Jeong Hwan; Kim, Jong Hwan; Kim, Jina; et al, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.41, no.11, pp.953 - 963, 2018-11


Ginsenoside F1 Promotes Cytotoxic Activity of NK Cells via Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1-Dependent Mechanism

Kwon, Hyung-Joon; Lee, Heejae; Choi, Go-Eun; Kwon, Soon Jae; Song, Ah Young; Kim, So Jeong; Choi, Woo Seon; et al, FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY, v.9, 2018-11


Systematic discovery of uncharacterized transcription factors in Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655

Gao, Y.; Yurkovich, J.T.; Seo, S.W.; Kabimoldayev, I.; Dräger, A.; Chen, K.; Sastry, A.V.; et al, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.46, no.20, pp.10682 - 10696, 2018-11


Structural basis of inactivation of Ras and Rap1 small GTPases by Ras/Rap1-specific endopeptidase from the sepsis-causing pathogen Vibrio vulnificus

Jang, Song Yee; Hwang, Jungwon; Kim, Byoung Sik; Lee, Eun-Young; Oh, Byung-Haresearcher; Kim, Myung Hee, JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, v.293, no.47, pp.18110 - 18122, 2018-11


Crosstalk among Set1 complex subunits involved in H2B ubiquitylation-dependent H3K4 methylation

Jeon, Jongcheol; McGinty, Robert K; Muir, Tom W; Kim, Jung-Ae; Kim, Jaehoonresearcher, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.46, no.21, pp.11129 - 11143, 2018-11


Nanoparticles targeting extra domain b of fibronectin− specific to the atherosclerotic lesion types III, IV, and v−enhance plaque detection and cargo delivery

Yu, M.; Ortega, C.A.; Si, K.; Molinaro, R.; Schoen, F.J.; Leitao, R.F.C.; Xu, X.; et al, THERANOSTICS, v.8, no.21, pp.6008 - 6024, 2018-11



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