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Improved search for solar chameleons with a GridPix detector at CAST

Anastassopoulos, V; Aune, S.; Barth, K.; Belov, A.; Braueninger, H.; Cantatore, G.; Carmona, J. M.; et al, JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, v.2019, no.1, 2019-01

Self-Encapsulation of Silicene in Cubic Diamond Si: Topological Semimetal in Covalent Bonding Networks

Kim, Geun-Myeong; Sung, Ha-Jun; Han, Woo Hyun; Lee, In-Ho; Chang, Kee Jooresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, v.123, no.3, pp.1839 - 1845, 2019-01

Minimizing cross sectional pulse width difference between central and edge parts of SBS compressed beam

Wang, Hongli; Cha, Seongwoo; Kong, Hong Jinresearcher; Wang, Yulei; Lu, Zhiwei, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.27, no.2, pp.1646 - 1659, 2019-01

Spin-lattice coupling in U(1) quantum spin liquids

Lee, Sangjin; Moon, Eun-Gookresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.99, no.01, pp.014412, 2019-01

Kramers–Kronig holographic imaging for high-space-bandwidth product

Baek, YoonSeok; Lee, KyeoReh; Shin, Seungwoo; Park, Yong Keunresearcher, OPTICA, v.6, no.1, 2019-01

Graphene and SESAM mode-locked Yb:CNGS lasers with self-frequency doubling properties

Kowalczyk, Maciej; Zhang, Xuzhao; Mateos, Xavier; Gao, Shiyi; Wang, Zhengping; Xu, Xinguang; Loiko, Pavel; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.27, no.2, pp.590 - 596, 2019-01

Direct Transfer of Light's Orbital Angular Momentum onto a Nonresonantly Excited Polariton Superfluid

Kwon, Min-Sik; Oh, Byoung Yong; Gong, Su-Hyun; Kim, Je-Hyung; Kang, Hang Kyu; Kang, Sooseok; Song, Jin Dong; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.122, no.4, pp.045302, 2019-01

Kramers-Kronig holographic imaging for high-space-bandwidth product

Baek, Yoonseok; Lee, Kyeo Reh; Shin, Seungwoo; Park, YongKeunresearcher, OPTICA, v.6, no.1, pp.45 - 51, 2019-01

Reconstructed Three-Dimensional Images and Parameters of Individual Erythrocytes Using Optical Diffraction Tomography Microscopy

Koo, Se-eun; Jang, Seongsoo; Park, Yong Keunresearcher; Park, Chan Jeoung, ANNALS OF LABORATORY MEDICINE, v.39, no.2, pp.223 - 226, 2019-01

Quantitative Phase Imaging and Artificial Intelligence: A Review

Jo, YoungJu; Cho, Hyungjoo; Lee, Sang Yun; Choi, Gunho; Kim, Geon; Min, Hyun-seok; Park, YongKeunresearcher, IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, v.25, no.1, pp.6800914, 2019-01

Learning-based screening of hematologic disorders using quantitative phase imaging of individual red blood cells

Kim, Geon; Jo, YoungJu; Cho, Hyungjoo; Min, Hyun-seok; Park, YongKeunresearcher, BIOSENSORS AND BIOELECTRONICS, v.123, pp.69 - 76, 2019-01

Polarization-selective control of nonlinear optomechanical interactions in subwavelength elliptical waveguides

Han, Dae Seok; Lee, Il-Min; Park, Kyung Hyun; Kang, Myeong Sooresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.27, no.2, pp.1718 - 1726, 2019-01

Peccei-Quinn symmetry from a hidden gauge group structure

Lee, Hye-Sungresearcher; Yin, Wen, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v.99, no.01, pp.015041, 2019-01

Study of metal nanostructure array for near-UV structural color and near-IR hyperbolic metasurface = 근자외선 영역의 구조색과 근적외선 영역의 하이퍼볼릭 메타표면 구현을 위한 금속 나노구조 배열에 대한 연구link

Lee, Chun-Ho; Seo, Min-Kyo; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2019

Deterministic control of light scattering through disordered media for photonic applications = 무질서한 매질에서의 광 산란 제어 및 응용link

Park, Jongchan; Park, YongKeun; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2019

Elasticity of short DNA probed by magnetic tweezers with corrections for the variability in beads = 자성 비드의 변동성에 대한 보정이 된 자기 집게 기술을 통한 짧은 DNA의 탄성 연구link

Rah, Sang-Hyun; Park, YongKeun; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2019

Electrically driven nanoisland laser platform = 전기 구동 나노섬 레이저 플랫폼link

Kim, Hwi-Min; Rotermund, Fabian; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2019

Formation and control of rydberg atom arrays for quantum information processing = 양자 정보 처리를 위한 리드버그 원자 배열의 생성 및 제어link

Lee, Woojun; Ahn, Jaewook; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2019

Divertor plasma detachment studies in KSTAR by experiments and modelling = KSTAR 디버터 플라즈마 분리 현상 실험 및 전산모사 해석link

Park, Jae-Sun; Min, Kyoung Wook; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2019

ELM mitigation and suppression by krypton impurity seeding in KSTAR plasmas = KSTAR 플라즈마에서 크립톤 불순물 주입을 통한 언저리 국소 모드 완화 및 억제 연구link

Jang, Juhyeok; Min, Kyoung Wook; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2019



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