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Lateral flow assay-based bacterial detection using engineered cell wall binding domains of a phage endolysin

Kong, Minsuk; Shin, Joong Ho; Heu, Sunggi; Park, Je-Kyunresearcher; Ryu, SangryeolELSEVIER ADVANCED TECHNOLOGYBIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, v.96, pp.173 - 177, 2017-10


Two-Dimensional Elastic Scattering Coefficients and Enhancement of Nearly Elastic Cloaking

Abbas, Tasawar; Ammari, Habib; Hu, Guanghui; Wahab, Abdul; Ye, Jong ChulresearcherSPRINGERJOURNAL OF ELASTICITY, v.128, no.2, pp.203 - 243, 2017-08


Pressed region integrated 3D paper-based microfluidic device that enables vertical flow multistep assays for the detection of C-reactive protein based on programmed reagent loading

Park, Juhwan; Park, Je-KyunresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE SASENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v.246, pp.1049 - 1055, 2017-07


Single and double acquisition strategies for compensation of artifacts from eddy current and transient oscillation in balanced steady-state free precession

Lee, Hyun-Soo; Choi, Seung Hong; Park, Sung-HongresearcherWILEYMAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.78, no.1, pp.254 - 263, 2017-07


MRI artifact correction using sparse plus low-rank decomposition of annihilating filter-based hankel matrix

Jin, Kyong Hwan; Um, Ji-Yong; Lee, Dongwook; Lee, Juyoung; Park, Sung-Hongresearcher; Ye, Jong ChulWILEYMAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.78, no.1, pp.327 - 340, 2017-07


Oncopression: gene expression compendium for cancer with matched normal tissues

Lee, Jungsul; Choi, ChulheeresearcherOXFORD UNIV PRESSBIOINFORMATICS, v.33, no.13, pp.2068 - 2070, 2017-07


Intratumoral depletion of regulatory T cells using CD25-targeted photodynamic therapy in a mouse melanoma model induces anti-tumoral immune responses

Oh, Dongsun; Kim, Heegon; Oh, Ji Eun; Jung, Hi Eun; Lee, Yun Soo; Park, Ji-Horesearcher; Lee, Heung KyuIMPACT JOURNALS LLCONCOTARGET, v.8, no.29, pp.47440 - 47453, 2017-07


A long-range interactive DNA methylation marker panel for the promoters of HOXA9 and HOXA10 predicts survival in breast cancer patients

Park, Seong-Min; Choi, Eun-Young; Bae, Mingyun; Choi, Jung Kyoonresearcher; Kim, Youn-JaeBIOMED CENTRAL LTDCLINICAL EPIGENETICS, v.9, 2017-07


Design of a Gait Phase Recognition System That Can Cope With EMG Electrode Location Variation

Lee, Sang Wanresearcher; Yi, Taeyoub; Jung, Jin-Woo; Bien, Zeung NamIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, v.14, no.3, pp.1429 - 1439, 2017-07


Symmetry of learning rate in synaptic plasticity modulates formation of flexible and stable memories

Park, Youngjin; Choi, Woochul; Paik, Se-BumresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, 2017-07


14-3-3 gamma regulates Copinel-mediated neuronal differentiation in HiB5 hippocampal progenitor cells

Yoo, Jae Cheal; Park, Nammi; Lee, Boah; Nashed, Abdullateef; Lee, Young-Sun; Kim, Tae Hwan; Lee, Da Yong; Kim, Ajung; Hwang, Eun Mi; Yi, Gwan-suresearcher; Park, Jae-YongELSEVIER INCEXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH, v.356, no.1, pp.85 - 92, 2017-07


Hydrogel sheet-incorporated microfluidic 3D cell culture and modular assays

Park, Je-KyunresearcherAMN, ISMM, APCBM, ANZNMFAMN, ISMM, APCBM, ANZNMF, 2017-06-28


Finding strong connection of in-vitro neuronal network using association rule learning

Lee, Hyungsup; Nam, YoonkeyresearcherETH, University of ZurichNDES (Nonlinear Dynamics of Electronics Systems) 2017, 2017-06-05


Novel patterning method for developing dynamical model system of in-vitro neuronal networks

Hong, Nari; Nam, YoonkeyresearcherEHT, University of ZurichNDES (Nonlinear Dynamics of Electronics Systems) 2017, 2017-06-05


Optically Patternable Metamaterial Below Diffraction Limit

Lee, Youngseop; Park, Sang Gil; Yoo, SeokJae; Kang, Minhee; Jeon, Sang Chul; Kim, Young-Su; Park, Q-Han; Jeong, Ki-HunresearcherAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.9, no.22, pp.18405 - 18409, 2017-06


Microfluidic-based mechanical phenotyping of cells for the validation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal-like transition caused by insufficient heat treatment

Bu, Jiyoon; Lee, Tae Hee; Kim, In Sik; Cho, Young-HoresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE SASENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v.244, pp.591 - 598, 2017-06


Exosome Classification by Pattern Analysis of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Data for Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Park, Jaena; Hwang, Miyeon; Choi, ByeongHyeon; Jeong, Hyesun; Jung, Jik Han; Kim, Hyun Koo; Hong, Sunghoi; Park, Ji-horesearcher; Choi, YeonhoAMER CHEMICAL SOCANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v.89, no.12, pp.6695 - 6701, 2017-06


Digital micromirror based near-infrared illumination system for plasmonic photothermal neuromodulation

Jung, Hyunjun; Jang,Hongki; Nam, YoonkeyresearcherOPTICAL SOC AMERBIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, v.8, no.6, pp.2866 - 2878, 2017-06


Phase imaging with multiple phase-cycled balanced steady-state free precession at 9.4T

Kim, Jae-Woong; Kim, Seong-Gi; Park, Sung-HongresearcherWILEY-BLACKWELLNMR IN BIOMEDICINE, v.30, no.6, 2017-06


Recent advances in immunological inspired computation

Coello Coello, Carlos A.; Cutello, Vincenzo; Pavone, Mario; Lee, DoheonresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDENGINEERING APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, v.62, pp.302 - 303, 2017-06

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