Eventor: an authoring system for interactive multimedia applications

Programming, testing, and maintaining interactive multimedia applications (IMAs) are still difficult and expensive, while substantial progress has been made to reduce the burden on authors. As IMAs get larger and more complex the difficulties will increase. To overcome the complexity of such IMAs, we argue that authoring systems should provide such facilities as (1) a traditional and intuitive divide-and-conquer paradigm for solving large and complex problems in various fields, (2)formal specification of the behaviors of IMAs for checking the syntactic correctness of visual expressions or semantic anomalies, and (3)automatic aids like validation of temporal constraints and verification of visual expressions. In this paper, we investigate the properties of IMAs for recognizing the inherent interactivity and concurrency. We propose a specification method based on Milners Calculus of Communicating Systems (CCS), which is a well-known formal mechanism for specifying the concurrency in various distributed applications. We also design and implement an authoring system called Eventor (Event Editor), which is based on CCS and composed of three tools: a Temporal Synchronizer, a Spatial Synchronizer, and a User Interaction Builder. They focus on describing the temporal and spatial synchronizations and user interactions while they rely on existing tools in Intels Digital Video Interactive (DVI) for supporting other functionalities. By editing a simple computer aided instruction (CAI) application, we illustrate that our specification mechanism is well-suited for handling the interactivity of multimedia applications, and Eventor is a simple, efficient, and powerful enough tool to handle practical applications. Especially the incremental refinement and the formal specification based on the CCS allow Eventor to be extended with formal verifications to cope with large and complex applications. © 1994 Springer-Verlag.
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MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS, v.2, no.3, pp.129 - 140

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