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The effects of Providing Functionally Abstracted information in process control tasks

Ham, Dong H.; Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherKAISTCSEPC 2000, pp.195 - 202, 2000-11


An Integrated Usability Evaluation Scheme for Information Appliance

Yoon, Wan Chulresearcher; Park, Hwansu; Kim, Taeyun; Oh, KyoungsoonAsia-Pacific ConferenceAsia-Pacific Conference, pp.861 - 864, 2002-12


Interface design for monitoring and recovering critical safety functions in KNGR control room

Kim, Huhn; Yoon, Wan Chulresearcher8th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA8th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA symposium on Human-machine systems, pp.583 - 589, 2001-09 View PDF (290kb)


Abstraction Hierarchy-Based Information Representation in Designing UI of DSS

Ham, Dong-Han; Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherISE2001 International Symposium on Information Systems and Engineering, 2001-06-25 View PDF (427kb)


Development of analytic rules and a support system for logical interface evaluation

Ryu, Ho kyoung; Yoon, Wan Chulresearcher; Lee, DongseokUIST99the 12th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, 1999-11-07 View PDF (580kb)


A human-robot interaction framework for home service robots

Lee, K.W.; Kim, H-R; Kwon, D-S; Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherProceedings of the 2nd COE workshop on Human Adaptive Mechatronicsthe 2nd COE workshop on Human Adaptive Mechatronics, pp.207 - 212, 2005-03 View PDF (949kb)


A Symptom-Bookkeeping Aiding for Fault Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems

Kim, Huhn; Yoon, Wan Chulresearcher; Choi, Sang SupCSAPCEauropean Conference on Cognitive Science Approaches tp Process Control, pp.159 - 164, 1997


An Interface Model for Evaluating Task-interface Congruity

Yoon, Wan Chulresearcher; Park, JisooHuman-Computer InteractionInternational Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, pp.295 - 298, 1997-08


A cognitive approach to enhancing human-robot interaction for service robots

Kim, Y.C.; Yoon, Wan Chulresearcher; Kwon, H.T.; Yoon, Y.S.; Kim, H.J.Springer Verlag (Germany)Symposium on Human Interface 2007, v.4557, no.PART 1, pp.858 - 867, 2007-07-22


Usability Issues in Information Systems for Mobile Devices

Jeongyun Heo; Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherInternational Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering33rd International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2004-03 View PDF (274kb)


User interface design and evaluation based on task analysis

Yoon, Wan Chulresearcher; Park, Ji S.The international conference on production researchThe international conference on production research, pp.598 - 601, 1997


A Scenario Elicitation Method Based On Operation Sequence Patterns

Park, Hwansu; Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherInternational Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering33rd International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2004-03 View PDF (120kb)


Task-Interface Matching: How we may design user interfaces

Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherIEAProceedings of the XVth Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association, 2003-08 View PDF (129kb)


A Multi-level Case-based Design Aid for User Interface Designers

Kim, Huhn; Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherIEAXVth Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association, 2003-08 View PDF (238kb)


Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Human Error Analysis in Safety-Critical Systems

Kim, Dong San; Baek, Dong Hyun; Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherIFACThe 10th IFAC IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium, 2007


Knowledge-based system based on consistency and congruity for logical and physical interface component design

Ryu, Ho kyoung; Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherIUIthe 2000 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, 2000-01-09


Development of metaphor-based interface design for VR manipulator

Yoo, Seung H.; Yoon, Wan ChulresearcherBulletin of 5th Asian Design ConferenceAsian Design Conference, 2001-10


일관성 있는 사용자 인터랙션 설계를 위한 방법론 개발

윤완철researcher; 김동산한국HCI학회HCI 2009 학술대회, 2009-02-09 View PDF (823kb)


Odysseus: A high-Performance ORDBMS tightly-coupled with spatial database features

Whang, Kyu-Youngresearcher; Lee, Jae-Gilresearcher; Kim, Min-Soo; Lee, Min-Jae; Lee, Ki-HoonIEEE23rd International Conference on Data Engineering, ICDE 2007, pp.1493 - 1494, 2007-04-15 View PDF (65kb)


A Diagrammatic Model for Representing User’s Interface Knowledge of Task Procedure

Yoon, Wan Chulresearcher; Park, JS.; Lee, SW.Cognitive Systems Engineering in Process ControlCognitive Systems Engineering in Process Control, pp.276 - 285, 1996-11

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