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Optical gain at 1.54 mu m in erbium-doped silicon nanocluster sensitized waveguide

Han, HS; Seo, SY; Shin, JungHoonresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.79, no.27, pp.4568 - 4570, 2001-12

Optically Selective Microlens Photomasks Using Self-Assembled Smectic Liquid Crystal Defect Arrays

Kim, Yun-Ho; Lee, Jeong-Oen; Jeong, Hyeon-Su; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Yoon, Eun-Kyung; Yoon, Dong-Kiresearcher; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.22, no.22, pp.2416 - 2416, 2010-06

Optimization of long-range order in solvent vapor annealed poly(styrene)-block-poly(lactide) thin films for nanolithography

Baruth, Andrew; Seo, Myungeunresearcher; Lin, Chun Hao; Walster, Kern; Shankar, Arjun; Hillmyer, Marc A.; Leighton, C, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.6, no.16, pp.13770 - 13781, 2014-08

Optimization of SNR improvement in the noncoherent OTDR based on simplex codes

Lee, D; Yoon, H; Kim, Pilhanresearcher; Park, J; Park, N, JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, v.24, no.1, pp.322 - 328, 2006-01

Optoelectrical and mechanical properties of multiwall carbon nanotube-integrated DNA thin films

Kesama, Mallikarjuna Reddy; Dugasani, Sreekantha Reddy; Cha, Yun Jeong; Son, Junyoung; Gnapareddy, Bramaramba; Yoo, Sanghyun; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; et al, NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.30, no.24, 2019-06

Optofluidic ring resonator laser with an edible liquid laser gain medium

Lee, Wonsuk; Kim, Da Bin; Song, Myoung Hoon; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.25, no.13, pp.14043 - 14048, 2017-06

Orbital Selective Fermi Surface Shifts and Mechanism of High T-c Superconductivity in Correlated AFeAs (A = Li, Na)

Lee, Geunsik; Ji, Hyo Seok; Kim, Yeong Kwanresearcher; Kim, Changyoung; Haule, Kristjan; Kotliar, Gabriel; Lee, Bumsung; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.109, no.17, 2012-10

Organization of the polarization splay modulated smectic liquid crystal phase by topographic confinement

Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; Deb, R; Chen, D; Korblova, E; Shao, RF; Ishikawa, K; Rao, NVS; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.107, no.50, pp.21311 - 21315, 2010-12

Orientation and defects on a surface of a thin film of a self-assembled supramolecular dendrimer

Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, MOLECULAR CRYSTALS AND LIQUID CRYSTALS, v.412, pp.2027 - 2034, 2004-07

Orientation control of a synthetic columnar perfluorinated supramolecular dendrimer: Surface anchoring and magnetic-field induced alignments

Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; Lee, Su Rim; Kim, Yun Ho; Seong, Baek-Seok; Han, Young Soo; Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER, v.385, no.SI, pp.801 - 803, 2006-11

Orientation Control of Smectic Liquid Crystals via a Combination Method of Topographic Patterning and In-Plane Electric Field Application for a Linearly Polarized Illuminator

Gim, Min-Jun; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.8, no.41, pp.27942 - 27948, 2016-10

Orientation control over bent-core smectic liquid crystal phases

Kim, Hanim; Kim, Yun Ho; Lee, Sunhee; Walba, David M.; Clark, Noel A.; Lee, Sang Bok; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, LIQUID CRYSTALS, v.41, no.3, pp.328 - 341, 2014-03

Orientation of a Helical Nanofilament (B4) Liquid-Crystal Phase: Topographic Control of Confinement, Shear Flow, and Temperature Gradients

Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; Yi, Youngwoo; Shen, Yongqiang; Korblova, Eva D.; Walba, David M.; Smalyukh, Ivan I.; Clark, Noel A., ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.23, no.17, pp.1962 - 1967, 2011-05

Orientation-controlled nucleation of crystal silicon grains in amorphous silicon on a rolled nickel tape substrate

Huh, H; Shin, JungHoonresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.79, no.24, pp.3956 - 3958, 2001-12

Origin of anomalous strain effects on the molecular adsorption on boron-doped graphene

Kang, Joongoo; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Glatzmaier, Greg C.; Wei, Su-Huai, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.139, no.4, 2013-07

Origin of Enhanced Dihydrogen-Metal Interaction in Carboxylate Bridged Cu(2)-Paddle-Wheel Frameworks

Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Kang, J; Wei, SH, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.105, no.23, 2010-12

Origin of High-Tc Ferromagnetism in Isovalent-Doped III-V Semiconductors

Zhang, Peng; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Wei, Su-Huai, PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, v.11, no.5, 2019-05


Shin, JungHoonresearcher; VANDENHOVEN, GN; POLMAN, A, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.66, no.18, pp.2379 - 2381, 1995-05

Origin of the Diverse Melting Behaviors of Intermediate-Size Nanoclusters: Theoretical Study of Al(N) (N=51-58, 64)

Kang, J; Wei, SH; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.132, no.51, pp.18287 - 18291, 2010-12

Orthogonal Liquid Crystal Alignment Layer: Templating Speed-Dependent Orientation of Chromonic Liquid Crystals

Cha, Yun Jeong; Gim, Min-Jun; Ahn, Hyungju; Shin, Tae Joo; Jeong, Joonwoo; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS INTERFACES, v.9, no.21, pp.18355 - 18361, 2017-05


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